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Angel Flores Bio, Queer Eye, Age, Parents, Birth Name

Meet Angel Flores, star of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye.’ This article brings you information on her family, age, birth name, and transition story. We also uncover details on her relationship here.

Delve into this Angel Flores Bio to learn more about her.

Angel Flores On Queer Eye

Angel Flores has joined Netflix’s Queer Eye for season 6. The Fab 5,  Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert are back with the new season with the same format but the only difference is they are on lone star state of Texas this time.

The first season of the show was released on 7 February 2018. The show is known for its strong representation amongst the LGBT community and communities that include people of color.

Angel is a Trans bell athlete hailing from Austin, Texas. Learn more about her below.

Angel attended Antonian College Preparatory. After high school, she enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin. She currently works at Gregory Gym – UT Austin. She has been an athlete from the age of six. And by the age of 12, she became a phenomenal athlete. She excelled in football but wasn’t good enough to make it through college.

The Austin-based athlete shared, “My junior year of high school, I dropped sixty pounds in six months so I could be even better. It became my primary love. I was in the gym, day in, day out. Five A.M., before school, and 4 P.M., after the bell. I saw my shoulders and chest fill out with muscle, my core define, and my legs grow.  I went to college as a bored, single, ADHD-riddled boy at UT Austin.”

Angel joined the University Olympic Weightlifting team on campus. She snatched 95 kilograms, she cleaned 125 and jerked 132 which was nothing huge for a boy in the sport but she was pretty proud of those numbers.

Angel Flores Transition

Angle Flores knew she was a transgender woman at a very young age. Around the age of six, she wanted to wear a big sleep shirt over her underwear so she could be “just like her mom.” In a middle school, she wore skinny jeans where all the boys were wearing their pants halfway down their thighs, and sometimes her jacket would fall off her shoulder ‘just right.’

She shared, “I was enamored with sapphic relationships on the screen, and I spent all of my time as a teenager convinced I was gay, despite barely even kissing a boy. For reasons I generally couldn’t explain, I had a streak of seeing queer women, a couple of which exclusively dated girls. In college, I tweeted, and then deleted, “I wish they made sports bras for men, I would rock that sh*t.” Yeah, I know. ”

Angel had the body and skills but she was still extremely insecure. Those were the feelings she had had since a very young age. So, she chose to replace her insecurities with girls, parties, and endless hours under a barbell. She said, “This body was simply not enough, and I kick myself for taking twenty years to ask the question “Am I transgender?”

Driving down to San Antonio one day, Angel was listening to a podcast during which one of the hosts fully came out as trans herself. The more she spoke the more things stuck: not feeling right in my body, replacing insecurity, and realizing that my idolization of female athletes wasn’t out of the desire to date one, but to be one.

The first time she put on a sports bra and tiny shorts (Austin Pride, August 2019), Angel smiled so much that her face hurt.

Angel started her hormone replacement therapy in July of 2020 at the age of 21. She sensed the changes which became more intense. The transition hampered her daily life in many ways.

Angel shared on the blog, “My first day, I got so stuck staring at bright orange flowers, I was almost late for work. I made it a point to wait 24 hours to train, to see what would immediately change. On my second day, I couldn’t power clean 100 kg, when my max power clean was 115 kg. That is 33 pounds off my max, my second day on HRT. And I was happy because I knew that it was working. By October, an 80 kg snatch felt like 94 did, and my clean and jerk max came down by 18 kg. And I was still smiling because this was what I wanted. That December, however, the feelings had changed.”

How Old Is Angel Flores?

As of December 2021, Angel Flores is 22 years old.

Angel Flores Birth Name

The birthname of Angel Flores is Anthony Flores (@_f10res_).

Angel Flores Partner

Angel Flores is in a relationship with her partner Katia Pineda (@katiamarissa). They started dating in June 2019. She introduced her partner in September 2020. On the IG post, she wrote, “One of us… one of us… ONE OF US!!!” They appeared frequently on each other’s posts on social media.

Angle Flores with her partner Katia Pineda (Pic: Katia’s IG)

On 16 October 2020, Angel wished her partner a happy birthday. She wrote, “Happy 22nd birthday to the love of my life, my rock, my pillow, my training partner, my road trip planner, my Asami, my person, my family, and my best friend. I love you more than anything ❤️💕”

Almost four days after the birthday post, Katia went on her IG and wrote, “It’s been a year and a half and every day I find you cuter than the last. I love you 😘💗”. Katia, as a supportive partner, promoted Angel’s appearance on the Netflix show in her IG. She wrote, “After a long year of being quiet about it, we can finally say that @_.arkangel_ will be on the new season of a queer eye! Be sure to check out season 6 on Friday 💕”.

So you know, they are still dating each other.

Who Are Angel Flores Parents?

The parents of Angel Flores are not known as of this writing. Some of the family members or relatives she connected with on Facebook are Jeremy Flores, Noah Flores, Marisa Flores, Jose Flores, and Krysta Flores.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Angel Flores Birthday?

Angel Flores celebrates her birthday every year on 22 February.

  • How Tall Is Angel Flores?

Angel Flores stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches.

  • Where Is Angel Flores From?

Angel Flores hailed from San Antonio, Texas. But, she is currently living in Austin, Texas.

  • Is Angel Flores On Instagram, TikTok?

Yes, Angel Flores is on Facebook and Instagram (@_.arkangel_).

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