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Brandon Rogers Bio, Farmer Wants A Wife, Family, Net Worth

Brandon Rogers, one of the four leading men in season 2 of the popular television series “Farmer Wants a Wife,” began out as a small-town farmer with a green thumb and an appreciation for the great outdoors. Brandon, who grew up in a small town, has a clear affection for the land, which is enhanced by his enthusiasm for learning new things and his love of golf. He digs deep into the agricultural terrain as the owner-operator of his family business, producing not only crops but a link to the rural way of life.

Learn beyond what meets the eye on the show. Here we discuss his family and his net worth.

Brandon Rogers On Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2

‘Farmers Want a Wife’ Season 2 features Colorado farmer Brandon Rogers as one of the four leading men of the show’s second installment.

In the teaser, Brandon declared his desire for love. In addition to being devoted, kind, and loving, his perfect companion would also be able to adapt to Colorado’s rural lifestyle. He would also need someone who enjoys travels but is also family-oriented.

“Are you ready to be a farmer?” Brandon asks the women as he gets off the tractor and leads them to his farm in the trailer. He assigns the women the chore of separating the potatoes, but the urban girls find it challenging. Brandon is even observed cuddling up to a couple of the competitors. It’d be intriguing to find out who Brandon picks.

In the show, Brandon also brought attention to the difficulties of dating in Center, Colorado. Even if the rural location is beautiful, it has its own challenges when it comes to finding a loving partner. He openly admitted that it’s challenging to locate a compatible partner in his little city of Center due to the small dating pool.

More about Brandon, he is a second-generation farmer raising alfalfa, barley, and potatoes. About 25 miles west of Great Sand Dunes National Park, in Centre, Colorado, his family owns approximately 1000 acres of land. The most isolated farmer is Brandon, who resides in a tiny town with just one stoplight and is encircled by farms.

Brandon grew up working alongside his father on the farm, He went back to work full-time on the farm in his 20s to carry on his family’s tradition. He is doing fairly well for himself and has a well-established business.

Furthermore, Brandon enjoys spending time with his friends and family and is very family-oriented. He also likes to do small do-it-yourself projects like painting his room or repairing the faucet. Additionally, he adopted Kai, a dog, as a pet back in 2013.

Who Does Brandon Rogers Pick?

It is unknown who Brandon Rogers picks as his wife. So far we know, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Season 2 female cast members for Brandon Rogers include professional dancer from Florida Annellyse Munroe, permanent makeup artist from Utah Brooklyn Bunshell, emergency room nurse from Tennessee Britt Meiss, communications associate from Wisconsin Grace Girad, radiologic technologist from Florida Joy Mayfield, social media manager from California Madison Anderson, bar supervisor from South Dakota Reba Wood, and Tayana Harrisson, insurance specialist from Pennsylvania.

How Old Is Brandon Rogers?

Born in 1993, Brandon Rogers is 30 years old as of January 2024.

Brandon Rogers Family

Brandon Rogers was born to his mom Michelle Rogers and his dad Barry Rogers. In 2015, Brandon posted a throwback of his mom with the caption, “Because no matter what mom always loves you more. #mothersday.”

In September 2023, Michelle turned age 61. Barry reached 61 in May 2023. Barry works as a farmer at Rogers Farm.

Talking about siblings, Brandon has a younger sister named Bailey Rogers. Bailey graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Special Education in 2020.

How Much Is Brandon Rogers Net Worth?

In 2023, Brandon Rogers likely has a net worth above $250 thousand.

About 25 miles west of Great Sand Dunes National Park, near the town of Center, is a secluded 1,000-acre farm owned by second-generation barley and potato farmer Brandon. Growing up in Center, he assisted his father on the farm. To carry on his family’s tradition, he started working on the farm full-time later in his 20s. Now that the farm has been maintained, Rogers is searching for a companion.

Now, Brandon is the owner of Rogers Farm LLC.

Brandon’s love of adventure fits right in with his outdoor lifestyle. His wide range of interests brought him to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Awards in 2017, demonstrating his involvement in the larger rodeo and agriculture communities.

The family’s ties to the vibrant customs of their neighborhood are further highlighted by Brandon’s role as Vice President of the Ski Hi Stampede, the oldest professional rodeo in Colorado. Beyond his responsibilities to his family and his studies, Brandon is a caring person who actively participates in philanthropic endeavors. His hair donation to Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit organization, is a testament to his dedication to improving the lives of others.

Talking about his academic qualifications, Brandon went to Sargent High School. For college, he went to Colorado Mesa University and Adams State University.

Brandon Rogers Height

Brandon Rogers stands at a height above 6 feet.

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  • Where Is Brandon Rogers From?

Brandon Rogers is a native and current resident of Center, Colorado.

  • Is Brandon Rogers On Instagram?

Meet Brandon on Instagram and Facebook.

  • When Is Brandon Rogers Birthday?

Brandon Roger celebrates his birthday on 20 December.

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