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Actor John Gluck Wiki, Age, Parents, Disability, Net Worth

Drama television series Ordinary Joe dropped on NBC on September 20, 2021, and while some of its storytelling annoyed the viewers, they also thought the underlying premise of the show to be intriguing. And the silver linings: they loved how the same program gave them three James Wolk shows for the price of one and of course the character Christopher, played by none other than the actor John Gluck.

People just loved John who plays James Wolk’s character’s disabled son.

So now, this Actor John Gluck Wiki is all that you have been looking for about this up-and-coming talent in the industry.

Actor John Gluck On Ordinary Joe

Fans of the newest Ordinary Joe have greatly appreciated Ordinary Joe for its authentic representation of people with disabilities. That is, the story unfolds John’s character as a disabled son of Joe Kimbreau and Jenny.

One may of course also see John as Lucas on the other side of the story. Here, John’s character Lucas is the same as Jenny’s disabled son.

So, this dual role is John’s first time and the first big role and it certainly was not an easy first job. Essentially playing these two parts John makes a convincing character in each one. And while doing this, he not just outed his acting skills but also his singing ability.

Actor John Gluck Parents

Actor John Gluck’s parents are Charles Gluck and Jennifer Gluck. John was born to them as the youngest of two. He has an older brother named Owen Gluck.

John’s mother is an engineer. One may see her on her ‘Jennifer Barnum Gluck’ Facebook. While his father has been an associate working in instructional design at Booz Allen Hamilton for the past 15 years. The patriarch studied MA in Education and Instructional Design at George Mason University and BS in International Business at Messiah University.

Actor John Gluck Disability

Like Christopher and Lucas, actor John Gluck is also disabled in real life. Reportedly, when John was born, he was diagnosed with a rare condition called collagen VI muscular dystrophy. The illness is said to affect skeletal muscles which are the muscles used for movement and connective tissue that provides strength and flexibility to the skin, joints, and other structures throughout the body.

So, John is that one in 10 Americans with this rare form of muscular dystrophy.

In John’s case, his parents took him to months of doctor visits, tests, and their online research before finding a diagnosis for their son. In the process, they launched their research on the Cure CMD (Cure Congenital Muscular Dystrophy) website.

And for them, the hardest part of getting the diagnosis was the finality of knowing the disease is progressive.

Ever since John never got to sleep at night without wearing a cast, a brace, or a feeding tube attached to him.

In 2018, John could walk with a walker and braces but today in 2021, he has transitioned to a wheelchair. The muscles in John’s body are slowly losing their strength. Years ago doctors were already predicting he would develop scoliosis and breathing issues.

John’s parents have been in a race to help him gain as much strength now with functional therapies, swimming therapy, and horse therapy to cut back on future health complications.

Nevertheless, all this never stopped John from becoming determined and passionate about life and towards his craft. For such a young boy, his spirit has already been an inspiration to many.

Several organizations, friends, and family have come forward to help John with his condition.

TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers): DC Makeathon at Nova Labs, Max Painley and Noam Platt formed a team to address John’s mobility.

Believing it would be nice for John to be independent, TOM made him an accessible shelf, a system of shelves that would go up and down to the right height, and then slide out for John to reach into. Since then John was self-supporting enough to not wait for others to get him something.

Actor John Gluck Career

IMDB mentions John Gluck as an actor, singer, and songwriter, known for Ordinary Joe (2021).

Before Ordinary Joe, there was not a whole lot known about John. However, with his newest stint being this big, over time the world will inevitably get to know this incredible young actor more. He is likely going to be a part of the Hollywood scene for a while.

For now, you may also check out his 2017 single “Still Together” on Apple Music.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Actor John Gluck’s Net Worth?

Actor John Gluck had less than an estimated under $100 thousand net worth before September 2021.

  • How Old Is Actor John Gluck?

Before September 2021, Actor John Gluck seemed to have reached the age of 12.

  • Where Is He From?

Actor John Gluck is from Herndon, which is a town in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area of the United States.

  • Is He On Instagram, Twitter?

John Gluck had no social media accounts as of 29 September 2021.

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