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Actress Moriah Brown Parents: Carol Navarro And Troy Brown

Meet the parents of actress Moriah Brown, the actress who is appearing in Power Book II: Ghost where she is playing the role of Kiki Travis. The actress has shared about her parents a few times on her socials. The actress’s folks are named Carol Navaroo and Troy Brown.

Find out about their age, job, and current residence.

Who Are Actress Moriah Brown Parents?

Moriah Brown was born into a family of mixed ethnicity. Her dad Troy Brown is African-American whereas her mom Carol Navarro is Mexican. She is the oldest of five children born in August 1991 which makes her 31 years old.

During an interview with Glitter Magazine, she mentioned her parents. She said that her mom put her in a preschool that was bilingual n Spanish and English. Because she was half-Mexican, she wanted to learn the culture through that which involved heavy dancing and acting. Since then, she was interested in acting.

Besides acting, Moriah is also a classically trained dancer and it goes all the way back to her upbringing. She said, “Growing up and living in east la with my mom’s side of the family in a Mexican household, mariachis and dancing in front of the family was always a show and a big part of the lifestyle! And my dad and mom always encouraged it when I was younger.”

Besides being an actress, she is a Producer, Model, Creative Director, Singer, and Dancer.

Moriah has gained the most notoriety as a print model since 2011, appearing in advertisements for companies like Color Pop Cosmetics, ModCloth, Wet N’ Wild, and Moira Cosmetics, to name a few. In her early acting career, she was cast in national and international advertisements for well-known companies like ScottsLawn, Facebook, MGM Resorts, Subaru Legacy, Reebok, and Sketchers

What’s more, Moriah presented a web series called BLOGLIFE in 2016 that was featured on Rocsi Diaz’s website. In it, she conducted interviews with the most popular bloggers and vloggers on the internet. Her CV also lists hosting The Distiller Show, a music video show with a broadcasted culture that had millions of Chinese viewers on the UTB Hollywood Network.

Moriah hosts and directs a show on her own DareYou2DreamTV YouTube channel, where she features her motivational conversations with a range of up-and-coming artists. Her most recent notable roles include “Turnt” on Facebook Watch, “Raising Dion” on Netflix, and “The Comedy Get Down” on BET. Moriah sees herself as more than just an actress; she also sees herself always producing, directing, and writing.

Meet Carol Navarro, Actress Moriah Brown Mother

Carol Navarro is the mother of Moriah Brown. On Mother’s Day 2018, Moriah posted pictures of her grandma and great-grandma and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma and my great grandma (in the first picture!) Man if there’s anything I’ve learned from them, it is patience and supportive love, and non-judgment. I mean WOW. The unconditional love they offer without judgment is all I could ever ask for! The true meaning of love right here! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Xoxo #mothersday  #moms  #grandma  #blackandwhite  #time  #love  #patience #kindness #joy #beauty.”

  • Carol Navarro Age

Carol Navarro is 53 years old. She was born in August 1969.

  • Carol Navarro Job

Carol Navarro’s job is not available.

  • Is Carol Navarro On Instagram?

Yes, Carol Navarro is on Instagram (@carolnavbrn5) and Facebook (@carol.navarrobrown).

Meet Troy Brown, Actress Moriah Brown Father

Moriah Brown’s dad’s name is Troy Brown. In Juneteenth 2020, Moriah Brown posted a series of pictures of her dad’s side of the family. The actress captioned the post, ” CELEBRATION OF CULTURE AND BLACK EXCELLENCE, AND HOW FAR WEVE COME. WE ARE OF AFRICAN DESCENT WE ARE FROM AFRICAN ROYALTY. I AM PROUD OF MY CULTURE. HAPPY #JUNETEENTH !✊🏾🙏🏾❤️  #blackculture  #royalty  #descent  #blackandproud  #brownskin  #darkskin  #lightskin  #lovetheskinimin #blm #blacklivesmatter.”

  • Troy Brown Age

Troy Brown’s birth year is 1968. He turned 54 years old in April 2022.

  • Troy Brown Job

Troy Brown is an sr. admin analyst at UCLA – CTS since October 1995. He graduated from

  • Is Troy Brown On Instagram?

No, Troy Brown is not on Instagram. But, he has a Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Actress Moriah Brown Parents Still Married?

Yes, actress Moriah Brown’s parents are married to this day. They frequently feature each other on respective socials.

  • Where Do Actress Moriah Brown Parents Reside?

Based on public records, Moriah Brown’s parents are residing in Santa Fe Springs, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Actress Moriah Brown Parents Have? 

Carol Navarro and Troy Brown were parents to five children. In addition to Moriah, they have other three daughters and one son named Noah Brown.

Noah was a student at Grand Canyon University. He graduated with a degree in Sports Management. He was involved in Basketball and Volleyball in high school. Two of the other three daughters are named Malia Sky Brown and Brittney Faith.

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