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Alijah Kai Haggins [Tichina Arnold Daughter] As A Baby

Alijah Kai Haggins, the daughter of The Neighborhood star Tichina Arnold. is growing up. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she has already appeared in over two TV shows. Moreover, she also inherited the talent for singing from her diva mother.

But what was her life as a baby? Delve into her world before starlight as this article proceeds.

Meet Alijah Kai Haggins, Tichina Arnold Daughter

Alijah is similar to her mother in every way. The duo both had outgoing personalities and just loved the stage. For instance, in June 2021, when Tichina called her daughter to the stage for an impromptu performance, she jumped in without hesitation and blew everyone away with her performance.

We need not say anything about Tichina and her vocal performances. Martin sitcom fans, first learned that actress could sing in the ’90s when she showed off her beautiful alto voice. 

But Alijah first let the world know about her vocal talents through her mother’s IG. It was back in early 2018 when Tichina posted a video of her daughter singing, and requests came flooding after.

Later that year, Alijah also accompanied Tichina to the Soul Train Music Awards. At the time,  Tichina and her co-star, Tisha Campbell, from Martin were the hosts, and she had brought Alijah on stage to show off her vocal skills.

Besides singing, Alijah also has inherited her mother’s talent for stage performance. She is a natural performer, who knows how to hype people around her.

Growing up, Tichina created several unforgettable moments with the gift inherited from her mother.

Alijah Kai Haggins As A Baby

Alijah Kai Haggins was a cute humorous girl who loved speaking Latin (or at least she tried to) as a baby. On March 9, 2021, Tichina uploaded a childhood video of her daughter having a fake Latin conversation on the phone. She wrote, “As promised from so many of your requests for this full video. !! Please note: This is in no disrespect to anyone Latin!!”

Tichina then went on to mention that the clip was solely for laughs and help the time go by easier. “My baby was only 5 and really into you can see,” she added.

A treat for you, here’s a baby picture of Alijah.

Alijah Kai Haggins as a baby

Alijah Kai Haggins Net Worth

As of 2021, Alijah Kai Haggins’ was still in high school. So, she had yet to venture into any profession to build her net worth. However, a few reports mentioned that her net worth was under $200 thousand then.

Talking about her time on the TV, Alijah has appeared as a baby in an episode of Everybody Hates Chris in 2008. Later, in 2015, she then appeared as Janine in the series Survivor’s Remorse over the episode titled “The Date”.

In case you want to know, her mother Tichina Arnold’s net worth was $2 million then.

Is Alijah Kai Haggins On Instagram, TikTok?

Yes, Alijah was on Instagram @alijahkai and TikTok @alijahkai. As of November 2021, she boasted 137K and 154.6K followers over her socials respectively.

Most of her IG posts then showcased her amazing selfies and only a few were about her music.

Alijah Kai Haggins Singing

Alijah is a brilliant singer. She often appeared over her or her mother’s TikTok singing a duet or slaying a solo. Also, she has already recorded a few of her original songs. Last we saw her, she was recording her music titled “Happy With You”. But it had yet to be released then.

Here’s a clip of the song from the studio recording.

Alijah Kai Haggins Father

Alijah Kai Haggins is the daughter of a grammy award-winning music producer Carvin Haggins. Her father, Carvin was is one half of the music production duo Carvin & Ivan.

Also, he was the co-creator of Forever Music Inc. and the creator of Ethical Music Entertainment.

Reportedly, Carvin has been working in the music industry for over 2 decades.

He last appeared on Alijah’s IG on Father’s day 2021.

Carvin and Tichina Arnold started dating in 2002 and broke up 5 years later.

Ironically, Tichina’s first marriage was with professional boxer Lamon Brewster from 1991 to 1995, during which she suffered endometriosis, making it difficult to conceive. But when she finally did, she never married the father of her child. And later, she went on to marry the basketball assistant coach DaRico Hines.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Alijah Kai Haggins?

Alijah Kai Haggins was born on March 16, 2004. That made her 17 years of age in 2021.

As per her birthday, she is of the Pisces zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Alijah Kai Haggins?

 Alijah was a growling kid. But as of 2021, she already stood tall at a height above 5 feet (152 cm).

  • Does Alijah Kai Haggins Have A Boyfriend?

Though Alijah never revealed the name of her boyfriend, it was clear that she has had one. Over TikTok, she has made a few heartbreaking posts. For instance, the one where she wrote, “When you both fall on the first date and now he’s ignoring you cause he was afraid of the real connection y’all made.”

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