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Amy Schneider Bio, Jeopardy, Age, Birth Name, Partner

Joining the list of a few openly trans winners on Jeopardy!, Amy Schneider made her way into the 22 Nov 2021 episode of the show with a winning streak of five. Her victory also coincidentally fell on the final day of Trans Awareness Week 2021, which runs every year from Nov 13-19.

So, who is she? Keep reading this Amy Schneider Bio to learn more about her. 

Amy Schneider On Jeopardy

Amy Schneider became a three-day champion on the November 12th ep of the show with a total of $110,200 winning. On the final Jeopardy round, she was $25,000 ahead of her competitor Andrew and wagered a whopping $15,000.

Then, on November 16, she became a five-day champion, guaranteeing her a spot in the next tournament of top winners, with total winnings of $170,400.

“I could have bet up to 24,999, and I considered it. But it’s hard,” Amy tweeted after the win.

Also, she then went on to address backlash from viewers who believed it was insensitive for the show to include a category titled “Naturalized Woman.”

“There wasn’t actually anything wrong with it, and I had forgotten it entirely until I watched the episode today, But I think it’s clear it landed differently with a trans woman on stage, which is unfortunate,” she shared.

Her victory was celebrated over the internet. A fan wrote, “She mastered the buzzer quick and she has a solid knowledge of history, for sure. She seems to nail those answers.”

But did you know? Amy tried several times to be on the show before she was chosen. Reportedly, she first applied to be a contestant over a decade ago.

Also, a lifelong Jeopardy! fan, Amy revealed that she was rooting for Levar Burton to become the show’s next host after Alex Trebek passed away in November 2020.

Now, Amy is a part of trans history on Jeopardy. Before her, financial specialist Kate Freeman became widely recognized as the first transgender to ever win the show. However, there was also reportedly another trans woman in the 1990s who also won.

Amy Schneider Age

Amy Schneider was reportedly born before 1984. So, she couldn’t have been any younger than 37 years of age as she won Jeopardy! in 2021.

She celebrates her birthday on May 29 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

Did you know: For her birthday in 2008, Amy urged all of her Fb friends for donations to Trans Lifeline. It raised over $800 before 2021.

What Did Amy Schneider Look Like Before Surgery?

Just imagine Amy Schneider wearing a male dress and a little shorter hair.  That was how she looked before surgery.

She was always beautiful, and way had amazing hair.

Here’s one of her pictures from back in the day.

Amy Schneider Birth Name

Amy Schneider’s birth name is Thomas E Schneider.

She was born a male to parents, James T. Schneider and anonymous mother. Her father, James is a  Dayton, Ohio native who went on to work as a reference librarian at Dayton Metro Library. Also, he worked at the University of Dayton.

As for Amy’s siblings, she has a brother named John Schneider.

Amy Schneider Partner: Is She Married Or Dating?

Well, Amy Schneider was married to Kelly Anneken, before she discovered herself.

The pair met back in 2004 and immediately fell in love. Then, the two got married, moved to CA, had countless adventures, and called in quits in 2016. The reason for the divorce was obvious — Amy was transitioning into a woman, and they had to come to a concussion.

According to Amy’s ex-wife, they “still love and care about each other” but they’ve grown apart in “some crucial ways.” She even cheered for Amy during her time at Jeopardy.

Talking a little more about Kelly, she worked as a product writer of Pinterest. Before that, this  Oakland, CA, native worked as a freelance consultant at Cortina Productions, Inc.

As for her education, Kelly graduated from Roger Bacon High School in 2001 and straight went on to join Wright State University. She then graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2005.

Amy is currently in a relationship with Genevieve Davis. Read about her here.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Amy Schneider From?

Amy Schneider hails from Ohio.

It was 2009 when she moved to Oakland, California, and lived there ever since.

  • What Does Amy Schneider Do For A Living?

Amy is an engineering manager by profession. 

If you don’t know what that is, she coordinated and directed building activities on a construction site or activities related to maintenance, testing, and so on at a manufacturing site.

  • How Much Is Amy Schneider Net Worth?

 Amy garnered a net worth of $400 thousand by 2021.

Reportedly, an engineering manager made around $152 thousand per annum.

  • Is Amy Schneider On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @cynicalbetch.

Also, here’s her Twitter @Jeopardamy, and Facebook @Amy Schneider.

Find her FB account @amy.schneider510.

  • How Tall Is Amy Schneider?

Amy stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).


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