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Baylen Dupree Parents: Julie Dupree And Allen Dupree

Julie Dupree and Allen Dupree are the parents of popular social media influencer Baylen Dupree, @baylen.dupree on TikTok, has over 9.1 million followers and many more likes. Her writing centers on her experience of living with Tourette’s, and she frequently receives praise for her courage and candor in addressing such a delicate subject.

The Ranson, South Virginia, TikToker made an appearance on Chris Cuomo’s award-winning show earlier this week to talk about her experience with Tourette’s. Since starting her TikTok career in 2020, the 21-year-old influencer has become incredibly well-known.

Baylen exclaimed: “Go f**k yourself, Chris! Little baby weiner, Banana up your ass! Butter your own biscuit, fat ass!. F**k that b***h.”

Baylen resumed her discussion of her experiences with an amazing level of professionalism. She reported how “evil people” would frequently send her notes, some of which would say things like “her parents should die in a car crash.”

“I’ve had to have the police out my house because people gave out my location and said they’re gonna come torch my house. It’s crazy,” she said.

“She says some pretty ugly stuff unintentionally,” he said through laughter. “And I’m laughing because I get what it’s about. And that’s why I don’t care. It’s not curse words to be mean and the difference matters.”

“Watching him trying to not laugh is killing me fr I can’t breathe,” one said. A third added, “Cmonnnnnm man. I don’t like Chris but mad props for holding it together. I sympathize with this girl but funny is funny. Hard not to laugh.”

Chris responded by saying, “Too many are mean and judgey, people have shamed her and recorded her because she has unusual tics. Her tics are like phrases, they’re repeated and they’re often vulgar.”

Who Are Baylen Dupree Parents?

Baylen Dupree is the daughter of Julie and Allen Dupree. Her parents offer inspiration and support for her every day.

“I don’t have words to express how much I love them and how much they’ve supported me through this entire process. It’s been hard for all of us, but we share laughs, and we have fun. It’s a good experience having them by my side.” Baylen shared.

While appearing on Dr Phil, Julie and Allen discussed Baylen’s tourettes diagnosis. Allen shared that Tourette makes Baylen do many things that she can’t control.

Regarding Baylen going public with her condition, Julie and Allen shared that they have mixed feelings. Julie told on Dr Phil, “Once you put yourself out there you can never take it back.” They believed that COVID, being alone, and many other factors all together got her in the condition she was in.

Born in July 2002, Baylen is a social media personality known for her account @baylen.dupree. She is working as a store cashier at Dollars General. Before that, she worked as a Customer Service Representative at Dunkin Donuts. Moreover, she was also at West Virginia University.

Meet Julie Dupree, Baylen Dupree Mother

Baylen Dupree’s mother is named Julie Dupree. In February 2023, Julie turned 43 years old.

More about Julie, she is a graduate of Ogdensburg Free Academy High School. She studied psychology at the State University of New York at Potsdam.

Julie is on Facebook (@julie.l.dupree), Instagram (@julsdupree8), and Pinterest (@jlamacchiadupree).

Meet Allen Dupree, Baylen Dupree Father

Baylen Dupree calls Allen Dupree her father. Allen is the son of Frederick R. Kocyla and Patricia Burns. Fred and Patricia married on 10 October 1959. Patricia predeceased Fred on December 7, 2018.

Allen’s siblings are named Dr. David (Kelly) Dupree of Fair Haven and New Jersey and Joseph (Lori) Dupree of Ormond Beach, Florida.

On June 16, 1927, in Carthage, New York, Frederick was born. His parents were Andrew and Julia (Lizak) Kocyla. After completing his studies at Evans Mills High School, he enrolled at Potsdam, New York’s Clarkson College of Technology. Frederick was honorably discharged from the United States Army after serving in the Korean War.

Back to details about Allen, he reached age 52 in December 2023. You can find him on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Baylen Dupree Parents Still Married?

Yes, Baylen Dupree’s parents are still married. However, she likes to joke that they are co-parenting.

  • How Many Kids Do Baylen Dupree Parents Have?

Other than Baylen, Julie and Allen Dupree share other five children.

  • Where Do Baylen Dupree Parents Reside?

Baylen Dupree’s parents are residing in Charles Town, West Virginia.

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