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Arnaud Binard Wife, Height, Net Worth, Emily In Paris

Are you are a fan of French series? Well, then you might remember Arnaud Binard as “Alexandre Grangier” from Banking District, and if you don’t, you must have certainly seen him as “Laurent” in Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2.

But today, we aren’t here to discuss this charming man’s on-screen achievements. Rather this article contains everything we know about the actor’s wife, net worth, and height. 

Does Arnaud Binard Have A Wife?

Arnaud Binard was a private man. Over his decades of work in the entertainment industry, the actor never revealed his dating life or relationship status. But, this wasn’t going to stop us from digging into his records, or exploring his IG.

So, what we’ve found? First of all, Arnaud already has 3 kids. They are — Angel, Maya Rose, and Julianne Binard. His son, Angel worked as a full-time 2D Chachou animator, while his daughters were following in their father’s footsteps and making their way into the entertainment scene.

In fact, Julianne was already an established actress who was popular for her appearances in the French films Grave (2016) and Un Illustre Inconnu (2014). The last we saw her, she was also preparing to appear alongside her father in the second season of Emily in Paris.

Now, coming to the second information, we found a person over Arnaud’s IG named Amy who might possibly be his wife or his new girlfriend.

On the first day of 2019, Arnaud took it to his IG to post a beautiful picture with Amy and her two kids, captioned, “2019 🖤Best wishes.” Furthermore, his embrace around the three ladies against the setting sun gave a vibe that they were indeed going to have a good year.

A comment on the post wrote, “All my best wishes for you Arnaud, and your little family, which has grown a lot since we haven’t seen each other.”

To which, Arnaud replied, “I share your wishes! As soon as possible, let’s see ourselves at the start of the year.”

Though we cannot confirm if Amy was his wife or girlfriend, one thing’s for sure, she is not the mother of his three older kids.

It’s still unclear if Arnaud ever married his baby mother or not.

Arnaud Binard Net Worth

Arnaud Binard garnered a net worth of under $2 million by 2021.

This actor made his TV debut in the popular series Le miracle de l’amour ( The Miracle of Love) back in 1995. Since then his career took off, and he went on to appear in several TV shows and movies like — Sous le Soleil (1998), Groupe flag (2002), Manatea Les Perles du Pacifique (2005), Le juge est une femme (2007), ID:A (2011), Guidestones (2014), Captain Sharif (2017), The Last Wave (2019), and many more.

Now, Arnaud is stepping into the international limelight through Emily in Paris season 2. He joined the Netflix series in a guest-starring role as Laurent, a charming businessman and the owner of a luxurious nightclub in St. Tropez (the one who hired Emily to promote one of his brands.)

This season, Arnaud was also joined by his Agathe Koltès co-star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. If your member needs jogging, Arnaud played the interpreter of Captain Fontaine and Philippine portrayed a 50-year-old commander of in this fiction of France 3.

As for his education, Arnaud trained under Jean Darnel at the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris.

Arnaud was represented by Cannizzo Cyril, Donatienne, and Agent Agitateur before 2021.

When Arnaud wasn’t working, he loved to spend his time walking on a beach or surfing the ocean. In fact, this actor is a surf fanatic. “Dancing with a new girlfriend is always special…. Imagine waxing her for the first time,” Arnaud once described his new surfboard.

Arnaud Binard Height

Arnaud Binard stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Arnaud has green eyes, a triangular face, and an amazing jawline.

Is Arnaud Binard on IG?

Yes, as of Dec 2021, Arnaud was on Instagram @arnaudbinard with 13K followers.

Also, find him over Facebook @ARNAUDBINARDOFFICIEL.

Related FAQs

  • Has Arnaud Binard Revealed His Family?

As said before, Arnaud Binard was a private man. He rarely talked about his personal life. However, he did once feature his “mimi” (grandmother) over his IG back in October 2019. She looked beautiful and almost resembled him.

  • Where Is Arnaud Binard From?

Arnaud Binard was born in January 18, 1971 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France. So, that makes him of French nationality.

Also, he was 50 years of age when he first appeared on Emily in Paris in 2021.

  • How Many Episodes Of Emily In Paris Features Arnaud Binard?

Since Emily in Paris season 2 just premiered on December 22, 2021, Arnaud only appeared in a few episodes of the popular Netflix series.

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