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Alejandro Calvo Age, Job, Deep Fake Love, Still With Ramon?

Alejandro Calvo had an “idyllic” relationship with Ramon Penuela. Ironically, he missed the feeling of having little fights, jealousy, and stuff like that which ultimately gave them the spark they need. Thus, to add some distance to their relationship, he signed them up for Deep Fake Love, where the reality is not what you see.

Let’s get to know this charmer better as this article proceeds.

Netflix Deep Fake Love: Are Ramon Penuela And Alejandro Calvo Still Together?

Yes, Alejandro Calvo and Ramon Penuela are still together. Or at least, that was what Alejandro’s FB profile said, “engaged.”

Alejandro and Ramon started their love story at least in 2018. The duo then got engaged in April 2022 with Alejandro sharing the good news on his IG. “He said yes! It is news that we really wanted to tell you and we were waiting for the moment to publish it with all of you. It was a magical day and we enjoyed ourselves like children in @disneylandparis,” he wrote.

The next month, the newlyweds vacationed in Binibeca, Menorca, Spain.

According to Alejandro, his partner was his “home” and he wished that their love story “may never end.” He added that he had “millions of reasons” to explain why Ramon was the one, but to summarize, he said, “Because you are the one who came by chance one day and, despite everything and nothing, decided to stay and love me. Like they’ve never loved me.”

By now, it should be clear that the love they shared was platonic. But it lacked the spark that Alejandro desperately craved. So, he signed them up for Netflix’s Deep Fake Love, where they were tested with deepfake technology. In simple words, artificial intelligence modified images to make them look like their other half is cheating, when in fact they were faithful all the while. Or, they could have cheated for real.

Ramon, who wasn’t so sure about being on the show, said that he was nervous as his biggest fear was that he “might discover something about Alejandro that he doesn’t see.” On the other hand, Alejandro was excited about how things would turn out.

Alejandro Calvo Age

Alejandro Calvo was reportedly born in 1992. That made him 31 years of age when he appeared on Deep Fake Love in 2023.

He is a year older than Ramon.

Alejandro Calvo Job

Alejandro Calvo worked at Stradivarius, a clothing store.

Also, now, he’s a reality star alongside his partner Ramon Penuela, thanks to their participation in Netflix’s Deep Fake Love.

“5 couples will travel to paradise to find out if their love is real. But artificial intelligence will distort your experience to unsuspected limits. #FalsoAmor arrives tomorrow, July 6.  Ramón and Alejandro (5 years together): We have an idyllic relationship but we spend 24 hours together, we want to miss each other and learn to live without each other. Soon you will find out,” Alejandro promoted the show on his IG.

For those of you wondering, Deep Fake Love was filmed in the Dominican Republic. But the White Room scenes, where the contestants are shown their partners with another individual, were probably lensed on a custom-built sound stage in one of the film studios located within the country. With this being said,  the exterior scenes or other scenes were recorded in various areas of the Dominican Republic, including the beaches and several picturesque locations.

As for his education, he studied Teaching Primary Ed. at the University of Malaga, and attended Maria universal median and IES ZAFRAMAGÓN.

Alejandro Calvo Family

Alejandro Calvo comes from a family of four.

His mother, Teresa Gonzalez Conejo is a hairstylist. Find her IG @teresa__gonzalez23 and Facebook @TeresaGonzalez.

Sadly, we don’t know much about his father; except that he could be named Cristobal González Cobejo.

As for his sister, Gloria Calvo González attended IES Zaframagón and resided in  Olvera, Spain. She turned 21 on September 20, 2022.

“Thank you for sharing life with me, for making a little space every day to ask me how my day was, for making me smile from ear to ear when my day was not worth it, and above all thank you for your wise advice,” Alejandro dedicated an IG post to her.

Here’s Gloria’s IG @gloriac20.

Alejandro Calvo Height

Alejandro Calvo stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Alejandro has tattoos on his neck, arm, and index finger.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alejandro Calvo From?

Alejandro didn’t reveal his hometown. But in 2023, he resided in Cádiz, Spain.

  • When Is Alejandro Calvo Birthday?

Alejandro didn’t reveal his birthday.

But on Ramon’s birthday (i.e. on Jan 6) in 2021, he took to his IG to write, “It doesn’t matter. 🤍🎂 But one day you understand that whoever really wants to hear from you always finds a way to find you. Even if you lose.”

  • Is Alejandro Calvo On Instagram And Facebook?

In July 2023, Alejandro flaunted 65.9K followers on his Instagram @alejandro__calvo.

Also, here’s his Facebook @AlejandroCalvoGonzalez and TikTok @alejandro_calvo92.

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