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Bianca Dusic Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Kristen Kish Partner

As Kristen Kish’s fans we all know that since winning Season 10 of Top Chef in 2013, she has become a bona fide food TV star. Her journey since has been incredible, co-hosting 36 Hours on the Travel Channel, Fast Foodies on TruTV, and Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend on Netflix. Through this wonderful expedition, the TV’s hottest chef also has had a very much loving, caring, and supportive partner by her side. She is none other than Bianca Dusic. And they are even married today. Let us tell you all about it and more in this writing called ‘Bianca Dusic Bio’.

Meet Bianca Dusic, Kristen Kish’s Partner

Bianca Dusic has been going around as Kristen Kish’s wife since getting married in an intimate backyard ceremony in April 2021. “Threw on some nice clothes (my favorite blazer), headed to our backyard with our own written vows in hand, had our family with us (virtually), got all sappy, and WE DID THE DAMN THING ❤️”, the Food Network veteran made this announcement on social media afterward.

They did their wedding a bit “differently” joined by their family. The Korea-born American chef later gushed that it was a small, albeit different, and yet more perfect than they could have ever imagined. The two initially had plans to host their wedding party around that time, but shifted plans due to the COVID pandemic, especially since Blanca’s family was in Australia, behind closed borders.

Before this, they got engaged in September 2019.

This couple has literally fallen head over heels for one another and they constantly keep writing about it on their social media posts. For instance, this was how Bianca appreciated Kristen during Pride month: “To have met you was circumstance, to have gotten to know you was a privilege, and for you to have chosen me is an honor. Bianca, I am the most joyfully proud being your wife ♥️”.

Back in September 2022, when Kristen spoke to PEOPLE spoke about how she spends her downtime with Bianca amid a busy work life and her ‘Iron Chef’ success. She shared that together they travel a lot and yet even when they are just home it too feels like a vacation. A year before this conversation, Kristen and his Bianca gave the media outlet a tour of their minimalist Connecticut home.

In the making of their new home, Kristen said, they as newlyweds found a middle ground with some help from AllModern. Bianca was more into texture and pattern and Kristen, also known as not-very-homey, leaned towards minimalism while designing the house.

So like this, this pair, who share their love of food, have appeared together on a number of spreads, including a pandemic-themed story about their favorite comfort foods on InStyle.

Bianca Dusic Age

Because Bianca Dusic was born in 1979, she turned 43 years old in 2022.

This makes her a couple of years older than Kristen who turned 39 on 1 December 2022.

Bianca Dusic Job

Bianca Dusic proudly introduces herself as a certified hypnotherapist, breathwork facilitator, past-life regression therapist, and holistic health coach.

Since October 2021, she has been doing all this at b-within (on IG @b__within). The establishment is her very own alternative and holistic health service. On her work website, Bianca claims that her work as a health and wellness practitioner embodies a holistic approach that works to heal the body, mind, and spirit, using natural means. Also, she swears, that the aim of this is to calm the nervous system and to release limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear, grief, and past traumas stuck in the subconscious mind and body, and to support true, lasting mind-body integration.

Before all of it happened though, Bianca got a diploma in Hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivation Institute (Jun 2021 – May 2022).

Prior to this, she worked in the corporate food and beverage world and had a traditional Monday through Friday job, which is probably how she crossed paths with her future wife. Between October 2019 and October 2021, she worked as the vice president of Food & Beverage at Standard International, LLC. From April 2016 through October 2019, she was a corporate director of again Food & Beverage at The Sydell Group. She did a few more similar jobs.

How Much Is Bianca Dusic Net Worth?

Bianca Dusic reportedly had around $1 million net worth as of March 2023.

Before this, the year 2000 saw her graduate from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, Dance (Minor – Media). At the same institute, she also studied for her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Primary & Secondary from 2001 through 2002.

Is Bianca Dusic On Instagram?

Yes. Bianca Dusic can be found on Instagram. But, as of 22 March 2023, the account @b4bianca with 512 posts and 473 followers was kept private.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bianca Dusic From?

Bianca Dusic originally hails from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. As of March 2023 ‘though, she had been calling New York, New York home.

As for Kristen, she was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted by a family in Kentwood, Michigan, at the age of four months. She worked as a model in high school before she decided to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, for an A.A. in culinary arts.

  • How Tall Is Bianca Dusic?

Bianca Dusic stands below 5’4” in height.

  • When Is Bianca Dusic Birthday?

Bianca Dusic’s birthday is in November. What day, exactly, she had not told yet.

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