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Amy Bruni Net Worth, Married, Daughter, Kindred Spirits

Amy Bruni is a Paranormal Researcher. She’s been ghost-hunting for over 15 years (on and offscreen). Well now, she’s finally started her own show called Kindred Spirits where she’ll be exploring America’s scariest places.

Below, you’ll learn all about Amy’s net worth, married life, daughter, and more.

Amy Bruni On Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is all about exploring America’s darkest locations demanding answers to the most chilling haunted mysteries, and doing so are Amy Bruni and Adam Berry — the show’s host/co-executive producers.

To explain a little more, Amy and Adam search for and confront paranormal activity to determine who or what haunts the space and whether it’s safe for the living to stay around. Their multi-layered investigations explore the past to identify the dead and analyze the threat. “With an arsenal of paranormal tools and a team of supernatural specialists the duo brings peace to those tormented by restless spirits, by giving a voice to the dead,” Travel Channel’s description read.

The show premiered on January 26, 2023, on Really TV and Discovery Plus in the UK. While it launched six days early in the US.

How Much Is Amy Bruni Net Worth?

Amy Bruni flaunted a net worth of under $800 thousand in 2023. And it’s all from ghost hunting!

But initially, Amy spent the first decade of her career in the health insurance industry. Feeling like her life lacked the thrill and adventure she so craved, Amy then started working professionally as a paranormal investigator in 2007 starring in Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. There, she was the team’s historical researcher for seven seasons, during which she also met her ghost-hunting partner, Adam Berry.

In 2014, Amy then parted ways with Ghost Hunters and started her own business, a boutique paranormal travel company called Strange Escapes. As you might have guessed, Strange Escapes offers fellow seekers of the strange to learn, laugh, and eventually – stumble around in the dark looking for signs of something ghostly.  

“Every Strange Escapes event will feature in-depth investigations of some of the largest, most haunted locations in the United States. Plus, lectures from paranormal notables, television personalities, authors, and more,” their site mentions. Also, they promise their clients that they will learn and see things they never knew were possible, and they will leave knowing that they’re not alone in their beliefs.

Besides this, Amy is also the host of the wildly popular Haunted Road podcast.

Trivia: Amy has graced conventions in San Diego and New York Comic Cons.

How Old Is Amy Bruni?

Amy Bruni was 46 years of age in 2023.

She is 7 years older than her ghost-hunting partner Adam Berry.

Amy Bruni Parents

Amy Bruni has her parents to thank for her ghost-hunting passion. They raised her in a house that was haunted, and even her father was an amateur paranormal investigator, investigating different sites that were supposedly haunted.

Sadly, both Amy’s mother and her stepfather have passed away.

Her mother took her last breath on October 15, 2018. And surprisingly, it was Amy’s co-star Chip who officiated her mother’s funeral.

As for her stepdad, he left this world in 2014. “To say he lived a life of adventure would be an understatement and it’s amazing to me how years later, we occasionally have someone reach out who doesn’t know he’s gone,” the star paid a tribute to him on her Twitter.

Now, talking about her siblings, Amy has two little sisters. She “pretty much” raised them and both of them have kids. The last we saw Amy with her sister, they were starting a fitness challenge tomorrow to get in shape for the Strange Escapes cruise in 2022.

Is Amy Bruni Married?

Yes, Amy Bruni married her husband Jimmy in 2012. Most of her fans didn’t know about him as she always referred to him as “Mr. X” before a 2018 Twitter post. It read, “Yes, Mr. X’s real name is Jimmy. I called him that for years but people still thought I was hiding some sort of scandal because I don’t post a ton of photos of him. Hence, Mr. X was born. No one forgets that.”

Her husband, Jimmy is a military man who loves hiking.  According to Amy, at one point, he was insecure about becoming a girl dad. But now, he’s “literally hiking mountains” with their brave little girl.

The last time we saw, Jimmy was after returning from a vacation in March 2022.

Amy Bruni Daughter

Amy Bruni shares a daughter named Charlotte with her husband Jimmy.

They welcomed Charlotte on October 12, 2012. This means she turned 10 in 2022. Wishing her daughter a happy birthday, Amy took to her IG to write, “It took me all day to post this because I’m in denial that she’s ten. It feels like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital to welcome this little spitfire into our lives. Every part of my being revolves around this magical human and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Charlotte was in 4th grade in 2023.

Trivia: Amy and Charlotte went on their first Disney Cruise in November 2022.

Amy Bruni Height

Amy Bruni stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Amy Bruni On Facebook?

Find her on Facebook @AmyBruni.

Also, here’s her Instgram @amybruni and Twitter @amybruni.

  • When Is Amy Bruni Birthday?

Amy receives her birthday wishes on July 10 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Is Amy Bruni From?

Amy hails from Northern California.

But in 2023, she resided in Newport, Rhode Island.

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