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Almighty Suspect Bio, Age, Dad, Real Name, Fight, IG

No Jumper interviews are well known among its 4.46 million subscribers on YouTube who love watching them talk to underground rap artists and social media personalities. Lately, their recent episode with Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy has become a hot topic on the internet. Why? Because things went left during the process as these rappers traded jabs.

Now read through this writing about Almighty Suspect and while we tell you all about him also find out what actually underwent.

Almighty Suspect Fight On No Jumper

Almighty Suspect has been trending on social media, especially Twitter after this altercation with Lil Kelpy, who previously had a tense back-and-forth with No Jumper host Sharp in a video posted a month ago. (No Jumper since its revival in 2015 has been presented by Sharp and Adam John Grandmaison.)

Almighty Suspect sat down with Sharp for the original interview, and then he again sat down with Adam for Lil Kelpy’s return to the show.

So, this happened. Adam started off speaking to Lil Kelpy about his background, including an interview he did on another outlet and about being raided by the police. From there, Adam took the conversation to Almighty Suspect and asked why he was “offended” by the way Lil Kelpy was dressed during his first interview. Eventually, the two guests on the show were in the middle of a talk. At one point, Almighty Suspect asks Lil Kelpy, “Who are you? No one knows you!” To this Lil Kelpy responded by saying, “Ben Franklin knows who the f*** I am, b*tch”. This leads to Almighty Suspect punching Kelpy and the fight escalates of course. Adam and his team members had to step in to stop the fight.

Almighty Suspect Age

Almighty Suspect turned 25 years old in 2022.

What Is Almighty Suspect’s Real Name?

Almighty Suspect’s real name is Beron Jalyn Thompkins.

As to how he got his real name, he explained it in this way. He said he got the Suspect from 1) being a “badass” kid in the neighborhood because every time something went missing, they came knocking on his mom’s door. They had started calling me the Lil Suspect. 2) Suspect was an unlockable character when he was playing PS2. And once he started getting a little older, he was like ‘Suspect’ is kind of short and not standing out in front. So, because people were anyway telling him that he thinks highly of himself, he just threw ‘Almighty’ in front of it. Thus, the name Almighty Suspect came into existence.

Almighty Suspect Dad

Almighty Suspect is the son of a Project Blowed legend Ellay Khule, better known as Rifleman. Sturdy, black Angeleno in his late-40s, the patriarch is a battle rapper and recording artist. He was a member of Project Blowed, the revolutionary open-mic night and extended network of eccentrics that dominated the city’s underground rap scene for much of the ’90s.

Growing up with a dad like that, Almighty says there was nothing else he was gonna do but rap.

While Almighty’s mother was in labor pregnant with him, his father was battling Eminem. “That type of energy — what you expect?”, Almighty said.

So, growing up, young Almisght lived with his parents between Broadway and Hoover, off 112th Street, near the 110 freeway. He remembers his father bringing him “alien” gifts from foreign tours. Then, when eventually his parents split up, he relocated north, to the Valley, with his mother. That is where he spent most of middle school, until as he says he started getting a little chest hair, getting a little too much for his moms.

During high school, Almighty got into the streets heavily and even got arrested numerous times, for things like burglary and gun charges.

Now, Almighty also has a sister. He mentioned briefly back in 2019 that she turned 17 and it is not only affecting him but his entire family. He also cared to mention with pride that they call her “Lil Almighty” at school.

Is Almighty Suspect On IG And Twitter?

Yes. Almighty Suspect could be found on Instagram and Twitter. On his IG account (@almightysuspect__) there were 34 posts and 18K followers as of 25 November 2022. While on Twitter @AlmightySuspect some 7,122 users followed him.

He also entertained his 4.5K friends on Facebook and 26.2K subscribers on his YouTube channel @almightysuspect761.

Almighty said he believes in growing his fanbase organically all on his own with a little help from his phone and social media.

Almighty Suspect Songs

By the time of this writing, there were some 81 tracks on his Sound Cloud profile. Some of his most popular songs on the internet would be Almighty Suspect x Az Chike – Sus Chike Pt 2, Almighty Suspect x Az Chike – Shoes On My Feet, Hundreds, Foreign, and AlmightySuspect feat. ABG Neal – Beam With A Stick.

While his 42,418 listeners on Spotify were mostly listening to songs like PayForMyPresence, Slindin’ (feat. Blueface & StupidYoung, GetWorked, and InaHood.

Almighty Suspect has been making music since 2016. He has been putting on the industry for quite some time, with his collaborations and turned-up shows with his fans. He said that he might be one of the biggest LA rappers who has not decided to ink a deal. Because he said he is not trusting anyone with his own creativity.

Almighty Suspect Wife

Via Facebook, Almighty Suspect has always admitted that he has been married to his wife since 10 June 2015. But, who his wife is, the world is not yet aware of.

In the above-talked-about interview, he at one point even swears on his daughter. So, clearly, he also has a kid or maybe even two.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Almighty Suspect’s Birthday?

Almighty Suspect’s birthday is on October 25th and that makes him a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Almighty Suspect From?

Almighty grew up in Los Angeles his entire life. He said he has lived in every part of LA, hundreds of it, Torrance, Carson, and all types.

  • How Much Is Almighty Suspect Net Worth?

Almighty Suspect reportedly had less than $200K net worth as of 2022. Last year, he is known to have taken a $20,625 PPP loan from Prestamos CDFI, LLC.

By February 2019, he claimed to have seven projects under his belt. Coming this far, he said in an interview, that has never paid for studio time in his life. In the beginning days of his career, the rapper said he was broke but he had good relationships with people. When he first started recording, he had a studio in his garage. The first video that he dropped, hit 2 million on YouTube. So, he had to pay nobody for that video and so it continues.

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