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Anitra Mecadon Parents: Patricia Kosek And Charles Mecadon

After being an interior designer for over 15 years, Anitra Mecadon finally landed a show on the HGTV titled “Lil Jon Wants to Do What?” in 2022. So, while Anitra definitely had Lil Jon to thank for this opportunity, she also extended her thanks to her parents who instilled a strong work ethic in her and helped her become the person she is today.

But who are Anitra’s parents: Patricia Kosek and Charles Mecadon? Learn all about them as you scroll below.

Who Are Anitra Mecadon Parents?

Anitra Mecadon’s parents are named Patricia Kosek and Charles Mecadon. They are Anitra’s biggest supporters and often graced their daughter’s socials.

On Father’s day 2021, Anitra’s sister took it to her FB to share a picture of Charles to write, “Happy Father’s Day to my forever Numero Uno! We love you daddy!!  You’re just the BEST!!!!!!!!!”

Likewise, back on Mother’s day 2014, Anitra’s sister posited a FB pic with her mom captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day!! I love my mommy!”

However, Anitra’s parents aren’t her only supporters. Her husband of over 8 years, Adam Bret was also often seen promoting Anitra’s works over his IG.

In case you don’t know, Adam is an Executive Producer & EVP of Development from Low Rider Films. Also, he’s an actor and a singer who’s worked in the music department of Mega Dens (2014 – 2015), and Impossible Possible/The Amazon 5000 Story (2021).

Meet Anitra Mecadon Mother, Patricia Kosek

Anitra Mecadon’s mother Patricia Kosek is the daughter of Andrew and Anneliese Kosek.

Sadly, Andrew passed away on February 15, 2021, at the age of 96. He was an army who served two years in Vietnam and retired as a CW4 in 1971 after 28 years of service.

Remembering her veteran grandfather, Anitra took it to her IG on Feb 23, 2021, to write, “We owe this man and all the men and women like him a debt of gratitude. They carry the weight of our freedom on their shoulders while their hearts bleed for loved ones they’ve left behind.”

Also, Patricia’s brother Andrew Charles Kosek has long passed away.

As for Patricia’s mother, she was alive and doing well at the age of 89 in 2022.

  • Patricia Kosek Age

Patricia Kosek was born in Jan 1951. That made her 71 years of age in 2022.

Also, this means that Patricia was 26 when she had Anitra.

Coincidentally, the mother and daughter both share the same birth month.

  • Patricia Kosek Job

Patricia Kosek worked as a production manager at her alma mater, the University of Scranton, for 17 long years. Initially, she started her job at Scranton in April 1994 and was responsible for taking raw manuscripts and seeing them through to the final printed book there.

Prior to that, she studied BS – liberal studies at the University of Scranton from 1994 to 2001.

  • Is Patricia Kosek On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find Patricia on Instagram.

However, here’s her Facebook.

Meet Anitra Mecadon Father, Charles Mecadon

Anitra Mecadon’s father, Charles Mecadon is the son of Edward J. Ellman and Georgette S. Ellman. Sadly, both of them have long passed away — Edward in May 1985, and Georgette in February 2009.

Get to know Charles better as this article proceeds.

  • Charles Mecadon Age

Charles Mecadon was born in August 1951. That made him 70 years of age in 2022.

He is only 6 months younger than his wife Patricia.

  • Charles Mecadon Job

As of 2022, Charles Mecadon was working as the “National Director of Sales Training & Content” of NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) for over 11½ years.

According to him, “anyone can find a job, but a career is a different story.” Thus, he encouraged people with a desire to earn what they are worth to have a conversation with them.

Prior to that, he worked as a regional training coordinator at NFIB for 8 years and as a division manager for 3 years.

As for his education, Charles attended Wilkes University for his Master of Business Administration — business, management, marketing, and related support services.

  • Is Charles Mecadon On Instagram?

Yes, find Charles on Instagram @charliemec.

Also, here’s his Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Anitra Mecadon Parents Still Married?

Yes, Anitra’s parents are still married as of 2022.

In fact, they recently celebrated their anniversary on Feb 23, and they’ve never looked happier.

  • How Many Kids Do Anitra Mecadon Parents Have?

Anitra’s parents have at least three kids — Dr. Pilar Mecadon Labriola, Dr. Francis Mecadon, and Anitra.

While Anitra needs no introduction, their daughter, Pilar is a chiropractor. She founded Chiro Health Spa, and also worked as an executive at ASEA. But most importantly, Pilar says that she’s a mom. As of 2022, she resided in Ramsey, New Jersey, with her husband Joe Labriola, and their beautiful kids.

Talking about their son, Francis turned 46 in Feb 2022. He is a University of Scranton 2000 graduate who went on to work as a teacher’s assistant and taught Immunology and Histology lab courses. Also, he has over 13 years of experience in practicing general dentistry.

As of 2022, Francis was married to Simone Allen with 2 kids.

  • Where Do Anitra Mecadon Parents Live?

Anitra’s parents resided in Pittston, PA as of 2022.

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