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Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott Age, Job, Instagram, Who Is He?

Ajaiye Elliott is the husband of TikTok star Ashley Elliott. The TikToker The Gel Army Lady, better known as Ashley Elliott, recently declared on her platform that her marriage to her husband is “ending.” Ashley, widely known as the “gel army lady,” made her husband aware of their separation. The influencer’s community has been talking about her marital troubles for the past few weeks.

Following her video in which she discussed a fictitious scenario in which a breadwinner husband leaves his homemaker wife for a younger lady, many of her admirers began to think everything was not well in her personal life.

Learn more about her husband in this article below.

Meet Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott

Ashley Elliott outlines the reasons why she would never talk about what has happened in her marriage on her platform in her most recent TikTok. For the benefit of her children, she claims that she wants to continue to be respectful of her husband JD despite everything. At the conclusion, she also declares that her marriage is “ending.” The entire turmoil surrounding Ashley’s marriage began following her August 24 video in which she discussed a fictitious scenario in which a spouse would desert his wife in favor of a younger lady.

People began to immediately link this to her real husband at that point. They pondered whether Ashley had experienced this situation exactly on her own. To ease people’s concerns, she later made a follow-up, claiming that this was just an imaginary situation and that she was not going through it with her own husband.

Later, Ashley clarified that the scenario she had described was purely hypothetical. In a later video, she stated, “This has nothing to do with me. In another video, she discussed how her spouse preferred to maintain his privacy and avoid being recognized in public. She consequently decides to remove all of the videos that feature him.

Although Ashley’s comments temporarily put an end to the rumors, they quickly resumed after a TikTok member named Monique made some videos commenting on Ashley’s nuptials. Additionally, the TikToker made some shocking assertions.

People have been drawing their own conclusions, but Ashley posted one more video to address these incidents. “I’ve always loved being on social media and he did not,” she stated.”

However, a TikTok user made claims with an unexpected twist when TikTok user Monique made some wild claims. Monique asserted in a video she published on August 29 that she had spoken to Ashley’s husband. Monique cryptically states, “First of all, I want to make it very clear, we did not meet up in person.” Then she adds, “There was communication.” Many followers were perplexed at this point as to who the TikToker was alluding to.

Many people soon realized that Monique was referring to Ashley’s spouse. Ashley’s spouse, according to Monique, wants to be “heard and understood.” Ashley, she continues, is concentrating on something that “she thinks is bigger than what it is.”

“I am not saying what he did is right. Everybody has different morals,” she claimed further. She adds that if Ashley’s husband is providing for their family in other ways and finds making films to be mentally taxing, he shouldn’t be required to do so. Several allegations of Ashley’s husband JD’s infidelity appeared online after Monique’s recordings went viral. Some people have also noted how Ashley’s spouse and Monique’s boyfriend share a similar appearance.

“I’m literally so confused, I have seen Ashley’s video. So did he cheat with a girl or what is going on?” one user said. “Wait so you have a man and cheated on him with another married man?” another user commented on Monique’s IG.

In a video response, the gel army lady refuted Monique’s claim that her husband had willingly taken part in her recordings. She discussed how it had made her family debt-free. She added that even after their divorce, her husband still offered to appear in her videos, but she declined.

In a now-deleted TikTok, Ashley’s husband provided his account of events. In the video, he declares that he won’t allow anyone to “run his name through the mud” because they used him to their advantage. “I don’t like social media, I don’t care for it,” he said. “But I am not about to let a person who used me for their success, for our whole marriage, run my name to the mud,” he says.

As for the absence of her wedding ring, Ashley herself has declared that she wants to keep that issue private for now.

Ashley and her husband JD married on 29 December 2012. Hence, they have been happily married for 10 years.

Talking about Ashley, she is a well-known makeup influencer who debuted on the internet in 2019. Since then, she has grown a sizable fan base. She frequently provides advice and instructions on hair styling and makeup tutorials, and she even introduced her own line of hair gel called Combat Gel. Her TikTok account has an astounding 14.5 million followers, and she has over 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel as of this writing.

Ajaiye Elliott Children

Ajaiye Elliott and his wife Ashley Elliott share two children a son and a daughter. Their daughter Angelina turned 7 years old in February 2023. Angelina was reportedly born in Germany.

Ashley has named the squeeze bottle Combat Gels and curl volumizing mousse after her daughter.

In March 2023, Ashley shared that her son is currently 3 years old.

Ajaiye Elliott Age

In early February 2023, Ajaiye Elliott turned 32 years old.

Is Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott On Instagram?

Ajaiye Elliott, the husband of Ashley Elliott, is on Facebook (@ajaiye) but not on Instagram.

Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott Job

TikTok star Ashley Elliott’s husband Ajaiye Elliott has a job in the army. However, he hasn’t provided details regarding his career.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott Birthday?

Ajaiye Elliott celebrates his birthday on 1 February.

  • Where Is Ashley Elliott Husband Ajaiye Elliott From?

Ashley Elliott hailed from Clarksdale, Mississippi. He also lived in Monroe, Louisiana.

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