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Bachelor Rachel Nance Parents: Hakim And Noela Nance

Meet Rachel Nance’s parents, Hakim and Noela Nance. She was among the leading ladies on The Bachelor. Are her parents still married? What do they do for a living?

Read all that we know about Noela’s folks as this article proceeds.

Who Are Bachelor Rachel Nance Parents?

Hakim Nance and Noela Nance are the parents of Bachelor Rachel Nance. Noela and Hakim welcomed their daughter on 28 January 1997. She is 26 years old as of December 2023.

Given that Rachel Nance attended the University of Maine at Fort Kent to study nursing, it seems likely that she will pursue a career in nursing. As of this writing, her LinkedIn profile is empty of information. 2020 marked her college graduation. She was an outside player for the UMFK Bengals women’s volleyball team while attending college. Rachel attended Taft College as well. In 2017, she graduated with an associate’s degree in communications and liberal arts.

Rachel is one of the cast members of season 28 of The Bachelor. According to Steve, Rachel, Maria Georgas, Daisy Kent, and Kelsey Anderson will visit their hometowns with the leading man. As it is Steve already has information on all three of the candidates. According to the television sleuth, Maria Georgas gets eliminated during the final four rose ceremony (so, likely during hometowns).

This implies that Joey’s last three women will be Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel. While Joey Graziadei’s season 28 of The Bachelor is set to premiere in January, the winner has already been announced. Currently residing in Koloa, Hawaii, Joey, a 28-year-old professional tennis player, is originally from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. He was Charity Lawson’s runner-up during her Bachelorette season, which gave him his start. Joey was devastated to learn that Charity and Dotun Olubeko were engaged. But Joey was soon invited to take over as the next lead on The Bachelor, and he said yes.

Meet Noela Nance, Bachelor Rachel Nance Mother

Bachelor Rachel Nance’s mom is named Noela Nance. Noela is the daughter of Lorie Lorenza and the late Vincent Yanuaria Andres Sr.

Anselmo and Cristina Andres welcomed her dad, Vincent into the world on December 27, 1921, in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. He courageously enlisted in the Guerilla Philippine Force at the age of twenty, serving in the artillery battalion during World War II. was relocated in July 1966 to Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States.

Being patriotic and knowledgeable about world history as well as current affairs made Vincent Sr. pleased. Before retiring, he worked in the hotel industry. He had a strong work ethic, was a dedicated worker, and was a loving family man.

  • Noela Nance Age

Noela Nance reached 65 years old in August 2023.

  • Noela Nance Job

Noela Nance is a 1983 graduate of Farrington High School. She was one of the 11 candidates who ran for Oahu’s three at-large seats on the Hawaii State Board of Education.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s architecture auditorium served as the venue for the inaugural and only board of education candidate forum, which was supported by Save Our Schools Hawaii. There were about seventy-five attendees, and many more sent in questions by email.

Her candidate profile stated that she is a home educator. Her Biggest Education Issue was “I would really like to see all schools be coveted in their own districts. I would really like to see that and I think we can — I just think there need to be some adjustments and it’s never easy. But if we say we’re doing this for our children, let’s maybe stop and restructure the system and localize it some more.”

Noela said she would like to see more fiscal empowerment in the school system.

LinkedIn states that Noela was a student at Leeward Community College.

  • Is Noela Nance On Instagram?

No, Noela doesn’t appear to be on Instagram. But she has a Facebook that she hasn’t updated since 2016.

Meet Hakim Nance, Bachelor Rachel Nance Father

Bachelor’s Rachel Nance’s father is named Hakim Nance.

  • Hakim Nance Age

In October 2023, Hakim Nance reached 57 years old.

  • Hakim Nance Job

Hakim Nance is an Orthopaedic Trauma Consultant at DePuy Synthes Companies.

  • Is Hakim Nance On Instagram?

Hakim Nance is only on Facebook (@hakim.nance).

Related FAQs

  • Are Bachelor Rachel Nance Parents Still Married?

Per social media of Hakim, yes, Rachel Nance’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Bachelor Rachel Nance Parents Have?

Besides Rachel, Hakim and Noela also have a daughter named Amanda.

  • Where Do Bachelor Rachel Nance Parents Reside?

Bachelor Rachel Nance’s parents are living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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