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Anne Moore Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Baddies South

Zeus Network’s newest original series Baddies South premiered on 12 June 2022; and introduced to viewers some returning and some new faces as the cast. And because Anne Moore is one of them, here is everything you need to know about her before or even after you see her yourself take the entire Dirty South by storm on Baddies South.

Anne Moore On Baddies South

If you remember or not, Anne Moore apparently found fame for the first time for bouncing her bo*bs. The video that soon went viral, with more than 17 million views on Twitter, was originally filmed amid a skit where she was required to pour herself syrup. Never did she know, that this was going to be a big hit and she was going to become the Instagram model and social media influencer Anne Moore. That certainly opened a few doors, she made the ‘boob bounce’ a craze and became accidentally famous.

Now, a self-proclaimed professional clout chaser, model, and music artist Anne decided to take on the newest journey on Baddies South and in the midst of the release of her a new song “Ms. Backshot baby”. While detail is yet to come, we know that the series is also starring Natalie Nunn, who also serves as the show’s executive producer.

Baddies South series follows the successful Baddies: ATL series, which launched in 2021. So, technically Baddies South is the second season of the Baddies series.

Anne Moore’s Net Worth

Anne Moore reportedly had less than $200K as her net worth as of 2022. Years from now she believes she will be the first billionaire/trillionaire in her family.

During her Before She Was Famous interview that it’s a no-go-for to her Guyanese side of the family that she “shook” her “bo*bs” to make a living. Albeit, she said she is strong-minded and does not care what the others have to say because one day she is going to get rich and none of it will matter then.

For now, Anne does all kinds of jobs and makes music, and that too of all kinds. She said she does not like boxing herself. In her words, as long as the beat and the sound are great, she can make all kinds of music pop, country, rap, R&B, and even others. Recently though, she specializes in pop. She brags that even kids can sing along to her music.

Anne was only 12 when she got a laptop for Christmas and downloaded Audacity, a music engineering program. The next thing she knew, she was making little songs, freestyles, and remixes. At 17, she had her first professional studio and was engineering artists in Miami, writing songs for local artists, and doing everything. She was all in is what she said.

Fast forward to now, she gets to collaborate with stars like Michael Blackson, and fellow influencers like Ethika Girls.

Last but not least, there were also days when Anne struggled to find fulfilling work as a cashier in retail and at a jewelry store.

Is Anne Moore Married?

Anne Moore was not married as of the time of this writing. But, she certainly seemed to be dating this guy who often appeared on her Instagram. Anne, however, had not yet shared his introduction.

Apparently, also until March of 2019, she was ready to mingle and not looking for a man even though her DMs were loaded with messages from men of all kinds. She confirmed it herself that she has the most DMs and dating woes coming in. She said men have been sending her paragraphs of what they would do if they were to see her in person.

Anne Moore Age

Born in 1996, Anne Moore reached the age of 25 in 2021.

Anne Moore Height

Anne Moore stands below 5’4” in height.

Has Anne Moore Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Talking to Before They Were Famous in March 2019, Anne Moore confirmed that her “bo*bs are 100 percent real” and she has never had any type of surgery done on lips, nose, buts, thighs, hips, or anywhere else. She said her breasts are not even fat transferred, a gift from God, and her mama. However, even this confession has helped those wonder if “they are real?.”

Anne Moore Family

Anne Moore is the middle child of seven girls. She grew up in a 3-bedroom house with six other sisters and at least four cousins. Yes. She shared it was a big family in a small house.

Speaking of the age difference between the siblings, Anne confirmed that it is two to three for all. Anne also added that out of the seven of them it is five different fathers and hers, unfortunately, passed when she was in the fifth grade.

Growing up Anne was not as family-oriented the way she is now. She grew up more with her grandmother and sisters and the absence of her parents did not bother her. (Her mother she said was always working.)

Anne Moore Ethnicity

Anne Moore has an island background and she is the first generation here in the States. Her family is from Guyana. As for her ethnicity, she is Guyanese, Chinese, and Brazilian.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Anne Moore From?

Anne Moore was born and bred in Miami, Florida. Although now, she was based in Beverly Hills in California.

  • When Is Anne Moore’s Birthday?

Anne Moore, the Leo Queen and summer baby celebrates her birthday on July 25th.

  • Is Anne Moore On Instagram?

Anne more could be found on Instagram @itsannemoore and there were 69 posts and1.9M followers as of 15 July 2022.

She had further 119.4K followers on Twitter @itsannemooree and she had fans also looking up to her on her Onlyfans account @muvamoore. Here, she even made some dollars from her exclusive content. She had subscription plans ranging from $4.99 per month to $35.93 for 12 months, and most importantly she only responded to DMs with TIPS.

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