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Adrian Sanderson Bio, Height, Job, Family, Age, MAFS UK

Married at First Sight UK returned to our screens with Season 7 on 29 August 2022, with a brand new group of 17 singletons looking for love. Adrian Sanderson, whom we are going to talk about now, is one among this batch of hopeful romantics.

Adrian, looking for love, was matched by experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson, and Charlene Douglas to Thomas Hartley. He, therefore, exchanged vows with a complete stranger as is tradition, in MAFS. The rest, if the experts got it right pairing them up, and for more about Adrian, stay through this few-minutes read called ‘Adrian Sanderson Bio’.

MAFS UK: Are Thomas Hartley And Adrian Sanderson Still Together?

During his introduction to MAFS UK, Adrian Sanderson describes himself as a confident and caring Northerner with a heart of gold. When he got together with Thomas Hartley in episode two of the series, he did not seem to be ticking too many of those boxes. Soon as he saw Thomas standing at the altar, Thomas jokingly compared him to TV sports presenter Clare Balding. Thomas even revealed he was not his type. Thomas in fact also criticized Adrian’s hair and wedding suit.

Things got rockier when the pair shared the top table after the ceremony and Thomas clashed with Adrian’s best mate Katie. This friend felt that this couple was so mismatched that she did not even want them to go off on their honeymoon.

But then again despite many clashing, the pair had a heart-to-heart and hugged it out by the end of the wedding day. So, did Adrian, who was used to not having much luck in relationships, find a happy ending in MAFS?

As of the time of this writing, with the series still not done airing, Adrian had not given away anything as such.

But, Thomas kind of suggested that he and his husband Adrian are over already. Taking to Instagram Stories following the

Taking to Instagram Stories in August 2022, Thomas took questions from intrigued fans. This he did while keeping his answers cryptic because he could not give anything away due to the show’s rules.

As for Adrian, he has also revealed that he once dated a famous sports star from Efaff News. During an Instagram, Q&A Thomas was asked if he ever dated anyone famous. And so replying in a video he said when he was 21 he had a roll-around with an athlete. But he also insisted that he will never ever say who it is.

Anyway, for someone who had never been on a blind date before, Adrian seemed really proud of this journey of MAFS where he actually married someone he met at the alter. And during this journey he even made the show’s expert Mel Schilling admit that what Adrian said to Thomas was the most beautiful thing she ever heard in all of her time in this experiment. We are talking about none other than the moving scenes that transpired just one day after Adrian and Thomas tore into each other in an explosive spat. Speaking honestly and openly to his new husband, Adrian had moved Thomas to tears. When asked to tell one thing he would change about himself, Adrian possibly picked the most thoughtful aspect. He said he would change situations in life that have led Thomas to his defenses.

Adrian Sanderson Age

When the MAFS UK show was filming in 2021, Adrian Sanderson had turned 37 years old.

Adrian Sanderson Family

Adrian Sanderson’s mother is Josephine Sanderson and clearly, he has her looks. They seemed pretty close. On Mother’s Day recently Adrian took to his IG to write “Thank you for being a cracker even if you do drive me mad!” next to a lovely picture of them together.

There were no more details about the rest of the family members. Yet, Adrian appeared especially close to Sarah Williams, originally of Liverpool and currently a Londoner, and her family. They may be relatives or may have a family-friends kind of relationship.

Where Is Adrian Sanderson From?

Adrian Sanderson is originally from Huyton, a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, Merseyside, England. While as of 2022, he had been living around Manchester city.

Adrian Sanderson Height

Blonde easygoing Adrian Sanderson stands below 5’10” in height. He says loves to express himself through fashion; maybe some parts of him through his bamboo tattoo as well.

His Insta bio says he is here to prove that blondes do have more fun.

Adrian Sanderson Job

When Adrian is not hosting or being a guest himself on dinner parties and movie nights or following his real passion for musical theatre, he is working as a digital designer.

Related FAQs

  • Is Adrian Sanderson On Instagram?

Yes. Adrian Sanderson could be found on Instagram and the account (@adriansanderson) included 378 posts and 19.5K followers as of 18 September 2022.

Adrian also entertained 10.5K followers on TikTok @adriansanderson22 and while not as active, he also had a Facebook account.

  • When Does Adrian Sanderson Celebrate His Birthday?

Adrian Sanderson’s birthday is marked by Valentine’s Day. So, he celebrates it every year on February 14th. According to modern western astrology, people born on this day are placed firmly in the camp of philanthropists and peacemakers.

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