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April Kirkwood Bio, Husband, Young, Kids, Golden Bachelor

April Kirkwood is one of the 22 women vying for Gerry Turner’s attention on Golden Bachelor. Was she ever married before joining the show? Does she have any kids?

Read all about it in this bio.

April Kirkwood On Golden Bachelor

On ABC’s new reality dating game The Golden Bachelor, April Kirkwood is one of 22 contestants vying for a chance to fall in love with Gerry Turner. The new show, a spinoff of the well-liked “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” series, focuses on matching one “golden-aged” bachelor with a love match with 60- to 75-year-old contestants.

The Golden Bachelor is ready to ride out into the distance with April! With her love for life, jovial disposition, and incredibly close-knit family, it’s simple to understand what makes April a terrific catch. She speaks with them frequently and always ends their conversations with an “I love you.”

After dating has been challenging for her after losing her partner, April is looking forward to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look for love with the Golden Bachelor.

April enjoys dancing to Taylor Swift, watching “Bridgerton,” and playing with her two dogs when she isn’t spending time with her children and grandchildren. A nice roller coaster is something April enjoys and is not afraid of. Buckle up because April and Gerry are in for the ride of their lives.

Throughout her initial TV introduction, April came across as hilarious and real. The Port St. Lucie, Florida, therapist revealed that she was raised on a chicken farm in Ohio and quipped to the cameras while tending to the birds, “My eggs are still very fresh.”

By clucking like a chicken during Gerry’s premiere, April stole the show. She continued, “I am 65 and I hate saying that because aging sucks.” She added in confessional, “I really want to be madly in love because I had it before. Actually, I’ve been blessed, though, I’ve had three men who really, really loved me.”

Did April Kirkwood Have A Husband?

Yes, April Kirkwood had a husband named Phillip Regano. However, the couple divorced after 18 months of wedding.

But before meeting her husband, April had quite a high-profile relationship with Frankie Valli. She broke her silence about her 20-year relationship exclusively to DailyMail. April’s decades-long love affair with Frankie Valli began when she was just 6 years old. As she remembers it, she loved The Four Seasons more than anything, even at that age, and her mother and aunt would take young April to shows, talking their way backstage.

When April was just 16 years old, the singing celebrity took her virginity. Over the course of two decades, they kept up a covert on-again, off-again affair in which they frequently found themselves in each other’s arms across America. She claims that when she first encountered the performer, she was a young girl and had an infatuation that would last the rest of her life.

‘I was seven years old when my 18-year-old aunt Ginny first took me to see Frankie Valli,’ she recalls. ‘My parents, Ralph and Beverly Gatta, divorced when I was three, and my mom and I went to live on my grandmother’s chicken farm in Youngstown, Ohio.

“I was blonde, a cute kid, and the first time I saw Frankie Valli I was smitten. I went home and the next day bought his record album, which I still have. And I don’t think my family ever meant to hurt me, but I loved Frankie Valli so much, that they thought: “What can we do to help April get beside him?” So it began very innocently.

“About the third concert we went to, they started dressing me up to stand out from the crowd, in a velvet suit like his, and in a big plastic hat emblazoned with the word “Frankie” in glitter. Across my chest, I wore a pageant banner saying: “Frankie.”

“Once I had s*x with him, he said: ‘Now, don’t do this with anyone else.’ That was sealing the deal. I thought we were going to get married. I loved him. It didn’t last long, because I was home by midnight. But I loved him, so I didn’t care how that first night was. I’d loved him since I was seven years old.”

After her first marriage fell apart, she wound up back with Frankie. “Things were a little more s*xually liberated; s*x before marriage was more acceptable in the late ‘Seventies,’ she said. “I kept seeing Frankie through those years, but I wouldn’t have s*x with him,’ says April. ‘Frankie might not be faithful in a marriage, but I was.”

“I wasted many years of my life waiting for him,” says April revealed to MailOnline. ‘I wasted a lot of time on the wrong guy. “He was disgusting, rude callous, and insensitive to the effect he had. There was a streak of cruelty coursing through him, and it would slice through you just as raw and mean as a razor blade. He could be cruel, kissing a background singer in front of me, and trying to have s*x with my aunt.”

April married for the second time with Bill Kirkwood, although it ended after 17 years. Billy was a construction worker.

Her certainty that she’d never see Valli again was unfounded. Nearly 15 years later, in 1995, she resumed hooking up with him on the road. Little had changed.

One of her last encounters with Frankie was in 2005 — as always, backstage, after a show. She had tracked down his email address after an airline stewardess sold the story of her affair with Valli to the National Enquirer.

She added in confessional, “I really want to be madly in love because I had it before. Actually, I’ve been blessed, though, I’ve had three men who really, really loved me.”

Her most recent boyfriend was Ron.

April Kirkwood Kids

April Kirkwood has two children, Dana, now 39 years old, and Grant, now 35 years old.

Dana appears to be working as a Special Education Teacher at The Lang School. Grant appears to be working as a Director of Continuum Management at New Day Recovery.

April Kirkwood Age

As of October 2023, April Kirkwood is 65 years old. She was born in 1957.

April Kirkwood Job

April Kirkwood is an online therapist working at TELADOC BEHAVIORAL HEALTH since August 2020. She is also working as a counselor at Counseling On Demand LLC. She specialized in all types of relationship issues both with partners as well as PARENTS AND KIDS.

April was also a dean of the guidance department at Port St. Lucie Schools. She is an international TEDx speaker, published author (My Way Back To Me), and veteran of working in the mental health community in both public and private sectors with two masters in counseling and an LPC certification.

April graduated from Youngstown State University.

Related FAQs

  • Is April Kirkwood On Instagram?

Yes, April Kirkwood is on IG.

  • Where Is April Kirkwood From?

Youngstown, Ohio-born April Kirkwood now resides in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

  • When Is April Kirkwood Birthday?

April Kirkwood’s birthday is on 3 December.

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