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Ash Lamiroult Bio, Parents, Height, Temptation Island

While some couples try hard on Temptation Island to remain as faithful as possible, Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker were having full-on flings with the singles. Well, given that Hania once made an open relationship proposal — which Ash plainly denied — it’s no surprise that the two mingled with other participants on the show.

Today, we’ll be looking into the life of this tattooed beauty as this Ash Lamiroult bio proceeds. 

Temptation Island: Are Ash Lamiroult And Hania Stocker Still Together?

It was unclear if Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker were still together as of 2022. However, we do know that the two were connected and were still on good terms even after the show ended.

The last social post that featured them together (at the time of writing this article) was on Hania’s IG dated September 2021 — right around the time they summed up the filming.

Ash and Hania’s story began after they matched on a dating app and instantly fell for each other in 2020. However, the story would have begun much earlier if only Ash had replied to Hania’s DM after initially meeting each other through a mutual friend.

Their Temptation Island bio explained, the two spent over 12 hours on the first date talking about their lives, and “haven’t been able to keep their hands off each other” ever since. However, as Ash was moving to Brooklyn for their career in the summer of 2022,  they were both are unsure if their relationship could weather the distance.

Thus, the couple decided to test their bond on Temptation Island season 4 before moving apart, so that they can truly reveal if this relationship was meant to be.

Also, according to Hania, the show would help them figure out if an open relationship was “feasible” between them or not. However, Ash cryptically warned him that temptation has “definitely been able to find” them in the past.

Overall, though the duo mingled with the singles on the show, there’s no doubt of the love between them. We’ve even seen Hania in tears, confessing that he really wanted them to stay together. But since this is “Temptation Island” — with a bunch of stunning hot people — the pair was having a hard time staying faithful.

Ash Lamiroult Age

Ash Lamiroult, full name: Ashley L Lamiroult, was 28 years of age when they filmed Temptation Island. However, they were 29 by the time the show premiered in March 2022.

They are two years younger than their boyfriend Hania Stocker.

Ash Lamiroult Parents

Ash Lamiroult was born to parents, Michael J and Lynn A Lamirouit. They were 50 and 54 years of age in 2022, respectively.

As for their siblings, Ash has at least 2 sisters. One of them is named Faith Lamiroul, and the other is probably Carlene E Lamiroult (27 years of age in 2022).

Their sister, Faith is a Grand Canyon University alumna who went on to become a festival ambassador at Electric Vibes, an EDM platform. As of 2022, she resided in  Show Low, Arizona with her boyfriend Alex Arellano Jr.

Also, Faith is a Certified Nursing Assistant ( CNA ).

Is Ash Lamiroult On Instagram?

Yes, find Ash on Instagram @that.ash.hole. Also, here’s their Facebook @ashley.lamiroult and TikTok @that.ash.hole.

However, they are not much of a social media person. Ash confessed that they were “painfully bored with pretending” as they care about it. “I just don’t really know how to function within it….im just in it.  barely have socials to start with and short of hiring a social media manager,” they explained.

Ash Lamiroult Job

Ash Lamiroult is a self-proclaimed writer, performer, and clothing designer. They even labeled themselves to be an “Oscar winner.”

Besides these, Ash also is a model who likes to take photos based on scenes they’ve written or themes for collections. However, they don’t often share their “creative process.”

The first time they ever shared one of their jobs in-process was in March 2022 v.i.a. an IG post. “It took around 25 minutes (in the snow) to finally get what I was looking for and I personally feel like the mood is clear,” they wrote. 

Ash Lamiroult Height

Ash Lamiroult stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Mentioning their distinct features, Ash has brown eyes, a long face, and tattoos over their hands, shoulders, abdomen, and thighs.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ash Lamiroult Birthday?

Ash celebrates their birthday on August 5, making them of the Leo zodiac.

  • Where Is Ash Lamiroult From?

They hail from Brooklyn, New York.

But over time, they’ve resided in Gilbert, Arizona; Bluffton, South Carolina; Hicksville, New York; and Wantagh, New York.

As of 2022, Ash was located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • How Much Is Ash Lamiroult Net Worth?

By 2022, Ash garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand.

Reportedly, an average senior writer in Santa Fe, NM made around $60 thousand per annum. So, it was probably what Ash’s job paid them.

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