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Amanza Smith Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height, Family

We remember Amanza Smith as the star of Selling Sunset Season 2 and 3. Selling Sunset on Netflix first introduced her in the second season as an Oppenheim Group newcomer.

Amanza, after a successful career in modeling and entertainment, had returned to her first love, i.e., interior design, joining The Oppenheim Group as the in-house interior design expert.

Find more about Amanza in the rest of the writing.

How Much Is Amanza Smith Net Worth?

Despite growing up poor in a trailer park, Amanza Smith learned how to make do with what she has got, and made around $1 million as net worth.

The Interior design alum from Indiana State University was a model and interior decorator before becoming a real estate agent. It was after working as an interior designer for a long time, that she thought of giving real estate a try and came to The Oppenheim Group. She knew the Oppenheim brother (Jason and Brett Oppenheim) for years through her best friend and fellow realtor, Mary Fitzgerald.

But, it was not just acquaintance that brought her to such great of a platform. It was also her knowledge of all things design, her ability to openly and honestly communicate with clients, and her name that was already established in the business.

Even before her job in The Oppenheim Group, she had been decorating and staging homes for Hollywood’s A-listers.

The cast of Selling Sunset has proven time and again that selling homes certainly pays. Their commission of a single house alone usually exceeds the average annual income by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And it is obvious that just like her costars, Amanza too is insanely rich. From the way she dresses to the car she drives, the home she lives in, she lives like showbiz’s elite.

However, there were some tough times too, Amanza admitted. Last year during an episode of the Dear Media podcast, she told how her ex Taye Digg, whom she dated for five years, financially “took care” of her and her kids when her ex-husband could not.

What Happened To Amanza Smith Ex-Husband?

Amanza Smith’s ex-husband is NFL player Ralph Brown. With him, Amanza shares two kids.

Meanwhile, the public became aware of Amanza and Ralph’s relationship only after Amanza appeared on the Netflix series when the viewers also learned about Ralph’s missing.

On Selling Sunset Amanza was seen also dealing with this very personal issue other than surviving the stress of her new job.

Ralph was the 140th overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft for the New York Giants. He played for the Giants from 2000 to 2004, which was the longest single-team stretch of his career. However, not too long after his amazing year with the Giants, he moved on to the Minnesota Vikings for two seasons.

After one Vikings season, Ralph spent a season with the Cleveland Browns and two more with the Arizona Cardinals only to put an end to his football career in 2009.

A year after, he and Amanza got married in July 2010. By that time, they already had their first child, daughter Noah (born in 2009). A year after their wedding, their son Braker was born.

Two years from tying the knot and they divorced.

Afterward, Ralph began to disappear for long periods. But, he would always return. But, from what Amanza told E! News, a day in August 2019 was the last time she and the kids saw Ralph.

As it happens, Ralph had serious money issues after leaving NFL. Meanwhile, his leaving NFL was likely because of some lingering football-related injuries.

Anyway, Ralph was still not found and Amanza had sole custody of their kids.

Does Amanza Smith Have A Boyfriend?

Amanza Smith started dating a new man as of May 2020. While remaining tight-lipped about his identity, she dished details about her boyfriend exclusively to Life & Style early in 2021. “I’m very happy. I’m very in love. He’s super hot and the most amazing man I’ve ever known. Period. That’s all you’ll get”, Amanza gushed.

Still, Amanza also revealed that her boyfriend this time is younger than her. With this, Amanda added that she never thought she would be with a younger man. That, she always thought it was “super creepy, and I didn’t get it but here I am.”

Before this, Amanza also had been linked to Taye Diggs, *NSYNC member JC Chasez, and The Script’s lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue.

Amanza Smith Height

Beautiful Amanza Smith stands 5′ 7″ or 1.70 meters tall.

Amanza Smith Family

Amanza Smith acquired multiracial ethnicity from a Black dad and a Caucasian mother.

It is not understood how much they were involved with raising their daughter. Because it is her best friend Jamie Ranah’s mom Shirley that Amanza credits for raising her. In a throwback photo with Jamie, Amanza worded — “Her sweet mama raised me and is the reason I am the mother that I am today. Thank you, Shirley and P.R for this amazing girl! Thank you, God, for blessing us with sweet Shirley who now rests in peace with you.”

Further, Amanza told Deal or No Deal that if she could have dinner with someone dead or alive it would be with the woman who helped raise her, and “I thought of her as a mom.”

Amanza shared that even though Shirley passed away from cancer long ago (when Amanza was 19), she remained so important in her heart as she tackled parenting solo. “I would love to sit with her and see what advice she would give me as a mother and also ask her how she believed I was doing as a mother because she was such an amazing role model!”

Amanza has a tattoo on her wrist that reads “All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother.”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Amanza Smith?

Amanza Smith turned 44 years old in December 2021.

  • When Does Amanza Smith Celebrate Her Birthday?

Amanza celebrates her birthday on the 12th of December making her a Sagittarius.

  • Is Amanza Smith On Instagram?

Yes. Amanza Smith is on Instagram.

Until 26 November 2021, Amanza had 1,263 posts and 516K followers on her Instagram @amanzasmith. Then, she also had a business account @kidteriordesign where she showcased, mostly her work and life as an interior decorator. This account held an additional 10.5K followers.

Amanza, however, did not seem as active on her TikTok @amanzasmith.

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