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Bella Ramsey Parents: Dad Alex Ramsey, Anonymous Mom

Bella Ramsey is not a new name for fans of HBO’s Game Of Thrones but very few know about her parents. Who are they? What do they do for a living? How old are they? Find all the answers here in this article.

Meet Bella Ramsey Parents

Actress Bella Ramsey was born to her parents in Nottingham, England on 30 September 2003. Her father is the only one widely known on the web by his name. Meanwhile, her mother is anonymous at the time of this writing. In May 2019, she shared that her parents banned her from watching the show, at least the explicit parts of the show because it was “too gruesome”.

She told Daily Star at the time, “I’ll probably watch it all when I’m 18. Even the episodes I have seen, there have been some parts where Mum and Dad just stand in front of me to block me seeing anything too gruesome on screen.”

Bella added, “I was allowed to see myself being killed last Sunday, and I’ve watched a bit of season seven.”

While Bella Ramsey is best known for GOT, some of the shows she is known for are Becoming Elizabeth, Impact Winter, His Dark Materials, Hilda, The Worst Witch, and Holmes & Watson among others. Bella’s next major motion picture appearance will be as the title character in Lena Dunham’s “Catherine, Called Birdy.” Bella and Jesse Eisenberg both played prominent roles in the Marcel Marceau movie Resistance in 2020.

In the 2019 biopic movie “Judy,” Bella co-starred with Renée Zellweger as her daughter Lorna Luft. In addition, Will Ferrell and Samantha Morton starred in the movies “Holmes and Watson” and “Two For Joy” together. Zero, On the Beaches, Three Minutes of Silence, and Requiem are some of Bella’s short films.

Bella is a successful graduate of the city’s Television Workshop. She was also a recipient of Nottingham’s 30 Under 30 award in October, a partnership between Nottinghamshire Live, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, and The Prince’s Trust, to highlight rising stars who “represent the spirit, drive, and energy of a thriving city”.

Who Is Bella Ramsey Dad, Alex Ramsey?

Alex Ramsey is the father of Bella Ramsey.

As shared widely, Alex is a business owner. As reported, Alex also plays trumpet.

In the 2016 BBC interview, when asked how her family and friends reacted to her landing the lead role in the British series The Worst Witch, Bella said: “They are all very proud and supportive. When we got the phone call I was with my mum, sister, cousin, and auntie, there was a lot of screaming and excited jumping, you could have filled a bathtub with the proud teardrops!”

Who Is Bella Ramsey Anonymous Mom?

Bella Ramsey’s mom is not yet public. However, we know that her mom and her dad are currently running a business from their home. Before her current occupation, Bella Ramsey’s mother used to be a PE teacher. Moreover, she also became Bella’s full-time chaperone.

Bella’s mum is also in charge of responding to all the fan mails that Bella receives which her agent gives her whenever she is in London. “They normally want a signed photo,” says Bella, who is often recognized in the street.

“Most of the time I don’t mind it as people are generally nice. If it makes someone happy that’s fine by me. It’s just that sometimes, when I’m out with my family and friends, celebrating someone else’s achievement, it’s a bit difficult,” she added. “My friends do find it quite cool when I get recognized as they are really supportive but I do apologize before we go out if it does happen.”

Additionally, it appears that Bella doesn’t share any images of her family on her social media accounts, instead keeping them focused on her job and other interests. She did, however, acknowledge “the aid of [her] great family” in a post dated 2018. Perhaps her family would like the seclusion.

After all, Bella shared a snapshot of herself doing the thumbs-up with another person on Instagram in 2020, but only the other person’s thumb could be seen, not their face or body. Bella identified the other person as her mother in the description.

Related FAQS

  • Where Are Bella Ramsey Parents From?

Bella Ramsey’s parents likely hailed from Nottinghamshire, England.

  • Are Bella Ramsey Parents Still Together?

Yes, it appears Bella Ramsey’s parents are still together.

  • How Many Kids Do Bella Ramsey Parents Have?

Bella Ramsey’s parents have at least two children. She has an anonymous older sister. As a child, Bella and her older sister would put on shows for friends and family at home. By the age of four, she had joined her sister at the performing arts school Stagecoach in Loughborough. Later on, as her sister lost interest they would become solo shows.

Then her parents signed her to a local drama school to channel her energies.

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