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Bethaney Goodloe Bio, Candace Rice Best Friend, Age

Everyone wants Candace Rice’s best friend Bethaney Goodloe for the new season in “Floribama Shore”. They even begged to make her a permanent cast of the show even if they had to replace her with some other casts. Her bubbly, funny, and outspoken nature won the hearts of the fans of the show.

Let’s learn more about her with this Bethaney Goodloe Bio where we cover her job, age, and her last name.

[Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe On Floribama Shore

Candace Rice’s best friend Bethaney is a rockstar in the house of “Floribama Shore” so much so that the fans even pleaded to make her a permanent cast on the show. Her outspoken and funny nature made her a fan favorite and fans begged more of her. Bethaney joined the group in Athens, Georgia.

The preview showed the tension between Candace and Codi. “You settled for the Black girl because you couldn’t get Aimee,” Candace told to Codi referencing Codi. Bethaney interjected, “That’s not a settlement, though. Girl, why does it matter about Codi wanting to date you? You don’t want him. You never wanted him!”

Bethaney addressed what being a Black woman was like. She uttered that Black women don’t get the same preference as Black men. She told the group not only the women should face sexism but racism too. Candace acknowledged that Bethaney was her translator as she can put things in the best way possible.

Because of this reason, she has been a hit in the show. Also, her culinary skills left the men in the house stunned.

How Old Is [Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe?

Bethaney Goodloe turned 28 years old in May 2021. She celebrated her birthday on 13 May.

[Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe Family

The full name of Bethaney Goodloe (her last name) is Debutante Bethaney D’Evan Goodloe. She regularly posts about her parents on her social media. She is close to her mom as well as her dad. Moreover, she has at least one brother named Bryce Goodloe, and allegedly also has a sister.

Is [Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe Engaged Or Married?

Yes, Bethaney Goodloe has a man in her life. She is engaged to be married. She is engaged to her fiance Imani Smith. Imani proposed to her in June 2021. Imani only appeared once before on her post in April 2021. So, there is no information on the length of their relationship.

Candace Rice’s best friend Bethaney Goodloe and her fiance Imani Smith (Pic: Bethaney’s IG)

According to Imani’s IG, he is an amateur chef and an amateur graphic artist.

Allegedly, Bethaney also has a son from a previous relationship. But, the assumption is yet to be confirmed. The young boy appeared multiple times on her Facebook. On his 6th birthday in 2013, she wrote in the caption that she loves him more than her next breath.

Back in 2013, Bethaney was allegedly dating a guy who went by the name @callmeraylove.

A rumor also surfaced that Bethaney was very close with Jeremiah Buoni, so it could be a new romance brewing in the show. But, that seems highly unlikely, because Beth is very much in love with her man.

Trivia: Her mom printed out a KYC form to fill for any guy who wanted to date Bethaney. In the comment, she even wrote that her mother also asked for their IDs.

[Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe Job

According to her Instagram, Candace Rice’s best friend Bethaney Goodloe worked in the Target Plantation in her hometown. But, she appeared so fed up with her job she wrote a post on 22 December 2012 where she captioned, “At work dying.” Later in mid-January 2013, Beth announced on her Instagram that she was leaving the job.

After that, she started working for a company as a receptionist. However, her current job and employment status are not known.

But, if Beth is ever to be the cast of Floribama Shore then it is possible that she would be pocketing a handsome sum per episode. According to ScreenRant, the cast of the show is making over $2,000 per episode with the conservative guess of $20,000 per episode, based on the cast member’s population.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is [Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe?

Candace Rice’s best friend Bethaney stands tall to the height of around 5 feet 6 inches.

  • Where Was [Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe Born?

Bethaney was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Is [Candace Rice Best Friend] Bethaney Goodloe On Instagram?

Yes, Bethaney is on both Instagram and Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @beth_is2_good whereas her Instagram handle is @bethis2good.

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