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Ashley Cordray Net Worth, Height, Maiden Name, Tattoo

You might have seen Ashley Cordray renovating historic houses for years on the Magnolia Network series Restoring Galveston. From 2019 (when the show was originally called Big Texas Fix) to 2022 (its 4th installment), Ashley’s done some amazing work restoring and preserving some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in Texas.

But how much do you know about her off-screen life — her net worth, height, maiden name, and even her tattoos? Well, if the answer’s “not much,” keep reading this article to learn all about it.

Ashley Cordray On Restoring Galveston

Magnolia Network’s Restoring Galveston was born in 2019 to Ashley Cordray and her husband Michael’s passion for home renovation. Together, the duo saved centuries-old homes on the island of Galveston, Texas for they believed that each one of these homes had its “character and own story.”

Whether the homes were slated for demolition or deteriorated for decades, the wife-husband strived to restore the original wall-to-wall historic charm and also added modern amenities.

Infact, Ashley and Michael’s home was also a historic one. Yes! Their “Gustave Mayhoff cottage” got its renovations started in 2020. Since then, the duo kept their fans updated about the house on their IG page — which also sometime featured before and after pics.

So, finally, after 2 years of renovation, the duo was ready to move into their new house in mid-2022. However, they kept the new Cordray residence top-secret.

Now, talking about the lovebirds, Ashley and Michael Cordray first met when Ashley was working at Kirby Inland Marine. The duo then started dating in 2011 and on  April 4, 2014, they exchanged vows.

Fast forward to November 25, 2019, the renovation experts then welcomed their first child Elle Lane. And on May 24, 2021, they welcome their daughter, Emma, into his world.

Reportedly, Emma was 9 lbs 5 oz and 21.25 inches and Elle was 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches, at the time of their birth.

The last we saw Ashley and Michael with their kids, they were enjoying a beach day. Sharing highlights of the day, the duo even took it to her IG on June 21, 2022, to write, “We completely forget about all the hard days when we have ones like this. Our life is being documented, and the best part will be watching the girls grow up.”

How Much Is Ashley Cordray Net Worth?

Ashley Cordray flaunted a net worth of above $2 million in 2022.

So, how did she reach here? Well, initially, Ashley worked as a customer service representative for Kirby Inland Marine from 2008 to 2011. She then took a job as a salesperson at J.A.M. Distributing for six long years, meanwhile also working with her husband Michael in home renovations.

Their first flip was a dilapidated home listed at $55,000 in Galveston. So, after Michael left his day job to focus on their design business, they got an offer to be the t big hosts for home improvement reality shows in Galveston.

However, Ashley was reluctant at first as they had only flipped one home successfully. But her husband convinced her and they got in touch with the producers and in 2019 launched their own show, Big Texas Fix, which would be later renamed Restoring Galveston.

Reportedly, the duo made a gamble buying eight houses for restoring and flipping on the show. And it paid off! The Cordrays home design business, Save 1900, now also gets a lot of calls for Airbnb, which pays handsomely.

In their honor, the Cordray has received numerous awards for restoration work including the 2016 GHF Sally B Wallace Historic Preservation Award, 2017 GHF Sally B Wallace Historic Preservation Award, 2018 Galveston Landmark Commission Preservation Award, and 2019 Galveston Landmark Commission Preservation Award (twice).

For Ashley, the best part about renovating was having “full creative control.” And when she wasn’t working, the star loved to spend time in water or restaurants. Overalls, just act like tourists.

As for Ashley’s education, she studied Maritime Administration at Texas A&M and graduated in 2008.

Did you know: Ashley’s first job was selling coins with her dad.

Ashley Cordray Height

Ashley Cordray stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

She is shorter than her husband.

Ashley Cordray Tattoo

Ashley Cordray might be adventurous. But she didn’t seem to have tatted any of her visible body parts.

Also, if you ask us, she might not have a tattoo at all.

How Old Is Ashley Cordray?

Ashley Cordray was born on February 21, 1987. That made her 35 years of age in 2022.

She is 5 years younger than her husband Micheal.

Ashley Cordray Maiden Name

What’s more, Ashley Cordray’s maiden name is “Youngblood.”

Ashley Cordray Family

Ashley Cordray comes from a family of four.

Her parents, Charles O and Cynthia G Youngblood lived in Spring, TX as of 2022. Prior to that, they resided in Galveston at their three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at 13811 Doubloon Ave., Galveston, which was appraised at $291,330.

As for Ashley’s siblings, she has a 12 years older sister named Angela J Youngblood who’s also in the housing business. But Angela’s an interior designer who owned Falcon Avery Designs. Also, she has a son named Finley Avery.

Sadly, Ashley’s loving grandmother Nelda Louise Cuthbertson passed away on December 19, 2017, at the age of 91.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Ashley Cordray Born?

Ashley hails from Spring, Texas.

But as of 2022, she resided in Galveston, Texas.

  • Is Ashley Cordray On Instagram?

Yes, find Ashley on her join Instagram with her husband at @save1900.

Also, here’s her Facebook @Ashley Cordray.

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