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Alex Lanipekun Nathalie Emmanuel, Net Worth, Family

The questions that fans of Nathalie Emmanuel have been asking for a long time have been answered. Is Nathalie dating anyone? Or is she single? Well, the secret has been out. And the outed secreted says that Nathalie is indeed in a relationship with a fellow British actor called Alex Lanipekun.

So, who is Alex Lanipekun? What does he do? How did Alex and Nathalie meet? Are they girlfriend-boyfriend or are they husband-wife? Find out the answers to all these questions today.

Is Nathalie Emmanuel Alex Lanipekun’s Wife Or Girlfriend?

As far as Nathalie Emmanuel and Alex Lanipekun have let out in public, they are only dating as of 2021. They have yet to decide to marry each other. So, Nathalie is still Alex’s girlfriend and not his wife.

Reports have it that Nathalie and Alex started dating sometime in 2018. And although they have been dating for over two years, Alex has yet to appear on Nathalie’s Instagram.

Of course, the two of them have not exactly been hiding. In July 2018, for example, Nathalie and Alex were spotted in Ischia holding hands, enjoying the city of Ischia and having a good time overall.

Then in July 2021, the cute couple was spotted in Notting Hill, London for what appeared to be a very casual stroll. And once again, in September 2021, they were spotted on a similar excursion in Notting Hill. It was possible (or rather most likely) that Nathalie and Alex lived around Notting Hill.

How Much Is Nathalie Emmanuel Boyfriend, Alex Lanipekun’s Net Worth?

By 2021, Alex Lanipekun had a net worth of over $600 thousand. And Nathalie Emmanuel had a net worth of not less than $4 million.

Like Nathalie, Alex Lanipekun is also an actor. He is famous for his roles in Homeland, MI-5, 24: Live Another Day, Domina, etc.

Alex made his debut as a screen actor in 2001 in a minor role of a mugger in The Fourth Angel. Then from 2007 to 2008, he appeared as Ben Kaplan in the British spy drama TV series, MI-5.

His other TV credits are Being Human (2010), Big Bad World (2013), 24 (2014), Homeland (2014-2015), Troy: Fall of a City (2018), Riviera (2019), and Domina (2021). His latest TV show The Rising is currently in the filming stage.

Some of the movies Alex has appeared in are: Dead Europe, Killing Jesus, Second Coming, The Brothers Grimsby, etc.

Apart from movies and TV shows, Alex has also worked for Radio and in theatre. Among his theatre roles include Laertes in the National Theatre production of Hamlet, Eumaos in Rada production of Odysseus, Leroy in NYMT production of Bugsy Malone, and many others.

Alex has appeared in several radio dramas for BBC. He has also written a book called Stats N’ Tings.

Alex is represented by agents Dallas Smith and Charlotte Davies.

Alex might not be as popular as his girlfriend Nathalie, but he has had a very diverse experience. And if you are among the rare few people who do not know Nathalie, she is the actress who played Missandie in the immensely popular fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

Apart from Game of Thrones, Nathalie has worked in numerous other popular (although not as popular as GOT) projects. She started as Sasha Valentine in the soap opera Hollyoaks. And she starred as Harriet in The Maze Runner film series.

In addition to movies and TV shows, Nathalie was also a theatre actress. She has appeared in multiple musicals in London’s West End. Most notably, Nathalie played Nala is one of the West End productions of The Lion King.

Alex Lanipekun Family

Alex Lanipekun comes from a family with mixed roots. He has Italian, Nigerian, and English heritage. His grandmother came from Rome in Italy.

And Alex was not only close with his grandmother but also with his Italian side of the family. In fact, during the shooting of Domina, which was shot in Rome, he spent some time with his Italian family.

He did not always have a charming relationship with his family but still, he drew inspiration from his Italian family when he was working in Domina, which is about Livia Drusilla, a Roman empress.

During an interview with The British Black List, Alex said, “I drew inspiration from the times I visited as a child, and the experiences (not always great) that I had interacting with people who weren’t as welcoming as they perhaps are now.”

Coming back to his immediate family, we do not know the names of his father, his mother, or his siblings possibly. Alex had mentioned somewhere that he did not come from money and he had to sometimes take care of his family financially.

How Old Is Alex Lanipekun?

Alex Lanipekun was born on 7 April 1981. So, as of November 2021, he was 40 years old. Also, his zodiac sign is Aries.

How Tall Is Alex Lanipekun?

Alex Lanipekun is 6 ft 1 inch tall.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alex Lanipekun From?

Alex Lanipekun was born and raised in London, UK.

  • Is Alex Lanipekun On Instagram?

Yes, he was on Instagram as of 2021. But his Instagram handles @lanipekun were private and had only 1.1k followers. You can also find him on Facebook as Alex Lanipekun.

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