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Althea Grace Husband, Daughter, Net Worth

Meet Althea Grace, a contestant from American Idol Season 19 that had its Grand Finale in May 2021.

Even though Althea did not make it to the Top 24, her journey in the reality singing competition was quite memorable. She had especially touched millions of hearts performing her original song “Saturday Morning” for her daughter who almost died of liver failure.

Keep reading and find all about Althea and how her cutest bubbles are doing.

What Does Althea Grace Daughter Have?

So, Althea Grace’s only daughter Lennon, who she named after John Lennon, was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition Tuberous sclerosis or TSC at 10 months old.

TSC, so you know, is said to cause mainly non-cancerous (benign) tumors to develop in different parts of the body often affecting the brain, skin, kidneys, heart, eyes, and lungs. And while there is no cure for the disease, there are several medications that can be used to ease symptoms of the disease.

For the first 10 months after Lennon was born, she was perfectly a healthy infant. Her touring musician mother had even taken her on the road with her.

So, when the doctors told Althea about her daughter’s diagnosis she was terrified.

The next two years were the “hardest” of Althea’s life. Lennon needed a liver transplant, had a central line and G-tube placed, underwent countless surgeries, and spent nearly half of her life in a hospital bed.

And it was in the middle of that 90-day hospital stay with Lennon that Althea learned about American Idol auditions. “In all honesty, “Idol” was never something I thought of doing. But, in the middle of chaos I thought, “Why not?”

Determined, Althea left Lennon in the care of her father, Dave; believing she was not doing this just for her, but for Lennon and her future as well.

Fast forward to today, i.e, October 2021, Althea shared she and her family is out of the constant state of emergency they were in six months ago. Also, she updated her daughter saying — Lennon is now getting ready for preschool. That, she has a team of wonderful therapists who help her stay on track with milestones. “Her speech is vastly improving every day. She gets a majority of her feeds through her G-tube, but the hope is that someday soon she won’t need it at all.”

And while things may look different for Lennon as she grows, Althea added, “she will always be my spunky, courageous, and wild babe.”

Who Is Althea Grace Husband?

Althea Grace has always been open about bringing up her daughter as a single mother. She had her daughter when she was 19.

It is not understood if she had been married before and had a husband.

Althea mentioned losing her teenage years to a dude, probably Lennon’s father. Also, chances are it may be the same ex. that Althea routinely trolls on her TikTok videos.

Althea Grace Net Worth

Althea Grace, who describes her music as pop, but not modern pop-“Like The Faces or The Beatles were called pop”, had an estimated $300K net worth until October 2021.

The singer-songwriter, guitarist, and bassist has been playing top festivals and venues in Chicago, The Midwest, and beyond and has accomplished so many other platforms since being on American Idol.

Find her merch on her website:

Althea Grace’s American Idol Journey

Althea sang an original song called “Saturday Morning” and received all three Yeses and a golden ticket in her American Idol audition.

For Round 2 of Hollywood Week, she had a duet with Camille Lamb called “Buy-One-Get-One”. Just in the middle of rehearsal, she received a text from her dad that said he had to take Lennon to the ER.

Months after American Idol Althea wrote an article for HuffPost where she revealed it all — how roughly she made it through the round and the one following, after that.

So, during the Showstopper Round, she sang “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles. And during the Final Judgment, the judges told her that she did not make it to the Top 24.

Still, though Althea felt like she accomplished something huge. And one day she hopes that Lennon looks back on her time on American Idol and feels proud of her.

Althea, The McHenry County Fair contest winner aged 13, started making music in Algonquin when she could barely walk.

Who Are Althea Grace’s Parents, Siblings?

Althea Grace was named after a Grateful Dead song by her music-loving parents Meghan and Dave Roggenbuck.

Althea’s parents always believed in her, pushed her, and told her she can do it even when she did not think she could.

Althea is also grateful to her grandmother, Fran Traub, who helped her manifest her dream.

For siblings, Althea has a brother Carrick Roggenbuck who is also called “Kiko” by his loved ones. Carrick, according to his social media, went to Dundee-Crown High School. He lives in Algonquin, Illinois.

So you know, Althea herself is also a Dundee-Crown High School graduate.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Althea Grace?

Althea Grace was reportedly born on 9 July 1999. Based on this, she would have turned 30 years old in 2021.

  • How Tall Is Althea Grace?

Althea Grace, who sports a tattoo of a John Lee Hooker lyric, stands above 5’5” in height.

  • Is Althea Grace On Twitter, TikTok?

Yes, Althea Grace is on Twitter as well as TikTok.

You may give her a follow on her Twitter @altheagmusic (682 followers) and TikTok @altheagracemusic (23.6K followers).

Further, on her Instagram @altheagracemusic, Althea had 14.2K followers. Also, 7.3K people followed her on her ‘Althea Grace’ Facebook and 472 were subscribed to her ‘Althea Grace Band’ YouTube channel.

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