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Azie Tesfai Relationship Status, Lesbian, Net Worth

Supergirl star, Azie Tesfai made her way into the cast of A Million Little Things season 4 in November 2021.  Her portrayal of Cassandra — who found herself in Rome Howard’s (Romany Malco) life — soon won the heart of many and got them all-intrigued about her.

So, here we are exploring her details, where we will specifically focus on her relationships, lesbian rumors, and her net worth. 

What Is Azie Tesfai’s Relationship Status?

Azie Tesfai’s on-screen romance interest on A Million Little Things is the aspiring documentarian Rome Howard (portrayed by Romany Malco). However, the two weren’t together offscreen. Though many shipped them together, nothing seemed to be brewing up between the two.

So, who was Azie dating? Well, as of 2021, the star’s relationship status was a mystery. For all we know, she could even have had a spouse then, or she could be just be enjoying the dating game.

Is Azie Tesfai A Lesbian?

You might have seen Azie Tesfai making out with her on-screen girlfriend Chyler Leigh on Supergirl and wondered if she is a lesbian. Well, if you did, you’re not the only one.

Moreover, Chyler, who came out as gay as Supergirl progressed, really did put a lot of doubt about Azie’s sexuality too.

But as of 2021, Azie had yet to speak about her sexual preferences. 

As for her take on portraying a lesbian character on Supergirl, Azie explained how proud she is of representing people of color, women, and sexuality in the hit show.

“It’s been such an honor to play Kelly Olsen, a BIPOC and queer character in the DC universe. Working in our amazing writer’s room and co-writing an episode has been an immensely educational and empowering experience,” she said in a statement received by EW.

Spoilers alert: On Supergirl, Azie and Chyler’s characters are married in the end, and this has been an inspiration to many. A fan captioned their wedding pics, “Wives who reinforce my desire to be a better person, to love better.  to be better for each other and me.  and it made me feel more like getting married and adopting a child.  Thank you for this amazing journey.”

Also, their wedding was celebrated by many over the Tweets as Supergirl’s final season ended in mid-2021.

Azie Tesfai Net Worth

Azie Tesfai garnered a net worth of over $600 thousand by 2021.

An actor by profession, Azie has appeared in several movies and TV shows like The Wretched (2019), The Kominsky Method (2018), NCIS: Los Angeles (2018), Jane the Virgin (2015), Franklin & Bash (2014), and Wicked Wicked Games (2007).

She was also the first actor to write an episode for a Greg Berlanti show Supergirl

Besides being an actor, Azie is also a philanthropist. She was the founder of Fortuned Culture, a company with the mission to design jewelry for charitable giving, in 2014. 

Reportedly, her company sold health bracelets for $30 then.

But Azie never dreamed of becoming an actor. She wanted to be “as far away from the industry as (she) could get” while she was young. Though she loved theater as a hobby and creative outlet, she was more focused on studying instead.

Thus, she went on to earn her bachelor in science in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, to build her career academically.  “I thought I’d be an entertainment or corporate lawyer, and I was planning on applying to law school,” she said.

However, midway through, she wanted to take a break and do “random things”. Which ended up with her auditioning for Wicked Wicked Games, and she got selected. Rest is history.

Azie Tesfai Family

Azie Tesfai’s family is originally from Eritrea, a country in Eastern Africa. 

Her mother came to the United State on a nursing scholarship; where four women out of 5,000 that applied were accepted, but she came in fifth. So, how did she come? Well, the only rule for the students was that the students could not be pregnant. And a week before they left, they found out one of the women was pregnant.

Though Azie’s mother, whose family hails from Ethiopia, came to the US circa 1990, she only got her citizenship in November 2018.

Trivia: Azie didn’t visit Eritrea until she turned 10.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Azie Tesfai?

Azie Tesfai was bron on December 20, 1992. That made her 28 years of age when she first appeared on A Million Little Things in 2021.

As per his birthday, Azie is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Azie Tesfai?

The Supergirl star stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Her distinct features include — dark eyes and hair, and a long triangular face.

  • What Is Azie Tesfai’s Nationality?

Azie Tesfai was the first of her family to be born in the US (Orange County, California). That made her of American nationality.

  • Is Azie Tesfai On Instagram?

Yes, find her over Instagram @azietesfai.

Also, here’s her Facebook @azietesfai, and Twitter @AzieTesfai.

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