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Baylen Levine Dating History: Bunny, Sadie, Sara

Learn about the dating history of YouTuber Baylen Levine. Fans are wondering if he is dating someone in 2021. But, he has reportedly dated women named Bunny, Sadie, and Sara. Who are they? How old are they?

Learn all the answers here.

Baylen Levine Dating History

There have been three notable relationships of YouTuber Baylen Levine in the past. The girls he dated are named Bunny, Sadie, and Sara. Read all about them here in the article below.

  • Bunny

Baylen Levine and his ex-girlfriend Bunny were dating each other before 2019. The YouTuber compared his relationship with Bunny to the one between Daniel and Ali in part 1. of the classic movie Karate Kid. He described her as very uplifting and the person he has most fun with.

Bunny also helped him film most of his early videos. But, she is not on most of his videos. He added that “she always had my back.”

Things got complicated when Bunny committed to the University of Georgia (track and field student-athlete). Their dreams were going in two different directions as she went academic and Baylen pursued a career on YouTube. The career path became the reason for their breakup.

They ended up breaking up in 2019. Baylen took to his Channel to announce the break-up and “it wasn’t easy at all”. He said, “Love can bring you the most happiness and then it can bring you the worst pain you’ve ever felt.”

Baylen said that he wanted to make it work but it turned out to be impossible and they didn’t want a toxic relationship. He also added when most girls loved partying and drinking, Bunny was overly focused on her career and education. He proudly shared she was as loyal as they come and the funniest girl in his life.

Baylen also said, “There is no replacing Bunny, not at all. There is no replacing what we had. What he had was so special.”

  • Sadie

Fans of the YouTube sensations Baylen Levine and Sadie Crowell were hoping that they were dating in real life. Fans shipped the pair for some time. But a video from 2022 hinted they’re dating IRL.

Sadie appeared in a vlog by Baylen called He Tried To Get Me Arrested. While the almost 20-minute-long video features many entertaining moments, there’s one particular part that has fans talking about Baylen’s dating life. One moment in the clip had fans talking. When a friend gave Sadie a snack, Baylen told her not to eat it.

“Come on, Sadie, don’t eat it. That’s gross,” Baylen said. Sadie then licked the snack, and Baylen made a gagging noise. “That’s it. I am never kissing you again,” he told her.

Fans couldn’t help but comment on the video. “‘Never kissing you again.’ YES, LET’S GOOOOO. You and Sadie are so cute,” a user wrote. “I legit paused it at the scene and went to the comments to see if anyone else heard it too,” another said.

Although the YouTube video of Baylen’s popular clip is quite suggestive, the influencers didn’t make any disclosures about their relationship histories at the time.

However, before their break up in 2022, they reportedly confirmed being together.

  • Sara

Another alleged girlfriend of Baylen Levine is called Sara Bailey. Sara appeared in one video of Baylen but he took it out after they broke up, as one fan on Redditt states.

But the theory was, Baylen and Sara went to the same school where Baylen was kicked out of. And if they went public, there were chances that she would be kicked out too.

In one IG post from the time when they were together, Sara shared that they first met each other when they were 15. Then they were an item at the age of 17. She added, “And I still love you 5 years later, at 22.”

Sara added, “I tried to forget you but I don’t know what I would do without you. I am so glad that we have found each other time and time again (this time for good). Cheers to many, many more years together.”

The most recent post of the two is in February 2023. But Baylen has commented “Ur so hot” on Sara’s IG post from 22 June 2023.

You can find her on Instagram here (@sara.bailey).

And as it turns out Bunny, the first serious girlfriend of Baylen, her real name is Sara Bailey. Sara was born on 20 September 2000. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Brad Bailey.

Does Baylen Levine Have A Girlfriend?

So, the question remains, does Baylen Levine have a girlfriend? Baylen’s dating status is unclear but he is likely in a relationship with Sara. They have been on and off over the years and appears to be on again in 2023.

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