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Blake Steed Bio, Job, Net Worth, Career, Sherry Holmes

The Holmes Family Rescue star Sherry Holmes still holds her family name, but don’t be confused, she is already married. She has a lovely husband named Blake Steed who still had to make a name for himself.

So, what is his job, and net worth? Learn all about his career as this Blake Steed Bio proceeds.

Meet Blake Steed, Sherry Holmes Husband

Blake Steed and Sherry Holmes first started their story as friends in 2011. Two years later, the pair then officially started dating, and on December 12, 2018, they tied the knot at a seaside wedding.

“It’s crazy to think that one year ago today, I married my best friend! The past year just flew by; I wish we could do it all again,”  Sherry wrote over her IG on their first anniversary.

To recall their wedding, it was simple yet chic. The destination involved a private surf and turf dinner at the Royalton’s Rooftop Terrace, and it was incorporated with white roses and eucalyptus table runners.

As Sherry was six months pregnant at the time, the duo also decided to reveal the gender of their baby at the reception. It was a girl! However, the parents already knew that. “We knew we were having a girl early on, but kept it a secret and surprised everyone,” Sherry recalled.

Their first daughter named Cali Kay Holmes Steed then arrived on April 21, 2019.

Two years later, they then welcomed their second daughter named Oaklyn Summer Holmes Steed on October 6, 2021. Reportedly, Oaklyn was born a whopping 8lbs 3oz.

Looking back at life, Sherry shared that she never thought that she would get married but Blake proved her wrong. “You (Blake) drive me absolutely up the wall, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said.

Also, Sherry then added that Blake was the best dad her kids could ever wish for. And we know she meant it from all the IG father’s day wishes she tagged him on. Over one, Sherry wrote, “I couldn’t have even gotten through the first hour of her life without you. You were meant to be a Daddy.”

Blake Steed Job: What Does Blake Steed Do For A Living?

Blake Steed was in the construction business and worked for a framing company before 2012. It was also thanks to his job at the time that he got to meet his future wife, Sherry Holmes.

Reportedly, Sherry and her team were filming the rebuild of High Park’s castle playground in Toronto and had only two weeks to construct the giant castle. So, they decided to hire a framing company for help, and luckily Blake happened to be one of the framers.

“He was pretty quiet, but I remembered his name as soon as I met him,” Sherry recalled her first encounter with Blake.

Soon after the project was done, Sherry’s company then offered Blake a job. And that’s probably where Blake must be working as of 2021.

Blake Steed Career: Did He Work For Mike Holmes?

Yes, Blake Steed went on work for/alongside his father-in-law Mike Holmes. He was featured as one of the construction crew on Mike’s show Holmes Makes It Right (2014), and Holmes Makes it Right: Retooled (2019).

However, Blake had yet to make it big as of 2021, and also this reason, his wife refused to take his last name. Well, feminism has its place, but Sherry’s decision to remain a Holmes goes way beyond that. “Why change from a house to a horse?” she joked. Can’t argue with that logic!

For those who don’t know, Sherry’s dad Mike Holmes is a professional contractor and host of the renovation show Holmes on Homes. Also, he has appeared as a judge on Battle on the Beach (2021), and All American Handyman (2012).

Mike is a big name in the construction industry. He first received his construction training from his dad at age 6 and started his contracting company at age 19.

How Much Is Blake Steed Net Worth?

Blake Steed garnered a net worth of under $1 million by 2021. Meanwhile, his father-in-law Mike Holmes flaunted a net worth of $30 million then.

In case you’re curious, a framer’s salary in Canada was around $58 thousand per annum.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Blake Steed?

Blake Steed was born on July 17, 1987. That made him 33 years of age in 2021.

He is of the same age as his wife Sherry who celebrates her birthday on June 21. 

  • Is Blake Steed On Instagram?

No, as of December 2021, Blake wasn’t present on Instagram.

However, he was often spotted over Sherry’s IG @sherryholmes. She had 50.1K followers then.

  • How Tall Is Blake Steed?

Blake Steed stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Blake has mysterious blue eyes, brownish hair, and a tattoo over his left hand.

  • Where Is Blake Steed From?

Blake is from Canada.

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