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Beth Salva-Clifford Bio, Age, Partner, Job, Tough As Nail

Beth Salva-Clifford is currently competing on CBS’s reality competition show Tough As Nail. The elimination process has already begun but she indeed lives up to the show title. But, here’s what we’ve discovered about her on the web. Her age, partner, job, and family members.

This article covers it all as you scroll down this article.

Beth Salva-Clifford On Tough As Nail

Beth Salva-Clifford joined the cast of 12 competitors for the show Tough As Nail which premiered on the CBS Television Network on 4 January 2023. The cast includes construction workers, a firefighter, a pipeline laborer, and a welder, among others. The top necessary employees will have their life skills put to the test on actual job sites in a variety of industries, including carpentry, welding, fishing, farming, and construction.

They are each eliminated from the individual competition one by one until a winner is declared, but TOUGH AS NAILS stands out since nobody is sent home. Participants who “punch out” of the individual competition can play in a team competition with a chance to win additional cash prizes until the end of the season.

Off the coast of Los Angeles, on Catalina Island, the competition officially began. Competitors must replace outdated boat moorings in a taxing first challenge in the Pacific Ocean, or they will sink or swim. The right to choose the two teams of six who will make up Dirty Hands and Savage Crew belongs to the first two to finish the task.

When contestants take on the first individual competition—constructing a concrete retaining wall—they do so in an effort to establish their superior strength. This season’s individual competition has more stakes because participants are vying for an extra cash bonus award in addition to the $200,000 grand prize and avoiding the weekly elimination challenge.

On the day of the premiere, the overtime challenge pitted Ellery and Synethia Bland against one another because they were the final two. They had to assemble a metal hook for a helmet while it. They needed to warm up a metal bar in a forge to accomplish this. Finally, mold it into a hook by beating it until it resembled a template for a hook.

Given that Synethia had little prior expertise with this kind of labor, Ellery ultimately defeated her very quickly. Synethia Bland was the first contestant eliminated from the solo events this season, but she will continue to compete in the team competitions in order to have a shot at some extra money.

On the 11 January 2023 episode, Renee Kolar was eliminated. Renee and Mister had to repot 24 plants and load them onto a trailer to win the overtime challenge. They had to recognize four different plant species and collect six of each during this assignment. Renee fell behind at one point because she chose the incorrect plants, but she soon caught up and eventually overtook Mister.

When it was all said and done, Mister Frost managed to defeat Renee by a hair in order to win. Renee did lose in this episode’s individual competitions, but she will still be present for the team tasks, and she expressed excitement about that.

The third contestant to get eliminated on 18 January 2023 was Aly Bala.

Beth Salva-Clifford Age

As of Jan 2023, Beth Salva-Clifford is 42 years old. She is born in 1980.

Where Is Beth Salva-Clifford From?

Beth Salva-Clifford hailed from Southgate, Michigan. She is currently residing in Norfolk, Virginia. Some of her family members are Barbara Peter Salva, Brian John Salva, Christina Ann Salva, Elizabeth E Salva, and John A Salva.

Beth Salva-Clifford Partner

Currently, there is no information about Beth Salva-Clifford’s partner. Though she has appeared with one on her Facebook who is supposedly her partner, based on the comments. But, she hasn’t divulged much information about her partner as of this writing.

It is unclear if they are still together. Beth hasn’t changed her FB profile pic with her partner in it yet. Hence, we assume that they are still together.

Beth Salva-Clifford Job

Beth Salva-Clifford has a job as a shipboard electrician and U.S. Navy Veteran. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan. According to, marine electricians in Norfolk, Virginia make $48879 a year.

Is Beth Salva-Clifford On Instagram?

No, Beth Salva-Clifford is not on Instagram. But, she has a Facebook (@elizabeth.salva).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Beth Salva-Clifford Birthday?

Beth Salva-Clifford’s birthday is in July.

  • How Tall Is Beth Salva-Clifford?

Beth Salva-Clifford stands tall above the height above 5 feet 10 inches.

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