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Angel Booker Bio, Age, Job, Baby Daddy, Teen Mom UK

Angel Booker was just 17 when she had her baby boy. But unlike what many may think, she had a great experience as a teen mom — which is all featured on Teen Mom UK Next Generation.

This Angel Booker Bio explores more of her life.

Angel Booker On Teen Mom UK Next Generation

Angel Booker was one of the five new faces who joined Teen Mom UK Next Generation in 2023.

According to her, she applied for the show after seeing an advertisement about being a young mum. Then in March 2022, she received a phone call, followed by multiple meetings. Finally, the filming began in the summer — partly locally with some scenes filmed in Burnham and Highbridge and some local cafes.

Teen Mom UK Next Generation premiered on March 29, 2023.

“You think you know what it’s like to be a teen mum 👶🏼? Well come follow me on my journey through motherhood on teen mom UK next generation, starting on the 29th of March at 8 pm on MTV and the 30th March on paramount+,” Angel promoted the show on her.

Recalling her time on the show, Angel said, “It’s been such a great experience and a change to my life. I love being able to share my journey through motherhood and can’t wait for it to be aired.”

Also, she revealed she had a great time with her co-stars Chloe, Ellie, Whitney, and Isha.

For those of you new to the show, in 2022, MTV dismantled Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 and combined some of the cast members to create two new spinoff series Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and Teen Mom: Family Reunion. So, Teen Mom UK Next Generation is the continuation of the former spin-off.

Who Is Angel Booker Baby Daddy?

Angel Booker had her son Teddie Bishop with her baby daddy Matthew Bishop. Friends and family close to the duo mentioned that Teddie and Matthew were identical.

The last we saw them on the show, Angel and Matthew were “trying to sort things” out. It seems the duo was struggling with their newfound parenthood at the time. “It’s not my place to bring my child to see you if you want to see them you make the effort,” the Teen Mom star even shared a problem on her TikTok.

Fans were sad to see the lovebirds who were often signing and dancing on TikTok, now struggling with their relationship.

Talking about their baby, Teddie Bishop stepped into this world in March 2021, six months after Angel revealed her pregnancy and four months after the gender reveal party. Now, as of 2023, Teddie’s two and Angel’s a proud mom. “The joy this boy brings to my life is unexplainable,” she said.

The greatest thing about being a first-time parent for Angel was just the love that she felt. “It’s a love like never before,” she said. On the contrary, it’s also tough being a mom. “You’re going into it completely blind. You don’t have a clue. You just get handed a child and you’re just expected to know what to do. And you don’t but you learn along the way,” she explained.

Her advice to any new mom is “just do it your way.” Don’t listen to anybody else because it’s what works for you and you don’t need to do anything by the textbook. It’s how you grow to be a mum and as long as you know you’re doing your best then it’s everything that they could ask for.

Angel Booker Age

Angel Booker was 18 years of age when she appeared on Teen Mom UK Next Generation in 2023.

However, as per Heavy, Angel was already 19 years old then.

Who Are Angel Booker Parents?

Angel Booker is close to her parents; especially to her mother Emma who was often featured on her TikTok.

The last we saw the mother-daughter pair on TikTok, they were dancing to All I Want for Christmas is You

Did you know: Angel’s full name is Angel Bow Booker.

Angel Booker Job

Angel Booker moved out of home at 16 and has been paying for everything by herself. But though she already has a steady job, someday she’s like to attend a university and become a paramedic.

She wants to be wealthy enough to go on adventures around the world with her son. Or at least earn enough to take them to Disneyland and places like that. “I want to go to Africa with Ted and I want to go to Tokey,” she said.

However, for now, all she cares about is raising her son right. “Everything that he does, all his words, everything he says… is reflected on me,” she said. “It’s scary because ’cause you gotta do everything the right way and I hope my way is right.”

Angel Booker Height

Angel Booker stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — blue eyes, blonde hair, and a rose tattoo on her chest.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Angel Booker From?

Angel Booker reportedly hails from Burnham, Highbridge, United Kingdom.

  • Is Angel Booker On Instagram?

As of April 2023, find her on Instagram @angelbrooker11 with 3.8K followers.

Also, here’s her TikTok @angelbow10.

  • When Is Angel Booker Birthday?

 Angel didn’t reveal her birthday.

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