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Ally Hrbachek Bio, Age, Husband, Great Chocolate Showdown

Ally Hrbachek, like Kristen Alyssia, is one of the 10 amateur bakers featured as contestants on the newest season of Great Chocolate Showdown.

Great Chocolate Showdown Season 4, like old times, is a delectable and luxurious competition series focusing on chocolate desserts. Ally was one of them, entering the kitchen to create a Tic-Tac-Toe board made out of chocolate. We shall tell you all that is worth knowing about her in the rest of the writing.

Ally Hrbachek On CW’s Great Chocolate Showdown

On 1 August 2023, when Ally was finally allowed to talk about her Great Chocolate Showdown participation, she took to her social media to literally scream “I’ve been keeping! Im going to be on season 4, Great Chocolate Showdown! What a wild and beautiful experience! I can’t wait to host watch parties and have you guys all see the amazing things my crew friends and I made!.” She revealed that last summer she lived in Toronto for a short while, while she was filming the Season 4 of the Great Chocolate Showdown. Battling out for $50,000, she said, her crew friends and she had a “wild and magical ride”. More than anything, she also felt so blessed to be representing Saskatoon, Treaty 6 territory, and the Plains Cree Indigenous peoples.

As of now though, it was not what became of Kristen’s journey particularly.

Ally Hrbachek Career

On 3 August 2023, when Ally Hrbachek celebrated her 4-year anniversary of making her first-ever cake at her first-ever baking class, she gushed on social media how she had then no idea back then that she would become who she is today. Also, least did she think she would be participating in a show like Great Chocolate Showdown. She was pregnant at the time and had to figure out what she enjoyed while being a stay-at-home mom. Shortly after she took this class, she and her husband moved back home to Saskatoon. And with the encouragement of her family, when they got home, Ally applied for her business license to do baking as her hobby/part-time job.

Today, she loves to tell the world that she is a self-taught baker. She tells that she taught this to herself in 2017, that it began with a simple cookie decorating class, and then from there, it blossomed into a full-blown affair.

Also today, she is the “Ally” behind Ally’s Cake Creeations, which she established in December 2018.

What’s more, Ally also is a member of Peepeekisis First Nation and a resident of Treaty 6 territory, and she has done her Bachelor of Arts – BA from the University of Saskatchewan.

Ally Hrbachek Age

Ally Hrbachek was reportedly born after 1990. So, if this should be true, she should have reached the age of 29 at least in 2022.

Ally Hrbachek Family

Ally Hrbachek’s mother is Myrna McCallum. As per her professional BIO, the matriarch is a true change-maker, award-winning podcaster, and leading champion of trauma-informed lawyering. She is the host of “The Trauma-Informed Lawyer” Podcast and acts as a subject matter expert on trauma-informed policy, procedure, and process. Myrna also is known to be offering training courses on trauma-informed engagement for leaders, policymakers, police officers, lawyers, and judges. She is also a highly sought-after public speaker. About her mom, Ally has also been thankful for her loving her husband and kids unconditionally.

Ally also briefly mentioned her father maybe when she “Shout out to my mom for loving my husband and kids unconditionally and making endless efforts to be a part of our lives as much as possible

“Some of you may or may not know, my mother. Myrna McCallum is the leading expert in Canada on Trauma Informed Lawyering”, time and again Ally has also been talking about her mother like this on her social media posts. In addition to her, the only person Ally has talked about is her sister Blue McCallum who started studying at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute – New York just in 2023.

Like her mother, Ally is also very fond of her sister. About her she has been heard saying “Shout out to my sister, for reminding me every day family Is there for you no matter what, and that we never ever give up on one another.”

Ally Hrbachek Husband

Ally Hrbachek has been married to Brett Hrbachek since 18 August 2018.

Per Facebook, Brett is a Bert Church High School alum and has been living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan forever. On his LinkedIn, he also detailed a lot about his career. For instance, he has been working as an owner/service technician at BH Compressed Air Solutions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since February 2022. Also, at this point, his IG @bherbs79 included 31 posts and 74 followers.

Brett is also very great as a husband it seems. About getting married to Ally, he had said “This past weekend I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and soulmate. Love the life we built together and can’t wait to see what our future holds!”. And a year before, when she was still his girlfriend, Brett had appreciated her on social media again telling how he can not imagine his life without her.

Together, Ally and Brett also are parents of three young kids: two daughters Addilyn and Hazel, and a son, Maverick. As of 20 August 2020, Addilyn was 2.5 years old. “She’s my sidekick and assistant when it comes to baking time in the kitchen. Best little helper I could have ever asked for,” Ally had said about her baby girl at the time.

As for Maverick, he turned four on 3 January 2023.

On her LinkedIn, Ally basically introduces herself as “a mother, wife, advocate and Indigenous entrepreneur.”

Ally Hrbachek Height

Ally Hrbachek stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ally Hrbachek From?

It is not understood where Ally Hrbachek was born in. She only mentioned on her Facebook profile about moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2019.

  • When Is Ally Hrbachek Birthday?

Ally Hrbachek’s birthday is in September. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Is Ally Hrbachek On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Ally Hrbachek was on Instagram and Facebook as of 7 August 2023. At the time, her IG @allyscreeativebakeshop had 677 posts and 3,485 followers.

Ally also has been showing glimpses of her life on ‘Ally Hrbachek’ Facebook

and her life as “just a badass baking mom and wife” on TikTok @allyhrbs.

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