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Branwin Jones Bio, Age, Daughter, IG, Love After Lockup

For some good time now WeTV’s Love After Lockup has famously followed couples as they face a complex path of love since one is in jail, and the other awaits them from outside. In the process, when it was time for the Season 4, Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones were also introduced on the show.

In the rest of the writing, we shall now tell you if or not the two are still together and more things about Branwin in this writing called ‘Branwin Jones Bio’.

Love After Lockup: Are Branwin Jones And Chazz Harbison Still Together?

Branwin Jones and Chazz Harbison decided to take their relationship on this reality show having talked for two years before they meet in person for the first time.

So, as the story proceeds, viewers are acquainted with the nature of the relationship the two have. They share the story of how they met online. Despite her time in prison, Branwin seemed willing to take a chance on their romance.

According to The Cinemaholic, Branwin was arrested for aggravated identity theft. She was sentenced to three years behind bars.

Chaz, who had married four times before meeting Branwin, despite living in two different states, decided to tie the knot with Branwin.

Meanwhile, during their journey in the series, Branwin had difficulties adjusting to her life outside prison and this in turn was seen affecting their relationship with Chazz. They would often have disagreements and also try to make their relationship work. But, they end up splitting up anyway.

The pair also reportedly spoke about needing to fund money after planning to file for divorce. So, as of January 2023, they were no longer together.

Of course, Branwin, who gave Chazz the green light early on, also managed to update his relationship status to ‘single’.

Meanwhile Chazz, out of all men on this season of Life After Lockup, fans have felt most sorry for him. He also not only took to his Facebook to update himself as single but also gave this message showing off his middle finger to “Dear Branwin Jones”. He seemed to be seeking revenge against her.

Let us also mention one more ex of Chazz, who once suspected Branwin of working as an online escort. She is Maria Gaddy Harbison of Kailua, Hawaii.

Branwin Jones Daughter

Thanks to Love After Lockup people also got to know Branwin Jones’s stripper daughter Arienne, AKA Big Bo*ty Sapphire

In an April 2022 episode, Chazz is seen taking Branwin to pick up her 19-year-old daughter at work and then taking them both to a salon. In the scene, Chazz and Branwin can be seen walking up to The Golden Dragon Exotic Club in downtown Portland, where Arienne worked at the time.

Arienne was seen rushing out to meet them wearing a fur coat over her work “uniform” which Branwin seemed to disapprove of. She seemed excited to see her daughter, nonetheless.

Likewise, in October 2022, viewers were also introduced to Branwin’s face-tattooed ex, Yola. Though it was unclear if this then-arrested ex of the reality TV star was also her baby daddy. Also one could see Chad not liking Yola at all.

Branwin Jones Age

Branwin Jones was born in 1981. So, she turned 41 years old in 2022.

Is Branwin Jones On IG?

Branwin Jones did not seem to be on Instagram as of 28 January 2023. She did have a Facebook account though. But, even here, she did not share much here. “Thankful for so many things!”, she wrote on its BIO.

Branwin Jones Job

While not much is known about Branwin Jones’s job/career, she mentioned studying AAOS at Clackamas Community College from 2007 through 2009.

Other times, Branwin just seemed to be busing going in and coming out of prison. The more recent was in July 2022. According to jail records, Branwin was in custody in Oregon after being booked by Portland police on July 6th. She was initially charged with misdemeanor theft. This felony conviction was for aggravated identity theft in April 2019. She was sentenced to 3 years of probation. But, after Branwin violated her probation in May 2020, and then again in July 2020, she was sentenced to 34 months in prison with credit for time served, plus two years of probation.

Chazz at one point was also reportedly contacted by someone who informed him of Branwin’s activities. He was shown an ad on the computer that seems to show her back to working as an escort. Branwin was said to be working under the alias Bailee Bane and charging $140 for half an hour and $270 for the full 60 minutes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Branwin Jones From?

Portland, Oregon’s largest city, sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood. It’s known for its parks, bridges, and bicycle paths, as well as for its eco-friendliness and its microbreweries and coffeehouses.

  • When Is Branwin Jones’s Birthday?

Branwin Jones’s birthday is in June. While we don’t know when exactly the day is, we can tell you what she did for the day a couple of years back. Back in 2018, she was asking for donations to Angel Tree Project. She claimed to have chosen the nonprofit because its mission meant a lot to her.

  • How Tall Is Branwin Jones?

Branwin Jones stands below 5′ 6” in height.

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