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Alexis Floyd Parents: Mark Floyd And Lauren Generette

You might be rooting for Alexis Floyd’s character on Grey’s Anatomy season 19, but in real life, the actress’ parents are rooting for her even more for this might be her biggest gig after her breakout role in early 2022.

So, who are Alexis’s parents? Keep reading to find out.

Who Are Alexis Floyd Parents?

Alexis Floyd was born to her parents, Mark Floyd And Lauren Generette. They are her biggest supporter and were always more excited than Alexis to see their daughter on TV.

“Happy International Women’s Day! Alexis plays Ida B Wells in this tribute,” Alexis’s mother boasted on FB sharing a documentary called “Claiming Our Rights: Voices from the movement for women’s suffrage.”

Also, in March 2019, Lauren shared a clip from The Bold Type where her daughter plays “Tia Clayton” to write, “It’s about to go down!”

Surprisingly, she was silent when Alexis appeared on Grey’s Anatomy season 19.

But on the contrary, her dad Mark Floyd took it to his IG on July 20, 2022, to write, “It is now official! This is my daughter Alexis’ new project and she is moving permanently to L.A. tomorrow! Congrats Alexis! She will be on Season 19 of Gray’s Anatomy as the lead character.”

Alexis’ character “Dr. Simone Griffin” on Grey’s Anatomy was one of the five new surgical residents who arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial to work and become the best doctors they can be. But unlike other residents, Simone never wanted to work at Grey Sloan because of a painful personal history with the hospital.

Meet Alexis Floyd Mother, Lauren Generette

Alexis Floyd’s mother Lauren Generette is her pillar. She has the kindest soul and will be there any time for her daughter’s aid.

“6/20/18: Thelma (a self-prescribed alias I might add) felt the call, left Cleveland at 3 am in a Kia sedan, and drove to our 1 pm matinee in New York City. to my sunshine mom and all the mothers in and around @ifsandwerestone, y’all baaad mama jamas,” Alexis shared an event on mother’s day 2018.

Sadly, Lauren’s mom (Alexis’ grandma), Catherine W. Generett has long passed away. She took her last breath on May 4, 2006, at the age of 79.

Now, the only person alive from Lauren’s family is her sister, Lynn Generette.

  • Lauren Generette Age

Lauren Generette was 67 years of age in 2022.

This means Lauren had her daughter Alexis when she was 40.

  • Lauren Generette Job

Lauren Generette is an arts administrator with lifelong engagement and passion for the performing arts, education, and accessibility for underserved populations. She has had jobs in areas including Project Implementation and management, Music Education, Curriculum design, Grant and site evaluation, Concert and event production, and Artist management.

As of 2022, she was working as the Director of Instrumental Pathways Programs at The Cleveland Orchestra. But initially, Lauren joined the orchestra in June 1986 as a manager tasked with running all non-musical aspects of the organization. She then left the company in Jan 1996 and rejoined as a manager in September 2014.

In between, Lauren worked as a program manager at El Sistema@University Circle from Aug 2013 to Jun 2014.

From Aug 1977 to Jun 1984, Lauren has also been an instrumental music teacher at Atlanta Public Schools.

As for her education, Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Howard University and a master’s degree in business administration from Binghamton University.

  • Is Lauren Generette On Instagram?

Find  Lauren on Instagram @laurengenerette.

Also, here’s her Facebook @lauren.generette.

Meet Alexis Floyd Father, Mark Floyd

Alexis Floyd learned to stand tall from her father Mark Floyd. He is her icon of how to love and live free.

Know him better as you scroll down.

  • Mark Floyd Age

Mark Floyd was born in Nov 1958. That made him 63 years of age in 2022.

He is 4 years younger than Alexis’s mother.

  • Mark Floyd Job

Mark Floyd is a labor and employment lawyer, specializing in immigration practice.

Growing up in El Paso, Texas, watching Mexican immigrants come into the United States influenced his decision to focus on labor and immigration law. So, after wanting to be someplace where he was thought of “not as a black lawyer first, but as a lawyer who happens to be black,” Mark moved to  Cleveland and made his mark at the law firm

He mostly helps African-American people see their opportunities for a better life. “These are people who came to this country looking for a better life and they should be allowed to do that,” he explained.

  • Is Mark Floyd On Instagram?

Here’s Mark’s Instagram @markfloyd1958.

Related FAQs

  • Are Alexis Floyd Parents Still Married?

Alexis’s parents have divorced.

Now, Alexis’s dad is living with his boyfriend Tony Beard Lipscomb (a Higher Education worker).

  • How Many Kids Do Alexis Floyd Parents Have?

Alexis’s parents share two kids — Alexis (older) and Aric Floyd (2 years younger).

Their son, Aric is also an actor like his sister. He has graced several series like Days of Our Lives (1965) (NBC), Ballers (2015) (HBO), and Versus (2017) (Awesomeness).

  • Where Do Alexis Floyd Parents Reside?

In 2022, Alexis’ dad Mark resided in Fort Lauderdale, FL. While her mother Lauren lived in Bratenahl, OH.

Reportedly, Lauren was affiliated with the Democratic Party and was registered to vote in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

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