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Brennan Ruault Now, Net Worth, Wife Wendy, Gold Rush

Season 14 of Gold Rush kicked off in November 2023 and one of the familiar faces that was nowhere to be seen was Brennan Ruault. Brennan joined Gold Rush in season 6 and built quite a fan base who noticed his absence. He was one of the groups that Parker Schnabel was working with when he was initially exposed to fans. He was a logger in the past.

Is he still in the show? Is Brennan married to his alleged wife Wendy now? How much is his net worth?

Is Brennan Ruault Still On Gold Rush?

No, Brennan Ruault is no longer on Gold Rush. He worked with excavators on the Gold Rush and witnessed firsthand how his labors paid off during the gold weigh-ins.

Brennan served as a mining team member for Parker during Gold Rush seasons six through twelve. He made the decision to depart, though, and carry on with Rick Ness’s mining career. Brennan did not return for season 13 after making an appearance in season 12. He appeared on the show for seven years, from 2015 to 2022, according to IMDb.

In August 2023, Brennan mentioned the show in one of his posts as he wrote, “Let’s keep @gold_rush_the_dirt alive!! Took my crisp new T for a cruise on the @harleydavidson today!”

Where Is Brennan Ruault Now?

Brennan Ruault may have left the now at least for now but is very much involved in his trade. His most recent Instagram post was a business collaboration with Mammoth Gold Nuggets, a company that sells “raw gold from our placer mining operation in the Yukon 🇨🇦.”

Their website reads, “For nearly 10 years, our family has been mining in British Colombia and the Yukon. Our family-owned and operated placer mine pulls precious metals from the Earth, for the most ethically sourced gold on the market.”

“For more than a decade, Mammoth Gold Nuggets has been sourcing high-quality materials, pulled from the Earth and now we want to offer our gold for customers to purchase. We provide raw, natural gold that has only been cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner with water and no chemicals.”

Brennan took to his IG and announced, “Hey guys, I am very excited to announce that I have partnered up with Mammoth Gold Nuggets. I had the pleasure of working with them this past mining season in the Yukon and we’ve teamed up to bring you my signature Pay Dirt Bag. It contains gold that I have mined during the 2023 mining season. Click on the link in my bio to get more information.”

Before that, in September 2023, Brennan promoted the footwear of @bruntworkwear via an IG post.

In April 2023, Brennan purchased his first dozer from Iron Plant. He added, “First step into the future of my business. Yes, I’ll be mining again but getting more than one stream of income is my goal. Do what you LOVE to do and the rest is easy to dream big and conquer.”

Does Brennan Ruault Have A Wife Named Wendy? Is He Even Married?

It is unclear if Wendy is the wife of Brennan Ruault but he is in a relationship with Wendy Keith. They have known each other for more than 8 years now and their relationship went public on 24 May 2015.

Wendy most recently posted a pic of her, Brennan, and her two sons Pistol in October 2023. “My boys,” her caption to the post read.

Brennan on Valentine’s Day wished Wendy, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe have a great day see ya sometime this month or next lol Miss you Xoxoox! Thanks for putting up with my super deadly self btw pistol and I love our maid (Jeeves) Wendy Keith. U deserve a medal .”

In the comment section, Wendy addressed him as her boyfriend.

On Facebook 2020, Brennan made a post mentioning Wendy as he wrote, “Well young Man U drove the first machine I did at 5 years old. Rudy was a way better teacher to you than me haha. Thanks for the help buddy. Ps don’t over steer next time or u will be in the ditch, Wendy Keith.”

Later, in 2021, Wendy reposted the post with her caption, “And today you’re still out there living the dream and logging haha.”

In August 2021, Wendy quipped about their relationship and wrote on her Facebook, “I still haven’t changed my mind….I’ll keep him around Brennan Ruault.”

But, as for their marriage, their alleged nuptial is yet to be confirmed, and are not even engaged yet.

How Much Is Brennan Ruault Net Worth?

Brennan Ruault has amassed a net worth of more than $450 thousand. He joined the show in 2015 after receiving a call from Carl Ross while logging in Drayton Valley, whom he had worked with in Tumbler Ridge. Parker was looking for an experienced equipment operator and Brennan jumped at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Brennan Ruault Height

Per his pictures, Brennan Ruault’s height should measure at least 6 feet 1 inch.

Brennan Ruault Family

Brennan Ruault is the son of Shari Riches. Shari hailed from Invermere, British Columbia, Canada. She is now living in Canal Flats, British Columbia. Shari went to DTSS from 1976 to 1980.

As of 2023, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Mark Doherty.

Brennan also has a sister named Taylor Nichol. Taylor is married and lives in Invermere. She is a stay-at-home mom who studied at a Professional Institute of Massage Therapy.

Infor related to Brennan’s dad are not available.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Brennan Ruault?

In 2023, Brennan Ruault is 34 years old.

  • Where Is Brennan Ruault From?

Brennan Ruault hailed from Invermere, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Is Brennan Ruault On Instagram?

Yes, Brennan Ruault is on Instagram and Facebook.

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