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Alicia Mae Holloway Family: Mother, Father, Siblings

Meet the family of Alicia Mae Holloway. In 2023, she opened up with the intricate details of her adoption where she discussed her adoptive parents and her biological parents.

To further clarify we’ve put together this article here. So, tag along and read all about her.

Alicia Mae Holloway Family

Bachelor alum, professional ballerina, and TikTok influencer Alicia Mae Holloway has stunned her followers with the story of her family.

Alicia claims that the white woman who was her biological mother had an affair with a Black man, her biological father. The affair resulted in Alicia’s biological mom being pregnant with her. In order to hide her infidelity, Alicia’s biological mother chose adoption. She did, however, require a reason as to why she and her spouse were not welcoming a fourth child into their family.

At the time, Alicia’s birth mom already had three children with her White husband. Eventually, she told her spouse about her transgressions. According to Alicia, he “wasn’t very happy about that.” However, they made the decision as a couple to hide the infidelity and place the kid for adoption.

So to satisfy the inquiring family and friends, her biological mom came up with the “stillborn baby” story. “My biological mom…said, ‘I’m going to tell them that the baby is stillborn.’ So when August 31, 1996, rolls around, and I’m born, so obviously gives me up for adoption to the two greatest parents I could ever ask for. And then, once my parents took me away, she said that her friends and family sent balloons and flowers and all of these things saying, “I’m so sorry for your loss” because she had told them I died at birth.”

Alicia was unaware of this story until she was days from turning 18. Nobody of her biological parents’ family and friends knows about it except her mom’s best friend.

In the period preceding her adoption, Alicia claims that her adoptive mother had been visiting a psychic. In one session, the purported psychic advised the adoptive family to go to a Washington, Pennsylvania, family issues meeting. There, it is said that her biological mother acknowledged their family’s “racist” history, her infidelity scandal, and their financial difficulties.

Overall, she disclosed that they were trying to find the youngster an adoptive home. At that meeting, Alicia’s birth mother and adopted mother bonded, and the rest is history.

Alicia’s adoptive parents have been happily married for 37 years as of November 2023. On their anniversary in December 2022, Alicia wished her parents, “Happy 37th wedding anniversary to the two best humans I know. Thanks for being the two greatest parents a girl could ask for. P.S. They’re both stuck at home with COVID so please wish them a get well soon too!”

Meet Evelyn Holloway, Alicia Mae Holloway Mother

Evelyn Holloway is the adoptive mother of Alicia Mae Holloway.

Per her Facebook, Evelyn hailed from Berlin, Germany but is residing now in Morgantown, West Virginia. Surprisingly, she is now married to Alicia’s adoptive father Kenneth Holloway, a black man.

Before that, she was married to her ex-husband Joachim Hennicke, a German national who is residing in Berlin, Germany.

As of 2023, Evelyn is 76 years of age as she was born in May 1947.

On Evelyn’s birthday in May 2022, Alicia wished her mother, “Happy birthday to my beautiful mom. love you so much!!! Evelyn Holloway.”

Meet Kenneth Holloway, Alicia Mae Holloway Father

Kenneth Holloway is Alicia Mae Holloway’s adoptive father.

Ken reportedly worked at the City of Morgantown. He attended University High School Morgantown WV and graduated in 1980.

Born in 1962, Kenneth reached age 61 in July 2023.

Speaking about how Kenneth became the “best dad ever”, Alicia shared that Kenneth was raised by his grandmother, and Ken and his dad didn’t get along at all. Kenneth said that he was the best “uncle, dad, brother” because his dad was never one of them and he wanted to be the complete opposite of his own father.

Who Are Alicia Mae Holloway Biological Parents?

Alicia Mae Holloway’s biological dad is named Kenny Morgan. They reportedly met in 2020. There are no details related to her birth mom.

Alicia Mae Holloway Siblings

Alicia Mae has three brothers Mario Hennicke, Marvin Hennicke, and Patrick Morris. She is the only daughter of her adoptive mother Evelyn. The other two sisters Astrid Hennicke and Sandra Hennicke are likely from Evelyn’s ex’s previous relationship.

Alicia also had quite a story to share with her TikTok family regarding her one sibling. According to Alicia, when her brother Mario (adoptive mom Evelyn’s son from a previous marriage) passed away on 21 November 2020, she learned about her brother’s death via a Facebook post.

Alicia decided to go on Facebook and according to her, “The first thing I see is my brother, Mario’s, son’s girlfriend post a status.” She went on to say that the post read, “Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re gone. We love and miss you, Mario. Blah… blah… Blah…”

Understandably, Alicia explained, “My heart sank into my stomach.”

“Hey, have you guys gotten a call about anything from anyone?” the poster questioned her father, hoping to find out if her brother had indeed passed away. Her dad answered, “Nope. We haven’t heard a peep.” Sadly, Alicia’s nephews, who happen to be older than she confirmed, “Oh yeah, he did.”

The thing that stung Alicia the most was that no one had bothered to call her mother. She explained, “What just makes me so upset is that my mom was like Mario’s ride or die.” She went on to say, “That’s… you know… that’s our mom. That’s his mom and nobody thought to call at all.”

Mario was 53 when he passed away. He was survived by his wife Delores King Hennicke of Norfolk, Virginia; and three sons, Mario Hennicke, Chad Hennicke, and Chris King.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Alicia Mae Holloway Family Reside?

Alicia Mae Holloway’s family resides in Morgantown, West Virginia.

  • Is Alicia Mae Holloway Family On Instagram And Facebook?

Alicia Mae Holloway’s parents are on Facebook. Evelyn’s FB handle is (@evelyn.holloway.925) and Kenneth’s FB handle is (@ken.holloway.71).

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