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Alexandre Sidi Bio, Adriana De Moura Son, Age, Instagram

Alexandre Sidi is the son of PHOTO Miami Housewife Adriana De Moura and her ex-husband/telecommunications executive Roberto Sidi.

During the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Miami Brazilian Adriana De Moura had spilled the beans about her ex-husband and Alexandre’s dad. Which had led its fans to inquire more about Alexandre and the family.

So, read along this Alexandre Sidi Bio to find out Alexandre’s age, Instagram participation, and life as Adriana De Moura’s son.

Meet Alexandre Sidi, Adriana De Moura Son

Alexandre Sidi’s parents have been divorced since 2001. But, they had reconciled and were living in Florida after having moved there from Texas in 2006.

Back in March 2011, Adriana, a former housekeeper turned art dealer slash aspiring nightclub singer, had discussed the details of it with the other Miami Housewives. She revealed how she had discovered Robert having an affair and more.

Again, in a story disclosed by Star, legal papers from Adriana’s attempt to regain custody of her son Alexandre, showed a much more horrifying and violent version of what she had shared with on the reality TV episode.

In these papers filed by Adriana, she claimed that following an argument in December 2006 Roberto had dragged her into a bedroom, ripped off her clothes, and threatened her repeatedly by stating he was going to kill her. Then, according to Adriana’s statement, Robert choked her into submission and raped her while young son Alexandre was asleep in the room next door.

Robert, meanwhile, had denied all of Adriana’s claims in his court paper filings but agreed in 2008 to return primary custody of Alexandre to his mother.

And when Star reached out to Adriana for more, she had said: “The court papers speak for themselves. Whatever I went through in my marriage and afterward, I said enough on the show. I don’t want to relive any more of it for my son’s sake.”

Following the divorce with Alexandre’s dad in Plano Texas, Adriana remarried Frederiq Marq in a small chapel with no friends and family, but in attendance of her RHOM bridesmaid, on 4 November 2008 after meeting him for the first time in the same year.

Around that time, a source close to Adriana had also been saying that Adriana has been married at least two other times.

Speaking to In Touch magazine, Adriana had cited the reason behind the secret marriage was Alexandre not wanting her to get married. And that, she and her new husband had decided to tie the knot again after Alexandre accepted him as his father.

Fast forward to some years and they have now parted ways.

Newly single Adriana opened up about her relationship status following her split from Frederic in 2020 while appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on 6 May 2021.

Who Is Alexandre Sidi Father?

Alexandre Sidi’s father Robert Sidi is the founder of Orlando Motorsports, the largest automobile entertainment center built in the United States.

The Rio de Janeiro native has worked as an entrepreneur in F1 and also in the Sportswear sector, having the products sold at more than 20 thousand points of sale between the United States and Mexico.

He also founded the largest North-American prepaid fixed telephone company, Alpha Ventures M&A boutique.

Other than that the billionaire has also raised funding to mineral, retail, real estate, and technology companies.

Robert graduated in International Business from Southern Methodist University in Texas, lived in 12 countries, and learned to speak in 5 languages.

Alexandre Sidi Age

Before October 2021, Alexandre Sidi had reached the age of 20.

Alexandre Sidi Job

Alexandre Sidi is an heir to his parents’ multiple-million net worth.

His mother, who also appeared in the 2018 movie Apollyon had a net worth of $10 million in 2018.

Back in 2018, Alexandre was a Freshman planning on studying International Relations at the University of Miami Sailing.

A year before that, Alexandre was a captain of the sailing team at Ransom Everglades Athletics. Around the time, he was also working as a legal assistant at John Herrera Law coordinating hearings and depositions as well as overseeing new interns and drafting basic pleadings.

Other than that Alexandre also showed interests in fitness and martial arts.

Is Alexandre Sidi On Instagram?

Alexandre Sidi did not seem to be on Instagram or any other social media, except for Facebook, until 1 November 2021.

You may give Alexandre a follow on his ‘Alex Sidi’ Facebook where he had around 576 friends.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Alexandre Sidi?

Alexandre Sidi stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

  • Where Was Alexandre Sidi Born?

From what had been detailed on Alexandre Sidi’s Facebook, is from São Paulo, a city in Brazil. To your knowledge, São Paulo is Brazil’s vibrant financial center and among the world’s most populous cities.

Today, however, Alexandre lived in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

  • Does Alexandre Sidi Have A Girlfriend?

It was not clearly understood if Alexandre Sidi had a girlfriend in November 2021.

But, it seemed he was dating this aspiring model with the name Denya Altevers sometime around 2017 and 2018. Her Facebook said: she works at Next Models, is from Lakenheath, and now lives in New Port Richey, Florida. But, it never said anything about her and Alexander’s connection.

They have been seen together at a couple of red carpet-like looking events. They resembled so much like young lovers at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami back in Dec. 2017 and then again at “Tony’s 98th birthday” in February 2018.

Alexandre even joined Denya’s parents for the “Family bowling night” sometime in Sep. 2017 and the same year during holidays in December.

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