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Angela Ganote Family: Brother, Daughter, Mother, Father

Angela Ganote played a pivotal role in the real story behind Netflix’s true-crime Our Father going public. In 2015, a woman named Jacoba Ballard reached out to her from whom Angela learned that she had at least seven biological siblings she had never known about after taking an at-home DNA test.

Angela not only helped prove Dr. Donald Cline used his sperm to impregnate Ballard’s mother and those of her seven siblings, but she also appeared in the documentary.

“Jacoba [Ballard] actually sent me a message on Facebook, and that’s how many people reach out to us,” Ganote began. “When she reached out, not only did she say, ‘Hey, could you look into this?’ She came to me with a lot of evidence. The evidence was that she was related to Dr. Cline. Now we had to figure out a way to prove it and be able to put it on television and make claims against a very well-known prominent doctor”.

She also talked to Dr. Cline and shared with Fox 59, “As a journalist, if I’m going to tell a story about someone, and I’m going to say things that you did — I want to hear from you. I want you to tell me why I want you to tell me that I’m wrong. I want you to make sure that your voice is heard too”.

According to Angela, Dr. Cline walked into the restaurant with a gun on him and said, “They don’t allow guns in here, do they”. She commented, “It was such a weird thing for him to say. Out of all the things he could have said to me — to talk about a gun at a restaurant”.

Meet Angela Ganote Family Members

Fox 59 News anchor, Angela Ganote was born and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana, United States. Her parents have been married for more than half a century. She has two siblings; a brother and a sister.

Angela attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. She Enrolled at Indiana State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Angela launched her career with WLFI News in Lafayette, where she worked as a news anchor and reporter. She left her job to work as a news anchor and reporter for NBC 4 News, WCMH TV in Columbus, Ohio. Angela got a position as a news anchor and reporter at WSBT TV in South Bent.

Angela joined Fox 59 News in 2001 as a morning news anchor and show host. She has received four Emmy Awards for her great reporting. She is one of the highest-paid journalists in the United States. Her journalism career is estimated to pay her $77,000 per year. The well-known journalist has never complained about her pay, and she enjoys her job as an international news correspondent for Fox 59 News Channel.

Who Are Angela Ganote Parents, Paul And Donna Ganote?

Angela Ganote’s parents Paul And Donna Ganote married in late January 1967. As of January 2022, they have been married for 55 years. Angela posted on her Twitter, “Look at these 2 love birds! Married 55 years today. My mom and dad are great role models in everything they do and how they live life and give to others! Paul and Donna Ganote! THE BEST! Happy Anniversary Love you so!”

Born on 31 July 1949, Donna is 72 years old. Whereas, Paul was born on 2 April 1946 which makes him 76 years old. They currently live in North Salem, Indiana.

Paul’s father is Lindsay Alvin Ganote. Lindsay worked as an elevator installer and adjuster for Otis Elevator for 35 years. He moved to Hawaii in 1977. He married Helen Ganote for 39 years who died before him. Lindsay was married to his second wife Karin B Ganote for 20 years.

Paul had three sisters; Marilyn Edwards, Mary (Duane) Crofts, Anita (Michael) Siler, and two brothers; Len (Ann) Ganote and John (Debbie) Ganote.

According to a Facebook post, Paul and Donna are the owners of Jack’s Donuts on Southport Road. They appear one of a many franchise owner of Jack’s Donuts.

Who Is Angela Ganote Brother, Steven Ganote?

Born on 24 November 1973, Steven Ganote is 48 years old. Her brother was among the four people indicted in October 2016 for vast fraud, kickback, and money laundering schemes involving the Indiana nursing home chain American Senior Communities (ASC). They were alleged to have pocketed millions in kickbacks and fraudulent overcharges, which they spent on vacation homes, private plane flights, golf trips, expensive jewelry, gold bullion, and casino chips.

The other three who were charged were — James Burkhart ASC’s Chief Executive Officer, and Daniel Benson who served as Chief Operating Officer. And Jame’s brother Joshua Burkhart, 42, of Fishers. All four of them faced thirty-two count indictment charges,  one count of conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and health care fraud, along with multiple other counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Additionally, they also faced one count of conspiracy to violate the federal Anti-Kickback Statute.

Angela also has a sister named Erica Wojtalik nee Buchman.

Who Is Angela Ganote Daughter, Ashlyn Ganote?

Ashlyn Ganote, daughter of Angela Ganote, turned 18 years old on 24 October 2021.

She is preparing to attend High School Senior Prom 2022 in late May 2022. Angela announced it on her Instagram, “Prom 2022! Senior year for Ashlyn and Luke. Graduation in 20 days”. In January 2022, Angela shared that her daughter committed to Indiana University and showed interest in studying psychology, mental illness, criminal behavior profiling, and social work.

Ashlyn’s brother Brock celebrated his 15th birthday in December 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Are Angela Ganote Family Members On Instagram?

Angela’s daughter Ashelyn appears to be the only one on Instagram (@ashlyn.debello).

  • Is Anyone Of Her Angela Ganote Family Members Famous?

No, none of Angela Ganote’s family members are famous.

  • Is Angela Ganote Close To Her Family?

Yes, Angela Ganote is close to her family. She features them occasionally on her socials.

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