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Amelie Zilber Parents: Laurent Zilber And Christina Zilber

Laurent Zilber and Christina Zilber are the parents of social media influencer and political activist Amelie Zilber. What do we know about her folks as of this article? How old are they? What are their jobs?

Keep scrolling down and learn all about her as this article proceeds.

Who Are Amelie Zilber Parents?

LA-based activist, actor, and model Amelie Zilber is the daughter of Laurent and Christian Zilber. They welcomed her on 27 March 2002 which makes her 21 years old in Lyon, France.

Over the past few years, Amelie’s following on social media has expanded. Unlike most influencers, Amelie has used her platform to inform followers about politics, world affairs, and the most important issues facing society.

Zilber’s family dinners have sparked her interest in global concerns, particularly those pertaining to the Middle East. In one of her YouTube videos, Zilber recounts that when she was younger, her mother and brother used to have intense political debates, and she just wanted to be able to take part. She began studying politics and social issues as a result in the sixth grade.

Zilber attempted to have discussions with her friends about world issues, but since none of them had insightful comments, she decided to educate herself more by reading online articles.

Zilber was aware of the challenges young readers encounter while attempting to understand stories from reputable news organizations. She decided to start a website called the Two Minute Times as a result, which she started in 2014 when she was 12 years old. Every Sunday, a newsletter with a five- to seven-sentence summary of the top five headlines is mailed to subscribers of the Two Minute Times.

Meet Laurent Zilber, Amelie Zilber Father

Amelie Zilber calls Laurent Zilber her father.

  • Laurent Zilber Age

As of Sept 2023, Lauren Zilber is 56.

  • Laurent Zilber Job

Film producer Laurent Zilber is also a wealthy businessman. He produced a number of films, including The Nazi Officer’s Wife, New Suit, Joyride, etc. Additionally, he is the CEO and owner of the French film production business Les Films Trillion. Laurent put money into more than only the movies.

Laurent has actually tried his hand at a variety of business options, including a few restaurants, and is a highly successful private investor. The manager and co-owner of Cafe des Artistes is Laurent. Additionally, he is a business partner in LA’s popular Bagatelle restaurant chain.

Laurent is also a co-founder of, a Californian herbal pharmacy that serves as both an online store and a resource for learning about hemp CBD products. Additionally, he co-founded Trillion Entertainment and Jouer Cosmetics with his ex-wife Christina, who is also Amelie’s mother. The father of Amelie is a French citizen who was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine. He received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the ESDE Paris in France.

  • How Much Is Laurent Zilber Net Worth?

Laurent Zilber’s reported net worth is above $1 million.

Meet Christina Zilber, Amelie Zilber Mother

Amelie Zilber’s mother is called Christina Zilber.

  • Christina Zilber Age

Born in December 1964, Christina Zilber reached 58 years of age in 2022.

  • Christina Zilber Job

Christina Zilber is the founder and creative leader of the popular cosmetics company Jouer Cosmetics. Products made by Jouer Cosmetics are devoid of toxins and other substances, such as talc, parabens, gluten, etc. The company’s website states that Christina had a keen interest in fashion and beauty since a very young age.

Christina learned how to apply makeup and other techniques for enhancing a woman’s beauty from her own mother, Amelie’s grandmother, who was a fashion model.

What’s more, Christina attended Pepperdine University. She also launched Trillion Entertainment and worked there before launching Jouer. Jouer was started by Christina in 2008. In addition to running her own business, Christina has a smaller following on social media than her daughter does. Beyond that, Christina also collaborated with UNICEF to support and open doors for marginalized women all around the world.

Christina resided in Los Angeles and split her time between her houses in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

  • How Much Is Christina Zilber Net Worth?

Christina Zilber has amassed a net worth above $5 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Amelie Zilber Parents Reside?

Amelie Zilber’s parents reside in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Amelie Zilber Parents Have?

Amelie has one brother named Emmanuel Zilber. Emmanuel is a brilliant young guy with a bright future in politics and public policy. Emmanuel went to Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, just like his sister. He continued his education by enrolling in the University of Chicago after finishing high school.

Emmanuel had already begun his university career when he began working as an intern for a number of reputable political organizations and campaigns. He worked as an intern for SCN Strategies in 2017, which develops communication strategies for businesses and political campaigns.

Similarly, Emmanuel interned for Gavin Newsom’s California governor campaign in the second half of that year and in 2018. He was in high school at the time. Amelie’s brother later worked as an intern for Kamala Harris For The People while in college. Emmanuel contributed to fundraising efforts and worked in the campaign’s research department while serving as an intern for the Kamala Harris For The People organization in Baltimore.

  • Are Amelie Zilber Parents Still Married?

No, Amelie Zilber’s parents are not married. Her parents reportedly divorced in 2007.

  • What Is Amelie Zilber Parents Ethnicity?

Amelie Zilber’s father is French meanwhile her mother is half-Lebanese and half-American.

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