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Amazing Race 34: Meet Glenda Roberts! Age, Job, Height

Amazing Race 34 kicked off on CBS on 21 September 2022 with 12 couples in Munich, Germany, making history that over the past 33 seasons this is the first time the show has started outside the United States. Among the contestants are Atlanta-based couple Glenda Roberts and her husband.

Glenda decided to go on this show hoping to create another history as nobody before her and from Atlanta had ever won the competition. With her husband as her game partner, Glenda, extremely competitive, dreamed of changing that for the show’s 34th season. So, let’s look closely as to who Glenda is, about her age, height, job, and more, in this writing.

Glenda Roberts On The Amazing Race 34

So far in The Amazing Race 34, we saw Episode 1 titled “Many Firsts But Don’t Be Last” eliminate Aastha Lal and Nina Duong only, a newly engaged couple from Marina Del Ray, California. So, Glenda Roberts and her husband Lumumba stayed behind to compete for the $1 million grand prize with the others.

On the season’s premiere, the teams were challenged with tasks such as rolling a keg of beer through a series of obstacles, sawing through a log in order to get a clue, and smashing through a huge block of ice with a chisel. The last team to complete their tasks and meet Phil at Munich’s Friedensengal monument was the first team to go home.

As for Glenda and Lumumba, because they are relatively older than most of the other couples, they worked out so they would have the endurance to make it a month constantly traveling and being sleep deprived. And in this couple, it was Lumumba who was an Amazing Race super fan for two decades. He said he just never had the right partner even after trying to persuade a sibling, a cousin, and former female companions to audition. He could not convince anybody until Glenda came along.

Speaking of their preparation, they told during interviews, that they watched prior seasons jotting notes on strategy; they learned to kayak; practiced rock climbing, crammed up on paper map reading; and did a few more things.

Lumumba And Glenda Roberts’s Relationship

It was a day in October 2019 and Glenda and Lumumba had just gotten out of relationships with other people when they first met, in a church. Despite both being leaders in the same church, they had never crossed paths. Also, ironically, they both never wanted to date people within the church. But things change one Saturday when Lumumba saw “this bombshell beauty” walking toward one of his good friends.

And so Lumumba convinced or let’s say even demanded to meet at a coffee shop for their first date and after exactly one year into dating, he also asked her to marry him on November 14th. The next year, likely around June, they even got married and until Amazing Race, their only international travel together was their honeymoon to Jamaica.

As of the time of this writing and they were still going strong, and even believed that there is forever to go.

Glenda also once wrote on Facebook that at 33, she sold her house that was upside down on the mortgage on, broke up with her ex, dissolved a business, started over moved into an apartment, started a new job, and learned new skills. At 38, she started a new business at 39 and got married at 41.

Glenda Roberts Age

Born in 1980, Glenda Roberts turned 42 years old in 2022.

Glenda Roberts Job

Amazing Race introduced Glenda and her husband respectively as an insurance adjustor and a middle school teacher. But, there are still more things they have not told us.

For one, Glenda is the proud creator of The Biz Slayer, LLC. Here she helps high-performing professionals skip levels in their careers so their “COIN matches their COMPETENCY.” She said she started this because she herself has experienced what it is like to be frustrated, unfulfilled, and undervalued in her career. So, her job is basically as a career counselor here.

Then, on LinkedIn, Glenda also mentioned being the AVP, Southeast Regional Underwriting Manager at Berkley Technology Underwriters (since May 2020).

Glenda did her MBA at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2013 – 2015) and BBA at Morgan State University (1998 – 2002).

Is Glenda Roberts On Instagram?

Glenda Roberts could be found on Instagram on the joint account called ‘Lumumba and Glenda Roberts’ (@robertsfamily365). There were 34 posts and 465 followers on it as of 24 September 2022.

She could be found sharing her business endeavors on IG and other social media platforms as ‘Glenda Roberts – The Biz Slayer‘.

Other than that, Glenda also was active on two Facebook accounts (both with the name ‘Glenda Roberts’).

Glenda Roberts Height

Glenda Roberts and her husband have readily acknowledged their height difference in their Amazing Race episodes. She stands 6′ 2″ and her husband 5′ 7″.

Glenda about herself also shared that been compared to Serena Williams. Despite that, her skills growing up was on the basketball court and not the tennis court.

Glenda Roberts Family

Glenda’s mother, Cynthia Matthews turned 70 on 17 July 2022. On this day, Glenda took to her social media to gush that her mom never stopped praying and believing that they would all have the best in life. Saying that she thanked her for being such a beautiful example of faith and resilience. Then, one time on Mother’s Day, Glenda wrote that she can not express how much this woman means to her.

Glenda’s matriarch, back in the day, studied at Henry Snyder High School. Also, the mum’s mum passed away this year in March after having lived for 93 years.

Then, there is Glenn Matthews, Glenda’s father. In her words, he is Glenn Chico Matthews, King of the house, The Mayor of the Block. He turned 71 years old in September 2022.

Further, Glenda has a brother called Glenn Marcus Matthews Jr. and a sister named Tawana. Sister Tawana U. Matthews is in her early fifties.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Glenda Roberts From?

Inhabiting Atlanta Georgia by 2022, Glenda Roberts was born and bred in Jersey City in New Jersey.

  • What Is Glenda Roberts Maiden Name?

Glenda before adopting her husband’s last name went around by her maiden name, Glenda Matthews.

  • When Is Glenda Roberts’s Birthday?

Glenda Robert’s birthday is on May 13th and so she is a Taurus.

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