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Andres Vasco Bio, Manuela González Husband, Age, Job

Fake Profile star, Manuela González’s real life doesn’t differ much from that of her character’s. Like Ángela, she’s a mother of two and a faithful wife of Andres Vasco.

But who is Manuela’s husband? Learn all about him as this Andres Vasco Bio proceeds.

Meet Andres Vasco, Fake Profile Actress Manuela González Husband

Andres Vasco met Manuela González back in 2009. But since the two met in a casting — in which a former participant of Master Chef Celebrity Colombia participated — love did not flow at the time. Co-incidentally, two years later, the duo then met again at a car event held on November 7, 2011, and this time, they exchanged numbers.

“I knew that he was the man of my life from the moment I saw him,” the Fake Profile shared. Likewise, Andres mentioned, “My thing was love at first sight because I had seen Manuela many times before on television.”

The car event date, November 7, is also when the duo celebrates their anniversary.

So, after falling hard for each other, Manuela went on to live with Andres and his son named Jerónimo. And fast forward to their 10th anniversary, Andres popped the question while on a trip to France.

“I always dreamed of celebrating our 10th anniversary in a magical place and everything happened so that Paris would be the destination in charge of witnessing the celebration of our deep love,” Andres made an IG post after the proposal. “I have nothing but thanks for you@lamuelagonzalez(my favorite person in the world) and for life for allowing me to be by your side, grow with you and build all the dreams we have achieved.”

He also added that Manuela made him a better man, empowered and inspired him to step into places he never would have dared. For him, they are “the best team” and what he wants the most is to “continue enjoying this life together.”

Exactly a year after their engagement, Andres and Manuela tied the knot whilst celebrating their 11 anniversary.

Andres Vasco Kids

Andres Vasco has a son named Jerónimo from his previous relationship, and two more kids named Pedro and Alma from his marriage with Manuela.

They welcomed Pedro on June 8, 2016, and Alma on April 16, 2018.

His kids, Pedro and Alma are soul mates. When they set their mind to something, they get it! Pedro’s motto is “he who perseveres reaches” and at their young age they already have a master’s degree in “infallible cute face,” Manuela shared.

Also, reflecting on her motherhood, Andres confessed that it was her dream to be a mother. And her dream more than came true when Pedro and Alma were born. “Seeing you [her kids], surpasses any fantasy, any longing, you are the grace of God embodied in the shine of your eyes.! I will not get tired of giving thanks to life for you, witnessing your love and companionship is the most incredible and purest feeling in the world,” she said.

As for Andres’ perspective of their kids, he sees Pedro as a “sensitive child, concerned for others and for nature,” and Alma as a kind soul who will light up the world.

Andres Vasco Age

Andres Vasco was 42 years of age in 2023.

He is three years younger than his wife Manuela González.

What Is Andres Vasco Nationality?

Andres Vasco is Colombian. He is the son of Oscar Mario Vasco Uribe @oscarmariovascouribe, with whom, he shares that best bond.

“The best dad, the best grandfather, my best friend… my soul mate!! God bless you and give you many more years of life to continue enjoying yourself! You are spectacular! I love you,” Andres dedicated an IG post to his dad in June 2022.

Likewise, Andres’s very close to his mother. He thanks her for “her patience and unconditional love.” Also, he shared that his mother was his role model. “Thanks to your advice and your impeccable example, I am largely the person I am today. I love you infinitely and I thank God every day for the wonderful mom she gave me,” he dedicated a post to her on her birthday (i.e. on May 13) in 2017.

Andres Vasco Job

Andres Vasco is the CEO & Co-Founder of Cocolmex SAS / A de Coco Colombia. He co-founded the coconut product company back in October 2014. Also, a few months before founding Coco Colombia, he co-founded Biolavado SAS and went there to work as a commercial manager for over 3 years.

Prior to that, he was the manager of Philip Morris International for over 6 years and a supervisor/executive at Coltabaco S.A for 4 years.

At Philip, Andres planned, designed, aligned, and implemented the different marketing strategies to achieve the proposed objectives of volume, market share, distribution, and reduction of out-of-stock at the national level.

While at Coltabaco, his job was to support the different sales regions during the vacations of the supervisors and guarantee the monthly fulfillment of the sales quota, the increase in distribution, and the reduction of out-of-stock.

Overall, Andres has extensive experience in the sales and marketing area and is proud of his achievements based on his ability to work as a team, in the design and effective implementation of innovative strategies for the different marketing channels and consumers.

Andres Vasco Height

Andres Vasco stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Andres Vasco On Instagram?

Find Andres on Instagram @andresvascomont.

Also, here’s her Twitter @AVASCO110 and Facebook @andres.f.vasco.7.

  • When Is Andres Vasco Birthday?

Andres receives his birthday wishes on July 24.

  • Where Did Andres Vasco Earn His Education?

Andres attended EAFIT University for his Business Administrator in General sales, trade promotion, and related marketing activities from 1999 to 2005, and his degree in Marketing Specialization, from 2003 to 2005.

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