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Alysa Liu Parents: Yan Qingxin (Mother), Arthur Liu (Father)

Alysa Liu scored big in Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022 and gave a radiant performance at the women’s free skate final ending with a total score of 208.95. Now, people are interested to learn more about her parents. This article discusses her mother Yan Qingxin and father Arthur Liu.

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Who Are Alysa Liu Parents?

Meet Alysa Liu’s parents, Yan ‘Mary’ Qingxin and Arthur Liu. They have been a great support for her success in athletics.

Meet Alysa Liu Mother, Yan Qingxin

For Alysa Liu, Yan ‘Mary’ Qingxin is her mother, but she is not her biological mother. But, Yan was married to Alysa’s father Arthur. Even after the divorce, Yan is still their legal guardian who they call mom. They still spend a couple of nights a week in her home in Antioch.

When Alysa discovered that Mary wasn’t her mother she wasn’t surprised at all. She started noticing the difference when she was 8 because both of her parents were Chinese and she looked different. She told Sports Illustrated, “That’s how I figured out she wasn’t my real mom because she was Asian and I did not look Asian.”

Her father doesn’t follow the donors and has no record of them.

  • Yan Qingxin Age

Online sources reveal Yan Qingxin is 76 years old as of 2022.

  • Yan Qingxin Job

Although Yan Qingxin has remained entirely anonymous, there are traces of her digital footprints all over the internet. A blog titled China Gate ( has stated that Yan is the assistant of “Zhonggong” (the China Health Care and Wisdom Enhancement Gong) founded by Zhang Hongbao in 1988. Whether she worked for Zhang Hongbao or not, they had certainly maintained a professional relationship.

Both Yan and Zhang’s names were stated in a court case titled ‘QINGXIN-YAN-VS-HONGBAO-ZHANG‘ dating back to March 2008 which was filed in Los Angeles County, CA in Pasadena Courthouse. They were involved in (Slandel, Libel, Defamation) category and the case has been dismissed. While Zhang Hongbao was the defendant in the case, Yan was the plaintiff who was represented by her husband’s law firm Inter-Pacific Law Group Inc.

In addition to that, Immigration Forums also had her and her ex-husband’s name mentioned which also included her ex-husband Arthur’s name on the forum. You can check the forums here.

  • Is Yan Qingxin On Instagram?

No, Yan Qingxin is not on Instagram.

  • What Is Yan Qingxin Nationality?

Alysa Liu’s mother, Yan Qingxin is a Chinese national currently living in Antioch, California.

Meet Alysa Liu Father, Arthur Liu

Alysa Liu’s father is Junguo ‘Arthur’ Liu. He has been a skate dad for a long time creating a checklist to keep Alysa on track when she practiced alone. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Arthur had shared, “I have the Coach Arthur rule: Everything five times. Like, double Axel, five good double Axels. If you fall, that doesn’t count.”

Arthur had helped her daughter find coaches when she grew three inches in a year. He told his daughter, “Your body is growing so fast and then you need the training to keep up with the growth of your body, that will throw off your jumps.”

  • Arthur Liu Age

Reportedly born in April 1964, Arthur Lius is 57 as of 2022. He is 19 years younger than his ex-wife Yan.

  • Arthur Liu Job

Coming to the United States, Arthur’s first job was working as a busboy at King Tsin restaurant in Berkeley. He saved money for further education and because of his political background a friend recommended him to take law as a major in college. In 1998 he earned a law degree from Hastings College of Law, at the University of California, and he has operated a general practice in Oakland ever since.

Arthur also studied English Language, Literature, and Linguistics in the Department of English at Southwest China Normal University and graduated in 1984.

He had fears that the winter Olympics will be held in Beijing which did in 2022. He founded Inter-Pacific Law Group Inc. in February 2002 and has been running it ever since. Moreover, he contributed to his law firm as a CEO and Attorney.

Arthur had also started a law partnership named ‘Downing & Liu’ in 1998 and incorporated his practice in 2002 which turned into Inter-Pacific Law Group Inc. His area of practice is Business Law; Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Immigration.

Arthur Liu is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Other biographical background includes Teacher, English Literature, North China University of Hydro-Electric Power.

  • Is Arthur Liu On Instagram?

Alysa Liu’s father Arthur Liu is on Facebook (@arthur.liu.16503). He has two IG accounts (@arthurxliu) and (@arthurliu_sk8ingdad). And, also a YouTube channel (@Arthur Liu).

  • What Is Arthur Liu Nationality?

Arthur Liu grew up in a mountain village in China’s Sichuan province and became ready to leave his village when he was about 13. He then moved to Zhongxian after admitting to an elite high school. In May 1989, Arthur organized parallel demonstrations in Guangzhou, with plans spreading by word of mouth across several campuses. He was one of the government’s most-wanted students.

Then, friends smuggled him by boat to Hong Kong where he stayed for about five months. Arthur waited for a relocation assignment from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He was destined for France but the U.S. opened its doors to student refugees from China.

Arthur came to the states at the age of 25.

Related FAQs

  • When Did Alysa Liu Parents Tie The Knot?

There exist no information on the marriage of Alysa Liu’s parents. Her parents divorced a few years before and her father is in a different relationship now since 19 June 2021. However, he hasn’t revealed his partner yet.

  • Where Do Alysa Liu Parents Live?

Alysa Liu’s father lives in Richmond, California whereas her mother lives in Antioch, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Alysa Liu Parents Have?

Alysa Liu’s parents had five children including Alysa. She has a younger sister named Selina, and triplets Joshua, Justin, and Julia. All five siblings were born by in vitro fertilization (IVF) with two different egg donors and two different surrogates. Alysa joked, “I’m the loner”.

Both egg donors for Arthur’s children are White women and believed that diverse genes would benefit his children.

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