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Anthony Caruana Bio, Age, Married, Today, Bad Vegan

There were quite a few people who got an eerie feeling when Bad Vegan star Sarma Melngailis coupled up with her now ex-husband Anthony Strangis. Among them, Sarma’s friend, Anthony Caruana regrets the most that he was unable to help her, despite having that gut feeling. “I would have stuffed that fat bastard in a garbage bag. Put him in a river,” he said (if he could just go back in time).

Keep reading this Anthony Caruana Bio to learn more about him.

Anthony Caruana On Netflix’s Bad Vegan

Netflix’s Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives premiered on March 16, 2022, and it saw Sarma Melngailis’ rise to notoriety alongside her journey with Pure Food and Wine restaurant. But that wasn’t all. The show also looked into her life from the perspective of her close ones. Thus appeared, Anthony Caruana, Sarma’s friend of over a decade.

Anthony and Sarma first met around the time the Bad Vegan star adopted her adorable American pit bull, Leon. It was on a seemingly ordinary day — when Sarma took Leon for a while and stumbled upon a homeless guy who happened to be Anthony. The two then immediately connected and opened up about their lives — who they were and why they chose it.

According to Anthony, he told Sarma that he was homeless, and without hesitation, she invited him to her restaurant for lunch. Moreover, she even let him keep his clothes in her apartment over the months.

It was a kind as well as a bold move from Sarma, letting a homeless man use her apartment. But then again, Anthony shared that he promised her that he’d always promised to protect her. “She put something into my heart that nobody else ever did. I can’t explain it, I just can’t explain it… Don’t ask me to try,” Anthony explained.

Furthermore, this homeless man even confessed that Sarma and her dog Leon were the only two loves of his life.

Sadly, Sarma fell in love with the wrong person. Allegedly, she was manipulated by her ex-husband Anthony Strangis to lend him vast amounts of money that he never paid back.

Also, it seems that Anthony Strangis convinced the restaurant owner that she’d be “empowered in ways (she) couldn’t imagine.” He made her dream of all “the world-changing things” only to betray her later.

Where Is Anthony Caruana Today?

Anthony Caruana today is right where he was a decade ago. Nothing much has changed. He confessed that it has gotten a lot worst and he doesn’t care about “fixing it anymore.”

“My life is over as for as I’m concerned,” he shared.

On July 14, 2021, he even made a FB post captioned, “Everyman has his breaking point. I’m at mine. I’ve suffered enough.”

However, we have no information about the reason for his distress. Be it his homelessness or his past ties to the Mafia, its clear this man has certainly suffered a bunch.

Anthony Caruana Age

Anthony Caruana was reportedly born in 1967. That made him 55 years of age in 2022.

He celebrates his birthday on February 7 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

Anthony Caruana Job

Anthony Caruana labeled himself as “self-employed” over his Facebook. Also, he is the self-proclaimed “batman of Gramercy Park” in NYC. However, he did have a real job back from Jan 1979 to 1997. He worked at The Pizza Connection then.

As for his education, this man is a West Babylon HS 1984 graduate who later attended College of Hard Knocks.

Talking about his political views, Anthony is a republican. He absolutes hate Joe Biden and believes that Donald Trump can “Make American Great Again.”

Is Anthony Caruana Still Homeless?

Anthony Caruana is probably still homeless today (before 2022).

From what we can tell, he resided in Park Avenue, South New York with just his belongings and vehicle.

Trivia: Anthony’s closest childhood friend, Greg Hurle passed away on April 8, 2015. 

Is Anthony Caruana Married?

No, Anthony Caruana wasn’t married as of 2022. However, he did joke that he had a girlfriend named Sonia over his FB.

Being a homeless person, Anthony never had luck at romance. He shared that the sunshine was the only light in his life, and the moon took its place at night. However, he does feel romantic time and again but with “nobody to romance”

“As time goes by time ticking away my mind grows numb to the pain of loneliness at my age,” he once wrote.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Anthony Caruana Live?

As of 2022, Anthony Park was based in Park Avenue, South New York.

He’s come far away from his hometown Valletta, Malta to be here.

Also, the guy reportedly has Italian roots.

  • Is Anthony Caruana On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find Anthony on Instagram @anthonyjosephcaruana.

Also, here are his Facebook profiles — @anthony.caruana.3705, @anthony.caruana.9843, and @bruse.wayne.9.

Well, if you’re under 18, we suggest you not visit his social pages as they may not contain so family-friendly posts.

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