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Alina Burroughs Net Worth, Salary, Crime Scene Confidential

Learn about the net worth of Alina Burroughs and salary from her job and Discovery show. She is the host of Discovery’s Crime Scene Confidential. She has been working in the field of crime scene investigation for over a decade. With the show, she hopes to bring viewers closer to what her side of business looks like in real life.

So, in this article, we attempt to cover her net worth and her academic qualification.

Meet Alina Burroughs, The Host Of Discovery’s Crime Scene Confidential

Alina Burroughs has been announced as the host of Discovery’s Crime Scene Confidential. She boasts 12 years of experience in the field of crime scene investigation working for Orange County, Florida. During her tenure, she investigated some of the harrowing and heart-wrenching cases in the United States.

That includes the 2008 death of toddler Caylee Anthony and the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.

President of crime and investigative content at Discovery, Jason Sarlanis shared with Deadline, Alina “possesses an uncanny ability to see what others cannot when assessing a case, and she brings a fresh mix of forensic expertise and compassion.” He also shared that “true crime fans will be riveted watching Alina navigate the complex forensic evidence of these crimes.”

Furthermore, Alina also hopes to take viewers “under the tape” with Discovery’s show and who what it’s like to be a crime scene investigator.

Hence, Alina told Pop Culture, “I want to show up for the real CSIs that are motivated to be that voice for the victim and to let everybody know this job is gritty. It’s hard physically, emotionally. “I want to take people under the tape and be like, this is what we do.”

Alina Burroughs Net Worth: How Rich Is The Crime Scene Confidential Host?

As of 2022, Alinga Burroughs’s net worth exceeds $750 thousand. She owns a Ferrari and has posted the photo of “her ride” on her Facebook.

Alina Burroughs Salary As The Crime Scene Confidential Host

According to PayScale, the average base salary for Discovery’s employees is $85K per year. So, Alina Burroughs’s salary would probably be around the same figure as the host of Crime Scene Confidential.

Alina Burroughs Career

Jumping to Alina Burroughs career, she kick-started working as Officer Manager for Promotion Test Training, Inc. The company prepared and selected law enforcement officials for promotion all over the United States.

Some of her job responsibilities were general office duties, designing simulation exercises; counseling police officials on effective writing and presentation skills. She also helped create written exercises for testing material in promotional exams; administering and proctoring promotional exams. Experienced with Word, PowerPoint, etc.

After that, in November 2003, Alina joined Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. From 2003 to August 2015, she investigated crime scenes including burglary, auto theft, sexual battery, aggravated battery, child and domestic abuse, robbery, and death investigations such as suicides, infant deaths, and homicides.

After quitting her job as a crime scene investigator, Alina joined FARO Technologies as Application Engineer-Forensics. She became Sr. Field Application Engineer/Sr. Public Safety Analytics Specialist as well as Application Engineer: Senior Public Safety/Forensics Specialist in April 2016.

She worked in that role until September 2020.

Moreover, Alina has been working as Sr. Product Experience Manager – Public Safety Analytics/Senior Product Experience Manager – Public Safety Analytics, and Sr. Business Development Manager from 2020.

Since the announcement of Alina as the host of Discovery’s show, Michael Carris said, Vice President of Product Marketing of FARO also congratulated her. He told, “We are proud to have forensic experts like Alina Burroughs serving on our team to support our law enforcement partners.”

Furthermore, he concluded, “The critical importance of forensic technology cannot be understated in the capture, preservation, and analysis of crime scene data.” reported that public safety officer makes $14.41 per hour in the United States.


Related FAQs

  • What Is Alina Burroughs Job Beyond The Crime Scene Confidential?

Beyond working as the host of The Crime Scene Confidential, Alina Burroughs is working as Sr. Business Development Manager.

  • Where Did Alina Burroughs Acquire Her Education?

Alina Burroughs earned her master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida in 2002.

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