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Bria Bryant Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Job, Love Island

Meet Bria Bryant, the new hottie joining the Love Island USA 2022. Learn everything about her. In this article, we cover her age, height, parents, job, and other related information.

Tag along with this Bria Bryant Bio, where we cover all the answers.

Bria Bryant On Love Island USA 2022

Bria Bryant and her brother Chazz Bryant have been presented as the two bombshells in Love Island USA 2022. It is the first time in the history of the show both the U.S. and U.K., siblings are appearing in the villa. Both native of New Jersey, they are set to make their debut on 26 July episodes of the peacock.

The brother-sister team enters the villa with style, but it soon becomes clear that the other Love Island USA singles are unaware of their relationship. But the trick doesn’t work for very long. Deb Chubb only needs to utter the words “Are you guys each other’s type?” to make the big announcement.

Before continuing, Bria gives her co-stars a brief moment to giggle at what appears to be a swift rejection before quickly responding, “nope”. The announcement is then made, “That’s my brother”.

Among the two, Bria is the oldest, A self-described “epitome of a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets,” Bria says she’s prone to kissing girls when she’s drunk, but when it comes to guys, her go-to seduction move is kissing their eyelids. Oh, and she and her ex had sex in his sister’s bed.

As for her brother, Chaz is currently 21 years old and a student-athlete. He was the first person to score a touchdown in his D2 university’s history. When it comes to his dating life, Chazz says he’s “really into” girls who can speak a different language—especially if they have a “sexy accent”—and women’s feet. As “a little bit of a foot guy,” he said, he is “not opposed to a bit of toe-sucking”.

Fans of the show were quick to react to siblings appearing on the show. One wrote, “#loveislandusa bringing on a pair of siblings is terrifying in my eyes”. Another added, “they sending siblings in there? #LoveIslandUSA“. Likewise, another added, “not the bombshell SIBLINGS #loveislandusa“.

Another reacted, “Siblings in the villa… they’re going to do challenges together with everyone making out and y’all don’t think there’s something off with that??? What about the heart race challenge #LoveIslandUSA”.

Is Bria Bryant On Instagram?

Find Bria Bryant on Instagram (@bria__bryant) and Facebook (@bria.bryant.948).

Bria Bryant Age

In November 2021, Bria Bryant turned 24 years old.

Who Are Bria Bryant Parents?

Bria Bryant was born to her parents Angela Bryant and Timothy Bryant.

Timothy is a graduate of Redford High School and Long Island University. He worked in the Paterson Board of Education. He was also a licensed Insurance Sales Agent at New York Life Insurance Company. Timothy has been working as Financial Service Representative at MassMutual Metro New York. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

As for Bria’s mother, Angela is a graduate of Edwin Denby Tech/Preparatory High School followed by Montclair State University. She worked at JP Morgan Chase.

Both Timothy and Angela boasted on their respective Facebook. Tim wrote, “Our babies Bria and Chazz are no Love Island reality TV show!!!”.  Likewise, Angela wrote, “Hey Everyone. So excited that we can finally share out big surprise! My babies are experiencing a special time together live on Peacock. The show is on every day till voted off or end of the season. Have fun Bria and Chazz! We Love You”.

As of July 2022, Angela Bryant is 56 years old (September 1965) and Timothy Bryant is 59 years old (May 1963).

Bria also has a brother named Timothy Bryant Jr. Born in May 1996, Timothy Jr is 26 years old. He studied pre-law/political science at The University of Arizona. While Bria is away for the show, Timothy Jr. is taking over her socials.

Timothy Jr. and Bria also have another sister named Raven J Bryant. Raven, the oldest of three, is 30 years old.

Bria Bryant Job

Bria Bryant is working as a personal shopper. She formerly interned as a celebrity stylist intern with years of retail experience and as a former fashion intern at Editorialist magazine. It helped her to gain the organizational, time-management, innovative, and teamwork skills that she needed which helped her to succeed in the media workforce.

In New Jersey, a personal shopper makes a salary of $45,108 a year.

Before her current job, Bria worked as Resident Director at The Bryn for four months. She also worked at Hollister Co. as a sales associate. She had also served as Black Student Union Club President while attending Penn State Altoona in 2018.

When not working, Bria spends working out, trips with friends, networking, and working on growing her social media presence to help support her dream of being a lifestyle influencer. She is passionate about mental health, women empowerment, fashion, and social media.

Bria graduated from Penn State University with BA degree in Telecommunications. To earn her MA in communication and media studies she attended

Bria Bryant Height

The stunning Black beauty Bria Bryant stands tall under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bria Bryant Birthday?

Every year Bria Bryant received birthday wishes on 7 November.

  • Where Is Bria Bryant From?

Bria is currently living in her hometown of Clifton, New Jersey.

  • How Much Is Bria Bryant Net Worth?

Bria Bryant’s net worth should be under $150K.

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