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Ari Kourkoumelis Parents: Tom And Kathy Kourkoumelis

Meet Ari Koukoumelis’s parents Tom and Kathy Kourkoumelis. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Do they have any other children besides Ari? How old are they? If these are the questions you’ve been looking for the answers to, then look no further.

Delve into this article and learn more as this article proceeds.

Who Are Ari Kourkoumelis Parents?

Ari Kourkoumelis, a lawyer from New York, caught the attention of the fans of Bling Empire after he linked romantically with the show star Dorothy Wang. In the Bahamas, Dorothy and Ari first ran into each other. For the Girls + Blake Abbie trip, the reality star was there. Ari was with his mother at the time to commemorate her birthday. Though it was for her friend Tina Leung, Dorothy approached Ari and his pal in a bar.

However, things began to change as Tina grew exhausted and backed off. As soon as Dorothy and Ari exchanged phone numbers, they began texting and talking on the phone, which eventually resulted in another meeting. They were going to a pub again, but this time it was much less busy.

“It’s so nice,” Dorothy stated at one point. “[Ari] doesn’t know who Gigi and Bella Hadid are. He doesn’t know who any Insta-thot is… He’s like a little sweet angel. That’s why I like him.”

They stayed in touch after returning to the states. However, there were concerns about their relationship as Ari came from a Greek Orthodox family. “We are obsessed with each other,” the public figure said. “He’s called me 17 times today, but neither of us wants to admit it. We literally talk about everything except for what our status is [because of our own commitment issues].”

However, it appears they discontinued their relationship after that.

Speaking of an orthodox family, Tom is the son of Ari and Kathy Kourkoumelis. They were Greek immigrants to the Estates who came looking for better opportunities.

Meet Tom Kourkoumelis, Ari Kourkoumelis Father

Tom Kourkoumelis, father of Ari Kourkoumelis, is the son of Aristidis and Irene Kourkoumelis. He was born in Simotata, Greece as the second of four children. He has two brothers named Jerry and George Kourkoumelis.

  • Tom Kourkoumelis Age

Thomas Kourkoumelis was born in April 1952. This means he is 70 years old as of 2023.

  • Tom Kourkoumelis Job

Tom Kourkoumelis is the owner of KOURKOUMELIS & FRAGOS, LLC which he incorporated in 2001. He owned a shop at United Brothers Fruit Market in Astoria. Tom, the only “brother” from the United Brothers who hadn’t retired to Florida and who regularly spent ten hours at the business over the course of four decades, was still working there (not counting the occasional vacation in Greece).

In 1969, Tom and his brothers, Jerry and George, joined the wave of Greeks escaping economic stagnation, island-hopping from Cephalonia to Manhattan, unknowingly alongside two other brothers, Spiro and Damianos Matafias. In New York, the quintet met and sought fruit. But what they found made them long for the old country.

So in 1974, they opened United Brothers Fruit Market in Washington Heights, Manhattan. The crime led to their second move: They landed in Astoria a few years later.

Over the past four decades, Tom Kourkoumelis has managed to achieve the American dream. He says he is “in love” with Astoria, which is why he keeps most of his businesses based in the heart of Hellenism in New York. Mr. Kourkoumelis was but a boy when he set off in search of a better life in the new world. However, despite his success, he never forgot his hometown of Simotata on the Ionian island of Cephalonia.

In fact, he passed on his love for Simotata to his wife Kathy, and his two children, Joanna and Aristidis.

In November 2022, The National Herald reported that St. Demetrios Community in Astoria honored Tom at Terrace on the Park during the celebration of its 95th anniversary and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of its school. Honoree Tom (Athanasios) Kourkoumelis, one of the regular benefactors of the community, also received a proclamation in his honor from the New York State Senate during the event.

He began by mentioning the special significance Astoria holds for him before adding that St. Demetrios is one of the reasons it is regarded as a center of Hellenism worldwide. “Those of you who know me, know that I love Astoria,” Kourkoumelis said. “That is where my businesses are, that is where I grew up, where I spent most of the years of my life. All the Greeks of America, and generally, at some point will pass through Astoria, whether to shop at Greek businesses or have a coffee or to eat at a Greek restaurant.”

He added, “Astoria is the heart of the Greek diaspora and everyone knows it. But the reason that Astoria became the center of Hellenism – and will remain the center of Hellenism – is because it has a strong community, that of St. Demetrios, a community, truly first in Greek letters and Greek education. Our Orthodox Church, our language, and our history are what unite us and what we must continue to teach the next generations if we want to preserve Hellenism in this country,” said Tom.

  • Is Tom Kourkoumelis On Instagram?

No, Tom Kourkoumelis is not on Instagram.

Meet Kathy Kourkoumelis, Ari Kourkoumelis Mother

Kathy Kourkoumelis is the mother of Ari Kourkoumelis. When Ari met Dorothy in the Bahamas, he was there to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

  • Kathy Kourkoumelis Age

In March 2022, Kathy Kourkoumelis turned 60 years old. Her year of birth is 1962.

  • Kathy Kourkoumelis Job

Kathy Kourkoumelis is working at TK MANAGEMENT Residential and Commercial Property Management. She has been working in the property management business since 1983. Furthermore, she graduated from Baruch College where she earned her

  • Kathy Kourkoumelis On Instagram?

No, Kathy Kourkoumelis is not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Ari Kourkoumelis Parents Net Worth?

The combined net worth of Ari Koukourmelis’s parents should exceed $2 million.

  • Are Ari Kourkoumelis Parents Still Married?

Yes, Ari Kourkoumelis’s parents are still married. In November 2022, when his father was honored for his work, his mother was there to support her husband.

  • How Many Kids Do Ari Kourkoumelis Parents Have?

Tom and Kathy Kourkoumelis have two children. Besides Ari, they have an older daughter named Joanna Kourkoumelis who was born in March 1989. She is currently 33 years old. Joanna, like her brother, is also a lawyer in Mineola, New York. She appears to be working as an Associate at Martin Clearwater & Bell.

Joanna is a graduate of New York University and New York Law School. She is currently married and a mother of two children.

  • Where Do Ari Kourkoumelis Parents Reside?

Ari Kourkoumelis’s parents reside in Astoria, New York.

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