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Avery Solomon Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Forever Summer

As someone who was born, raised, graduated, and seen Westhampton for over 20 years, Avery Solomon was proud to represent a “different look into the lives” of the Westhampton residents on Amazon Prime’s new show Forever Summer: Hamptons.

So, what secret does she hold? Keep reading this Avery Solomon Bio to find out.

Avery Solomon On Forever Summer: Hamptons

Amazon Prime’s Forever Summer: Hamptons premiered on July 15, 2022, and just like any other steamy summer series, the show followed a group of 12 college students spending their summer break in the Hamptons. However, not every cast member was a Hampton native, a few outsiders also joined the crew for “fun, surf, and good vibes.”

Some even say this series was a mix of Blue Lagoon + Siesta Key.

Now, coming to Avery’s time on Forever Summer, she went to be close friends Reid Rubio. The two never hesitated to share anything and everything with each other. However, Reid was a people pleaser. He would often go behind people’s backs to please others, with one time even going as far as to speak ill of Avery behind her back.

Naturally, Avery was then tired of Reid’s behavior and how changed his tune according to the people he interacted with. So, after other casts like Lottie Evans and Milo Munchin joined the group, Avery then went on to develop a deep connection with them. Eventually, her friendship with Reid and also her childhood friend, Emelye, thinned out.

Later, Avery and Reid even excluded Emelye and her boyfriend, Hunter Hulse, from the guest list, while hosting a party at Reid’s house. This disappointed Emelye quite a bit and she texted Reid claiming that Avery had found better friends. But at the time, Reid laughed off the matter and even assured Avery he was on her side, only later to secretly invited Emelye and Hunter to the party and ill talk about Avery.

After this, things between Avery and Reid grew cold and even their animosity became pretty apparent. But soon realizing his mistake, Reid then apologized to Avery.

Avery Solomon Boyfriend

Avery Solomon was single as of 2022. Yes, despite what you saw on Forever Summer, this beauty came out of the show without a boyfriend.

“You’ll see in the show how we all kind of had our relationship ups and downs, and we’re trying to figure things out. But I think right now I’m just living life in my 20s and having fun doing whatever I can,” she told Women’s Health.

Also, Avery seems to have forgiven Reid. The two were spotted celebrating New Year 2022 in NYC alongside Emelye.

How Old Is Avery Solomon?

Avery Solomon was reportedly born in 2002. That made her 20 years of age when she appeared on Forever Summer in 2022.

She was one of the younger cast that season. Her co-stars were Emelye Ender, Ilan Luttway, Habtamu “Habs” Coulter, Frankie Hammer, Hunter Hulse, Reid Rubio, Juliet Clarke, Milo Munshin, Shannon Sloane, and Lottie Evans.

Avery Solomon Job

Avery Solomon was a college student. So, she had yet to build her career in 2022. However, we may label her job as a reality star for she has graced 8 eps of Forever Summer: Hamptons.

But in the future, after graduating from Tulane University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Public Health, she hopes of attending medical school. Guess, we have a future doctor here.

When Avery isn’t studying, she’s often partying in New Orleans. She lives by the phrase “why dress down when you can dress up.” And this was exactly what she did on Forever Summer — meeting new people, finding new and exciting things, and living life to its fullest potential.

Before Tulane University, Avery attended Westhampton Beach High School.

Is Avery Solomon On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, Avery was on Instagram @averysolomon_ with 11.3K followers. Most of her posts then featured her adventures with her friends.

Also, here’s her Facebook @avery.solomon.52 and TikTok @averysolomon__.

Avery Solomon Height

Avery Solomon stands tall at a height under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Avery has green eyes, a triangular face, and a voluptuous body.

Avery Solomon Parents

Avery Solomon was born to parents Diane Brooks and Stephen Solomon.

Her father, Steve has been an artist for over twenty-five years. He is also the founder and CEO of GFree Home, which is a company that creates sturdy identifying bands to help label household kitchen items to cut down on cross-contamination of gluten.

As for her mother, Diane’s a Psychologist practicing in Speonk, NY,  who specializes in the treatment of health mental problems and helps people to cope with their mental illnesses.

In 2022, Steve and Diane were 66 and 64 years of age respectively.

Talking about her siblings, Avery has two sisters named Kiera Solomon (born: June 26, 1997) and Milli Solomon.

Sadly, Avery’s maternal grandfather, Paul A. Brooks passed away at the age of 96  on October 15, 2014.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Avery Solomon Birthday?

Avery receives her birthday wishes on January 6 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

On her 19th birthday, her best friend Amber @rebmatrout took to IG to write, “Happy Birthday to my best friend in da world!!🤗love you beyond words, you crazy human.”

  • Where Is Avery Solomon From?

Avery hails from Westhampton, New York.

She resided there as of 2022 as well.

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