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Ashmal Ali Bio, Age, Height, Job, Couple to Throuple

Meet Ashmal Ali from the new Peacock dating series Couple to Throuple. There is only one other same-sex couple on the show, he and his boyfriend Rehman Bhatti. As you read this piece, you’ll find out more about him, including his height, employment, and age.

Here, we’ve got you covered.

Ashmal Ali On Couple to Throuple

In Peacock’s “Couple to Throuple,” Chicago-based lawyer Ashmal Ali and his Detroit, Michigan-based partner Rehman Bhatti are the only same-sex couple. They are taking their relationship for a test drive and considering the prospect of bringing someone else into the mix to make it a throuple.

“I’m bisexual and he’s (Rehman) more of a don’t knock-’til-you-try-sexual,” said Ashmal in the trailer. Dramatic moments arise as Ashmal confronts Rehman about possible contact with a single person on the show, setting off steamy scenes. As the same-sex couple struggles to include a third person in their relationship, tensions increase. Rehman just shared an Instagram photo showing that the pair is still together in spite of the turmoil on screen.

Rehman quips that he’s a “don’t-knock-it-until-you-try-it-sexual,” so while they seem to be leaning toward men when it comes to adopting a third into their relationship, a woman isn’t entirely out of the question. Only with other men has Ashmal engaged in threesomes and foursomes in the past. Rehman has never experienced polyamory.

Rehman discovered the ad for the upcoming show first in a Facebook ad so he applied to be on the show. Ashmal was studying for his “bar exam at the time so really that was my study break. I looked up, I showered, got a haircut, and here we are.”

When asked if he was hesitant, Ashmal added that the show was for “open-minded couples experiencing something new, and I was like, “We’re a new couple.””

Ashmal also shared that he and Rehman had a conversation about polyamory to a certain extent. ” I mean, at that point, we didn’t really have the words for what we were talking about. We didn’t have the terms like polyamory or anything like that, but we were talking about exploring, ” Ashmal added further saying, ” I think there was always a sense of, there’s so much this world has to offer, and I think we both had that mentality throughout our relationship so I think this was just a normal conversation for us.”

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ claims to provide details of the relationship between Ashmal Ali and Rehman Bhatti and highlight the obstacles they must overcome.

Are Ashmal Ali And Rehman Bhatti Still Together?

Yes, Ashmal Ali and Rehman Batti are still together. Before the pandemic, Ashmal and Rehman’s paths crossed in Lansing, and during their quarantine together, they got married.

“I was in Lansing, so I didn’t really experience Detroit as much,” he says. “I just didn’t really even have a reason to go until I met him.” Soon, they were spending time at places like Detroit’s Campus Martius skating rink and hanging out around Ferndale. Ali called Bhatti a “great tour guide.”

“When we first met, and before Ashmal thought it was going to be something serious, he didn’t refer to me by my name when he would talk to his friends,” Rehman recalled. “He would refer to me as ‘Detroit Boy.’ He was about to save my name on his phone as ‘Detroit Boy’ instead of my real name. And then once it became serious, he’s like, ‘All right, we’ll drop that and we’ll call him by his name.’”

It’s true that Ashmal, who identifies as bisexual and has dated women in the past, and Rehman, who identifies as gay and has only dated men, are “famously never on the same page,” as the men say.

On March 16, 2023, Ashmal Ali and Rehman Bhatti officially announced their relationship on Instagram with pictures that made popsicles melt. But their relationship’s beginnings are still a mystery. The couple is still smitten with one another despite their secret origins.

Speaking on whether they are still interested in pursuing polyamory, Ashmal told PrideSoure, “I was open to whatever the world had to offer before, and I’m open to whatever the world has to offer after the show. I think it was just a great experience. Being open to things has been great so far. So yeah, I’m open to everything.”

Ashmal Ali Age

In 2024, Ashmal Ali is 28 years old.

Ashmal Ali Job

Ashmal Ali is a Chicago-based attorney. He is working as an associate at Gaynor Law. Before that, he worked for Connolly Krause LLC as an associate.

Ashmal began into law career as an intern at Georgia Law Center for the Homeless in 2015. He also served in the same role at the University of Georgia School of Law. For a year from 2018 to 2019, he served Stanley, Esrey & Buckley, LLP as a legal assistant.

Moreover, he was a senior clerk at Lakeshore Legal Aid and Racine & Associates.

Moreover, Ashmal is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law.

Ashmal Ali Height

Ashmal Ali shared in November 2018 that he stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches and three quarters.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ashmal Ali From?

Ashmal Ali is originally from Chicago, Illinois. But, he is residing in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Is Ashmal Ali On Instagram?

Yes, Ashmal Ali is available on Instagram (@ashmalali).

  • When Is Ashmal Ali Birthday?

Unfortunately, Ashmal Ali’s birthday is not currently available.

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