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Annemarie Wiley Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, RHOBH

Annemarie Wiley is one of the castmates on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this 13th season. To those of you who do not already know, she is the wife of none other than former NFL player Marcellus Wiley. In the rest of the writing, let us tell you all about her including her age, net worth, height, RHOBH journey, and more.

Annemarie Wiley On RHOBH

At this point, Annemarie Wiley is only known to have joined RHOBH as a fresh face. It was known though if she is an actual diamond holder or a supporting co-star/”friend of”. The network had not yet made any official casting announcements.

Annemarie herself also did not spill much and only hinted at a possible RHOBH connection recently on a 25 March 2023 post on social media. She talked about stepping outside of her comfort zone and trying new things.

So, Annemarie’s addition to the Bravo series comes just a few months after Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins declared their exits from the show after the twelfth season.

The former also is joined in the show by returning cast members Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Erika Jayne.

Annemarie Wiley Job

Annemarie Wiley has a career as a certified registered nurse anesthesiologist (CRNA) in Los Angeles, California. Many a time, on her social media posts, she has detailed her career in the medical field. She also has opened up about the advanced schooling she had to get to obtain her degree, including her time at the Univ. College of the Fraser Valley and W.J. Mouat Secondary high school.

Annemarie and her husband also are the founders of Project Transition, an organization that provides educational and mentorship assistance for youths and communities in need.

In addition to her medical career, Annemarie is the co-founder of Project Transition, an organization that provides educational and mentorship programs to youth and communities in need.

How Much Is Annemarie Wiley’s Net Worth?

Annemarie Wiley reportedly had above $2.5 million net worth as of March 2023. Her husband, Marcellus on the other hand was already believed to be enjoying $5 million by 2013. The capital should have naturally multiplied in all these years.

The American sportscaster formerly played 10 seasons in the NFL as a football defensive end. He played for the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Annemarie Wiley Age

1982-born Annemarie Wiley turned 41 years old in 2022.

Annemarie Wiley Family

Annemarie’s mother is Ingrid Hanssens-Fast. On her Facebook, the beautiful matriarch was seen thanking everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes on 22 December 2022. At this time, she continued to live in West Kelowna. Also, the Kelowna, British Columbia born and bred mentioned retiring from Canada Post.

Not much is known about Annemarie’s biological father. But, her people on the internet have been aware of her kind, gentle, and loving stepfather Walter, her “pap”, who passed away on 3 May 2019. She described at the time how Walter came into their lives 20 years ago. In her words, he entered the lives of a “spirited” mother and her 3 “crazy” teenage daughters. Also, she did not miss telling us about him loving all of them “like none other.” “Eternally grateful for the time we spent together”, Annemarie also could not help but write.

Annemarie also happens to have two sisters Christina “Tina” Fuller and Sister Roxxane “Rox” Brush.

Tina, on her IG @christinaf15, goes around as a “Mom of 👦🏻👧🏻 & Wifey”. While Rox on hers @roxyb05, mentions working at BC Ministry of Agriculture, living in West Kelowna, and marrying Sean Brush.

Is Annemarie Wiley Still Married?

Indeed! Annemarie Wiley was still very much married to her husband Marcellus Wiley as of March 2023. They got married on June 18th back in 2014. And fast forward to 2022, Annemarie still believed that out of 7 billion people on the planet, her husband is her favorite. In turn, Marcellus thought that this woman is the one who has made all his dreams come true.

Together since 2012, the couple now also shares three children and is also accompanied by Marcellus’s daughter from a previous relationship. The formers are son Marcellus Jr., 7, and daughters Ariya Jayne, 4, and Alivia Marie, 3. And the latter is the 24-year-old daughter Morocca Alise.

On a Father’s Day tribute, Annemarie once proudly and teasingly wrote that her husband puts nothing before his children, not even her. She said she is so blessed to raise their family with such a selfless, devoted, and ever-present man. Of course, she also went on to call him a role model, mentor, chauffeur, coach, substitute nurse, dance party partner, grill master, pool cannonball pro, and other endless things.

Annemarie Wiley Height

Ever gorgeous Annemarie Wiley stands above 5’9” in height. Her looks alone suffice to tell you that she also is into fitness.

Her Instagram page features a look at her intense gym workouts and weight training. She also gets her kids involved. In a 2022 Instagram post, Annemarie’s young daughter was seen running on a treadmill as she worked out nearby.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Annemarie Wiley Maiden’s Name?

Annemarie’s maiden name is Annemarie Krygsveld. Since getting married, she has seemingly stopped going around by this name.

  • When Is Annemarie Wiley’s Birthday?

Annemarie Wiley’s birthday is on May 4th. “Wife put another candle on her cake and we celebrated it to the fullest! 🍾🥂 Please wish her a happy birthday or at least a prayer for dealing with me…y’all have no idea what she deals with 😩”, this is what her husband wrote on his birthday post for her, on this day last year.

  • Is Annemarie Wiley On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Annemarie can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 31 March 2023, there were 664 posts and 14.1K followers on her IG @annemariewiley. She also showed regular glimpses of her life in general on ‘Annemarie Wiley’ Facebook.

  • Where Is Annemarie Wiley From?

Annemarie Wiley originally hails from Abbotsford city, which is located in British Columbia, adjacent to the Canada–United States border, Greater Vancouver, and the Fraser River. As of 2023 though, she was based in Los Angeles, California.

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