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Bria Shibre Bio, Biniyam Shibre’s First Wife, Age, Job

An interesting but overlooked person from 90 Days Fiance world is Bria Shibre, the first wife of the show’s star Biniyam Shibre. Fans might have seen Biniyam with Ariela Weinberg but before Ariel, Biniyam was in a transnational relationship with another American, Bria Mears.

So, who is Bria Shibre? And what happened to Bria and Biniyam’s relationship?

Biniyam And Bria Shibre’s Relationship

Bria and Biniyam first met in 2014 when Bria had moved to Ethiopia as a volunteer for Brook Hills Organization (read below). They met in a dance club in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and Biniyam’s hometown, and Biniyma taught Bria some Ethiopian dances.

Although there was a language gap between the two of them, the romance flourished nonetheless. “That just shows that love doesn’t need exactly the perfect language,” Bria said during an interview. They got married in a traditional Ethiopian ceremony in 2016 in Addis Ababa. Only Bria’s mother was present from her side.

The relationship, which was simple and beautiful in the beginning, started to get complicated after Bria was pregnant with their son Simon. Bria had come to the US for her sister’s wedding (read below) and she had planned on returning to Ethiopia for her son’s birth. But her son was diagnosed with a rare birth condition that prevented her from traveling back to Ethiopia.

After that, Biniyam applied for a US visa to come and see his child’s birth in Iowa. However, his visa was rejected multiple times and it took a recommendation from Congressman Loebsack’s office to grant Biniyam access to the US.

In the US, Biniyam and Bria also had a Christian wedding at a New London church.

Why Did Bria Shibre And Biniyam Shibre Divorce?

Bria and Biniyam’s relationship was forged on fire and theoretically, their marriage should have been strong. But it wasn’t.

After the birth of their child and the second wedding in the US, the couple returned to Ethiopia and it seemed that was where the beginning of the end happened. Bria found some text messages on Biniyam’s phone that suggested his infidelity.

Bria got divorced from Biniyma and returned to the US.

Does Biniyam Have A Child With His First Wife, Bria Shibre?

Yes. As we have already mentioned, Biniyam and Bria have a son called Simon. We have also mentioned that Simon was born with a rare birth defect. To explain a bit more, the birth defect was called gastroschisis, where the intestine grows outside of the baby’s body.

Fortunately, there were hospitals in Iowa City that could help Bria with the pregnancy and the baby’s birth defect. Ethiopia did not have such hospitals and that was the reason why she could not return to Ethiopia for her son’s birth.

Simon was born in 2017 in Iowa City.

After the divorce, Bria moved to the US brought her son with her. Since then, Biniyam had not seen his son and only connected with him on social media.

Bria Shibre’s Current Relationship

After her separation from Biniyam and her subsequent return to the US, Bria found another love and another husband. She married her childhood sweetheart Cameron Hopson on 14 April 2020. During the wedding, her son Simon was also present with the groom and was dressed just like him.

Since the wedding, Bria has changed her name from Bria Shibre to Bria Hopson. And it seems Bria and Cameron have already had their first child. Although, we do not know the name of the child.

Cameron’s hometown is also New London, Iowa but he presently lived\s in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. According to his Facebook, he works at “Carpenters Local 1260” and he went to Hawkeye Community College and New London Junior-Senior High School.

His father is Kurt Hopson and he has four siblings, three brothers, and a sister. He also has a step-sibling.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Bria Shibre?

As of the time of writing of this article, i.e. 11 October 2021, Bria Shibre was 27 years of age.

  • Is Bria Shibre On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Bria Shibre is on both Instagram and Facebook. You can find her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

  • Bria Shibre Job: What Does She Do For A Living?

According to her Facebook, Bria Shibre works as a Direct Support Professional at Hope Haven Area Development Center.

And we have touched a little about her work in Korah, Ethiopia as a Brook Hills volunteer. In 2014, she moved to Korah, home to 120 thousand impoverished people, many of whom are suffering from physical and mental illnesses. She even helped to raise money for the people in Korah.

With the help of her aunt Corina Shipp, who was a teacher at West Burlington Elementary School, Bria raised $4000 from the students of West Burlington Elementary School to feed the people in Korah.

Bria has a Youtube channel with 7 subscribers and a single video about her trip to Korah.

  • Where Is Bria Shibre From?

Bria comes from New London in Iowa, United States.

  • What Is Bria Shibre’s Maiden Name?

Bria Shibre’s maiden name is Mears. She was born to parents Toi Mears and Trey Mears. Her father Trey is a water operator at Mount Pleasant Municipal Utilities in Iowa. Her mother, Toi, works at TeachBeyond and like Bria travels to Korah in Ethiopia and volunteers for Brook Hills.

Bria also has two siblings (she might have more but we do not know about others), a brother and a sister. Her sister’s name is Brittney J Mears. Brittney is a married woman who got married in October 2016. Her brother’s name is Brady Mears. Brady is also a married man and has a daughter. His wife is Samantha Mears (nee Reid).

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