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Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin Age, Job, Last Name, Instagram

Get to know Kevin, the new “unhinged” boyfriend of Amy Slaton. The two went public with their relationship on TikTok and fans have witnessed a lot of drama on the platform. What does he do for a living? What is his last name? How old is he? Where is he from?

Find the answers below as you scroll down this article.

Meet Kevin, Amy Slaton Boyfriend

Amy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb. Sisters has a new boyfriend in her life named Kevin. Taking her fans on their first few dates, Amy has been using her TikTok account to chronicle her developing romance with a man. The first time Amy published a picture of flowers and a card that said “To my queen,” signed by Kevin with a heart, on TikTok on February 2, 2024, she gave us our first look at Kevin.

“How can someone be so kind!!” th caption to the post read. “Not knowing this was my favorite flower or my grandma [sic] favorite flowers, thank u @Kevin u really know how to make a girl [sic] night.”

Amy stated that Kevin has three children in a TikTok post from February 24, 2024, but it’s not clear if he was talking about them in this video.

Following the revelation that he was seeing Amy, Kevin asserted that he had employed “private investigators” to track out anyone attempting to damage his name. In a TikTok video from February 29, 2024, Kevin cautioned viewers to “step back” unless they had “tens of thousands of dollars” to spend on a “multiyear civil lawsuit.”

Kevin disclosed that he and Amy have a relatively remote connection in a February 24, 2024, statement when he said to a fan that he had to travel three hours to see her. He shared on TikTok a week earlier that he felt “bored” when he wasn’t chatting to Amy.

Fans worried that Amy might be moving too quickly with Kevin when she described her third date at a Red Lobster restaurant as “so perfect.” Their relationship looked to be moving along so quickly. On February 24, 2024, Amy informed her fans that she would not be introducing her sons to her new spouse for “maybe a year.”

Amy said via TikTok on, February 25. “Me and him talked about it. He has three kids of his own. We talked about it, and first things first, he’s gonna meet Michael. You gotta meet my kids’ daddy first and build that bond, and then maybe in a year.”

“I know that’s stupid, but with Tony, he moved right on it,” she continued. “But with Kevin, we’re doing this right. Like, I’m not meeting his kids, and he ain’t meeting my kids for almost a year. But first things first, you got a better trust with Michael, because at the end of the day, they his kids, too.”

Amy was last known to be dating Tony Rodgers after her 2023 divorce from Michael Halterman, but it’s unclear how or when she met Kevin. But in her very first social media post alongside the father of three, Amy was already referring to him as her “king.”

When asked how they met, Kevin replied, “I can’t tell.”

However, drama is already brewing up that involves Kevin. She has denied the claims that her new boyfriend Kevin is messaging other women and ‘cheating’ online. Following her on social media, fans have started to ‘warn’ her by revealing that Kevin has been messaging other ladies, saying he would pay for their airfare so they could come see him and hook up.

One fan commented,  “I blocked him after he messaged me to meet up with him, Offered to send me a first class ticket there and back.” Another added, “Please be careful! He’s sliding into women’s DMs offering them a first class ticket to meet up with him there and back. I have messages to prove it.”

Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin Age

Born in 1984, Amy Slaton’s boyfriend Kevin turned 39 years old in 2023.

Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin Job

Amy Slaton boyfriend Kevin shared on his YouTube bio that he is a game developer. Kevin, also known online as “Mr. Dad,” has over 4,100 TikTok followers as of February 4, 2024, when he uploaded his debut video. As someone who has been active on YouTube since August 2022, he is no stranger to social media even though he is new to TikTok. Kevin has a YouTube channel called Mrdad2021TN where he uploads videos about everything from video games to tattoos to updates on his personal life.

On December 18, 2023, Kevin told his fans on his channel that he was going through a “crisis in real life” and that he would be leaving the platform for an indeterminate period of time. Kevin intimated that his family issues were the reason for his YouTube hiatus, although not providing his followers any specifics at the time, “Nothing means more than your family. And when your family is gone…then you are in a nightmare.”

He went on to say that he was “without [his] family” at the moment and that his entire waking life was “pure torture.”

What Is Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin Last Name?

The last name of Amy Slaton’s boyfriend is Sharpton. His full name is Kevin Christopher Sharpton.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin From?

Kevin Sharpton (Amy Slaton’s boyfriend) hailed from Old Hickory, Tennessee.

  • Is Amy Slaton Boyfriend Kevin On Instagram And TikTok?

On TikTok Amy’s boyfriend Kevin goes by (@mrdad2021nontiktok).

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